Saturday, October 31, 2020

1SE: October 2020

Ahhhhh, month 10!  You are underwraps and in the books.  10/12 months done for 2020 and you were a memorable one indeed.  School got back in session for the big kids (YAYAYAYYAYAYYY), mama here was insanely busy with work, we celebrated #2 for our Clark man, Teddy is fast approaching 1, and, well we are so excited to kiss the rest of 2020 bye and welcome 2021 with open arms.

And, since I've got you here, a lovely little #mooneygrateful366 uppy-date for you too!  305 days done and just 61 left to go for this year.  WOOT WOOT.

Okay October, you were a good one...but onto November and the holiday season, which I hope, despite this COVID crazy year, is a memorable one indeed!!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Clark's 2nd Birthday


I cannot believe it.

And I posted about this nearly identical phrase last year, but it feels like it was years ago...but also barely minutes past too.

It's been two whole years since we last held you, kissed you, cuddled those sweet little sausage fingers and chunky toes.  Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, others merely minutes.  And that endless wave I am riding is still as unpredictable as it was on October 29th, 2018: some days it's just teeny tiny little waves I'm easily floating amongst, other days they’re crippling and knocking me over and over against the reef below and struggling to stay afloat and catch my breath.  But even within these waves, I know the impact our little Clark has left on us will outweigh even the most powerful, hurricane-force waves we’re faced with. 

I so wish he was here with us, celebrating his second birthday — having to hold those chunky fingers of his back so he doesn’t grab the candle on his birthday donut…but no matter how hard I wish, I know that day won’t ever come.  And it sucks.  It suck so incredibly much.  Because there is absolutely nothing worse than leaving the hospital with a box of memories instead of an occupied carseat.  As painful as losing our sweet little boy was, it has also made me incredibly grateful for all that he did for us in his short time we had with him, and continues to do as we honor his legacy.  Because of Clark I have gotten to meet so many incredible, wonderful, and oh so strong families — in so many capacities — that I know I wouldn’t have gotten to had Clark not come along.  And I’m so thankful for that.  Because during the darkest days of child loss, you are desperately searching for any kind of light to help guide you out of this dark abyss.  And those people — family, friends, acquaintances, and heck, even complete strangers — are the ones that shower you with love and support and give you that bit of light you crave.

Happy second heavenly birthday little Clark, we love you so so so much!  We’ll keep sharing your story, speaking your name, using your legacy to do a bit of good in this wild world we are living in.  Thank you for all that you have done for me little buddy — my life is so different than it was just two years ago, and that’s your doing Clark. You gave me the push I needed to follow my dreams, take the biggest leap of faith I ever have, and it’s paid off ten-fold.  You keep doing big things up there for us little C, and we’ll keep celebrating you today and everyday down here 💙

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Teddy's 1st Birthday STL Made Shoot

Last year my friend Irene did some magic with Ted's newborn pics...and during that session I had mentioned I wanted to do a first birthday "STL" themed shoot -- and Irene was like DONE.  Provide the food/props and I'll shoot it!

Welp, yesterday we were able to make that happen and OMG.  She killed it!

Now I only have a few snaps from his I'm sure more will be coming soon...but I just HAD TO share these that she sent over!

And obviously I took some behind the scenes videos and pics too because WHO WOULD I BE IF I DID NOT?!?! HAHA!

Teddy did so amazing for the shoot and I just loved that we had so many local, small shops and stores represented for all of the food and props!  He really dug in and tore into all of the STL food and it was just AWESOME.  Listed and linked them below so you can see where we got everything from. YAY STL!

Pizza and T-Ravs


Frozen Custard

Gooey Butter Cake




Special Edition Nelly Beer

Flag and Shirt

PS - Sunny came along too and we totally did some pics with her too and I cannot wait to share those later too!

Check out Irene's blog post below for a few more pics and some deets from the session.  It truly was like the best first birthday sesh EVERRRRR! #sobiased. -- I cannot believe in a week Ted will be ONE! Where oh where did the time go!??!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sunny Antics

Welp, it's been a hot minute since I blogged...OOPS.  This month has been INSANE -- I've averaged 15-20 shoots PER WEEK and blogging unfortunately has taken a backseat. I'm SORRY!!!  I'm going to try and get caught up a bit with our monthly highlights, and I thought what a better way to do that would be to share some of Sunny's antics!

Goodness I love this dog.  We are so so so thankful for her and she truly has been such a light in this craphole of a year 2020 has been.  She's gained a pound since we got her (woot!) -- tipping the scales at 2.8 pounds right now and as fluffy as ever.  Her hair has gotten so long and fluffy -- and she will be going to the groomer for the first time next week.  She finally got her rabies vaccination, along with all of her other ones, and will be getting spayed in another month.  Such a lot of happenings for this 4 month old pup of ours!! 

Anyways, I wanted to share some of her adventures from the past month to put a bit of happy in your blog readin' inbox :) 

Sunny gets a lot of baths...cause she likes to roll in gross things. HAHA!

Belly rubs are her absolute most favorite thing!  Whenever she sees someone new she gets so excited and runs up to them and promptly flops over on her belly and wants them to give her a good scratch.

I got Sunny this rainbow toy at Target and it is her favorite AND mine too.  Also makes for a great photo prop :) 

Sunflower, meet Sunflower!! HAHA!

Sunny's favorite place to perch is under Clark's tree.  

That tongue!! GAH! So cute!

Sunny loves her new stuffies we got her from Arch Apparel.  They squeak too and she's a big, territorial fan :) 

Helping me send off some more breastmilk! 

This was the funniest thing ever -- when we still had our pool up Sunny lemming-ed off the raft and went right in and got SOAKED!! She looked like a drowned rat. 

She really loves to swing, mostly with Teddy or Annie.

Right before she jumped off of the raft into the icy waters below.

OMG that fluffy little strut! SO DARN CUTE!!

HAD TO get a pic of Sunny with the Nelly beer! I mean, DUH!!  Definitely a STL thing, so you gotta do it.

And that's it!  I hope these all put you in a wonderful floof-y mood seeing them makes you smile as much as Sunflower does for us each and every day! :) 
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