Wednesday, September 30, 2020

1se: September 2020

Well friends, another month is in the books and we are officially 3/4ths of the way done with 2020.  WHAT.A.YEAR.

September saw a lot of outside time, a lot of school, and a brand new puppy!  Despite the crazy times we're living in, it was a good month indeed.

October is not my favorite month.  I posted about this a year ago and my thoughts still very much hold true. I am so glad we are so busy and have so much to distract us from what is coming up...but the events of 2018's October are still so fresh in my mind it just is a really hard month all around...and I'm sure will be going forward too.  So I'm hoping we sail through it and get into November and the start of the holiday season...however different that may look this year.

And while I've got you's 274 days of #mooneygrateful366 for ya too!

Alright friends, that's all I've got...onto October we go!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Patrick Snaps...and Edits!

It's no secret Patrick likes tagging along with me on my photo shoots...well, this past weekend he got to come again and ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT.

This dude really loves to come with me, and I just love seeing what he captures through his lens.  This time, he picked out 10 of his most favorite snaps from the day and edited them himself!

I gave him a crash course in Lightroom and let him go to town...and OH MAN.  Did he go to town indeed!  He cropped and edited and tweaked all of these pictures himself!  

Didn't he do amazing?! I am so biased but yes, he really has a little gift. I love his angles and perspective so much too! 

As always, I'm sure I'll be sharing the heck out of more of his snaps as he continues to tag along with me :) So impressed with this dude!!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Fall Family Photos, 2020

Just as we did last year with my dear friend Victoria, we got our family photos done this year with her again!  And oh boy oh boy, am I freaking OBSESSED with them!!

Before I saw all of these snaps, Victoria posted this on her FB page... and I about lost it.  It is just so perfect.  I cannot thank her enough for capturing all of our memories and ALL of my babies for us!!

I then got alllllll of our pics (you can see the whole album here!) back and I am just freaking over them.  They are SO GOOD.  They capture our family PERFECTLY and I am truly just so obsessed with them!  Victoria brought her buddy Katy to snap some pics for us and help with the kids/dog, and it was so perfect to have her there too!

Anyways, I picked out a few of my favorites from our session to share with you here!

Aren't these so good?! I mean, I am so biased but Victoria KILLED IT.  You can check out all of them here too!!  Now I need to get them printed and hung ASAPPPPPP!!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rosie Writes!


There's one thing for sure about Rosie: girlfriend loves to write!  Lately she has been spending SO MUCH TIME writing any and everything -- but I think her favorite is writing all of our names!

Doing school online is tough -- especially for a 5 year old with a limited attention span.  I usually notice she is always playing with something to 'keep her hands busy' -- like play doh -- but lately, she's half watching her teacher on her iPad, and the rest seemingly focused on writing words on her dry erase board.

And you know what?! 

That is okay.  It's 100% okay.  Because if that's what it takes to keep her little mind focused (even if it's semi-focused) while doing this craziness at home, I'll take it.  

And doesn't she have great handwriting too?! I'm so proud of her!!  I cannot wait to see what else she creates this year :) And hopefully gets to create back in the classroom soon too!!

Monday, September 21, 2020

We Love This Dog.

We are just so darn obsessed with this dog.  She is absolutely the most perfect little (seriously. SO LITTLE! was just 1.9 pounds at the vet last week!!) addition to our family and I cannot tell you how obsessed we all are with this sweet girl.

She must have high fived Scoots on her way down because she is so chill, loves these kids more than anything, and will seriously put up with any and everything we do with her.  She's the best little pup EVERRRR!

I was dying the other day when ^^^ this was happening...

I mean, is that not the cutest thing ever?!  Ted is hit or miss with her (some days he loves her some days he can't crawl away fast enough from her. haha!) but was all about her and the dollhouse this day.  So darn adorable.  She really is like a little toy!

No real point to this post other than we are just obsessed and so so so smitten with our Sunny (Sunflower!) pup and are so excited to see all of her adventures she gets into going forward :) 

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