Thursday, January 30, 2020

Mini Mooneys

Teddy got the cutest new rainbow pair of jammies (from Posh Peanut, for you inquiring minds ;-) and I just had to get a few snaps of him wearing them!

Welp, as I was snapping his pics, in walks Rosie wanting to give Teddy some lovin' and kisses. MMMMMKAY.  I'll continue snapping...

Well then all of a sudden the other two come soiree-ing in too and all of a sudden an impromptu photo shoot was happening!  They were all laying on the floor and I told them to put their heads in a circle around Teddy and BAM!  Here's the gems we got...and now I am totally swooning over them and wanting to go get ALL OF THEM PRINTED ASAP! haha!

Goodness I love these little mini Mooneys of mine so much!  Especially when little impromptu photo shoots like this happen.  Forever grateful for these kiddos of mine.
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