About Me

I like to write...and take pictures.

In a nutshell, I'm a Google Certified Innovator, tech nerd, Apple lover, history buff, root beer enthusiast, avid reader, unofficial movie critic, photographer (picsandpawsphotography.com), world traveler, micro-blogger (@AlexRMooney), insta-overgrammer (@mooneyalex12), reality TV addict, former division-one softball player, #googleglass explorer, GoPro picture-taker, self-proclaimed meteorologist, Tula wearer, cloth diaper addict, dog lover, devoted wife to a crime scene investigator, and, most importantly, a mama to Patrick, Rosie, Annie, and a beautiful 12-year-old dachshund/terrier mix named Scooter (@Scooter_the_Dog).

Enjoy my ramblings...they're all about my life, as is lived in the shadow of our 16-pound pup Scooter.  he's way more famous than we'll ever be--pooch even has himself a job.  thanks for stopping by! drop me a line if you so wish!

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