Monday, August 31, 2020

A Perfect Sunday Evening

We had a rare Sunday evening free together last night (somehow I didn't have a photo shoot booked! YAHOO!!) and it was absolutely gorgeous outside!  We actually spent the morning playing at the big kids' school (the playgrounds are open again! YAHOO!!) and then had a blast playing outside after dinner too.  The kids actually ate dinner outside as well -- which has quickly become one of their favorite things to do this summer!

The kids then were playing in the yard and such, and, welp, I seized the opportunity and ran and grabbed my telephoto lens for some snaps!

Patrick got a few snaps in himself too... :) Gosh that camera and lens look so big in his hands!

This lens is one I feel like I never use and always debate on selling and then BAM! I'll need it for something (like the girls' dance recital!) and am so glad I still have it around.  The bokeh it gives is so amazing!  So I just went snap happy, per usual, of the kiddos playing -- and Mike even jumped in for a few pics too!

One of Ted's new tricks is he learned to clap -- and it seriously is the cutest thing EVER!  He is so proud of himself for doing it too and it is really the cutest little thing.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for our little Sunday evening recap!  It was a good one indeed.  Onto September we gooooooooooo!!

1SE: August 2020

Ahhh, month 8 has come and gone.  As 2020 goes by, I really am not sorry to see it go and am welcoming another month in hopes and prayers that things will start looking up (pandemic wise!) and hopefully start getting back to the world we once kids being IN SCHOOL.  Anyways, the big kids started school this month, and are seeming to really enjoy it thus hope that continues!  September is almost upon us so in sets my busy season so I'm sure it'll be filled with chaos...but BRING IT ON.

Anddddd, since I've got you here, here's my #mooneygrateful366 update through August!  2/3rds of the way done with 2020 and I'm hoping we have some wonderful months ahead of us...including Ted turning ONE!

See ya later were actually a fun month with lots of pool dips and oodles and oodles of family time, as is the jam for 2020 it seems.  Onto September we go!!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fake Out.

So I shared yesterday about Pumpkin, our new dog we adopted.  How cute was she and Ted yesterday?!?!?

So darn cute, right!??!

Unfortunately, Pumpkin is no longer with us -- I dropped her back off at the shelter we adopted her from this morning.  We really LOVED her -- she had the sweetest disposition and was so cute and friendly, but her one {major} downside was her shedding.  We were told prior to adoption she didn't shed...but unfortunately we were mistaken and BOY OH BOY did she shed...a ton.  My allergies went haywire, lots of sneezing and runny nose and then capped off with hives on my arms from holding her.  It just wasn't going to work and I was so bummed...especially for the kiddos because they loved her SO SO SO MUCH. 

What a fake out, huh?!

She really is so darn cute and I know whatever family she ends up with is gonna hit the jackpot with her -- she truly is the sweetest!

I'm sure we'll find a forever pup soon...we are on the hunt now!  Obviously has to be non-shedding, but we know a dog gem (like Scoots was!) is out there!  Thanks for journeying on this oh-so-brief 36 hour venture with us!  I'm sure another furbaby will be on the way soon! :) 

Friday, August 28, 2020


Welp, we did a thing.

We adopted a new member of our family yesterday -- meet Pumpkin the pup!!  She is a 2 year old Westie/terrier mix and it so darn cute.  She has stolen our hearts immediately already!

It's been kind of a whirlwind week around here, with the big kids starting school virtually and what not...but why not add another chaos element into our mix?!?!  HAHA!  My friend, who volunteers at an animal rescue shelter, posted about Pumpkin (originally named Duchess...the kids picked and changed her name!) on Wednesday and by Thursday she was ours!!!  

She's a loving little lady and is a bit shy but has seemed to warm up to us quickly.  She really loves the kids and is truly the cutest little lady.  She's only had one accident in the we are hoping she is mostly house trained.  She was rescued from an apartment where her previous owners abandoned her -- and, welp, she is now with us!  She got spayed earlier this week so we'll be getting her groomed in no time as soon as her stitches are good and healed. 

I have to share these two videos of the big kids meeting her...

They had NO IDEA -- I literally came home with her and surprised them!  Patrick was literally BESIDE HIMSELF -- like bawling he was SO truly was the cutest thing ever. 

We all are guilty of calling her a 'he' because we are so use to having a BOY dog here! I'm sure we'll get the pronouns right eventually ;-)

I'm sure there will be oodles more stories about her to come...and you know I had to make her an instagram account too to document her adventures!  You can follow along with her at:


Welp friends, that's our big news for this week!  We are so excited to have this new little furball in our family and cannot wait to share more and more about her in the days to come!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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