Saturday, January 4, 2020

Teddy at 2 Months

Holy CATS.  I blinked.  Because all of a sudden our little Teddy Bear is TWO whole months old!  HOWWWWW did this happen so fast?!??!


I swear, this keeps going faster and faster and I cannot handle it.  This past Monday he turned 8 weeks old and BAM!  Here we are celebrating his 2 month birthday AND tomorrow will be his baptism!  I cannot freaking believe it!

Of course I had to snap some pics of him in his cute Swanky Shank monthly onesie...goodness he is changing so much just since his 1 month birthday!!

Gosh he's so darn cute!

AND, had to do this one at 6 weeks since I did something similar with Rosie and Annie...

We don't head back to the doc for his 2 month checkup for like 2 weeks (UGH!! I hate waiting that long!), so you'll have to deal with the mom stats for now.

And I know how much you love these mom stats, huh?!?! haha!!

  • Teddy weighs 11 pounds 8 ounces and I'm guessing is 23 or 24 inches long...we'll find out in a couple weeks at his 2 month checkup!
  • Still wears mostly 0-3 and some 3 month clothes.  Our petite little guy!  That 2 week RSV bug totally set some weight gain back and I feel like he's just now back gaining (after losing like 10 ounces!)
  • Battled RSV and WON.  But gosh, that was an experience I hope and pray we never EVER have to experience that again cause it was awful.  It took Teddy a solid 2 weeks from first symptoms to last cough to get back to himself and I am SO GLAD he's back but also DO NOT EVER want him (or anyone!) to have to go through that again.  It suckeddddddd.
  • Is getting so much better holding his head up!  He loves to look around and if there's anything with lights or bright colors it holds his attention for hours it seems.
  • His ear is alllllll fixed!  I mean, not perfect by any means but the two rounds of ear molds we did worked magic and it looks sooooo much better which is amazing.  I think he's happy to have that off of his ear/and head too.
  • Sleeps 5-7 hour stretches at night.  We try and lay him down around 9ish and he usually gives us a sold 5-7 hour stretch right off the bat, eats, then usually another 3-4 hour one before he's up for the day.  I think he's HOPEFULLY on his way to being a great sleeper like his big siblings!
  • Starting to smile more...I think the RSV thing put him back on this cause he felt so crummy for 2 weeks, but we're definitely getting more and more little smiles from our dude and it is THE BEST!
  • Teddy is still in the bassinet in our room...and probably will be till he's doing closer to 8-10 hour stretches before he bunks up with Patrick (who wants him in his room like ASAP! haha).  Since he's our last I'm in no hurry to get him out of our room.  He's actually in a little nook outside of the bathroom/closet that we have a door separating from our room so he's in his own space.  Having the Owlet monitor has been a LIFESAVER (and I have the Owlet camera coming too) so that's great peace of mind since we can't see him.  That also came in so handy when he had RSV too.
  • Still has a bit of torticollis on his right side that we're trying to work out -- he favors this side a ton when he's lying down so we've been working hard on that getting it to stretch out and hopefully work itself out on its own so he doesn't need any physical therapy.
  • After his RSV bout he's stopped the grunting (woooooot!) and no longer needs the gas drops.  WOOT!
  • Is a ravenous little eater -- loves to nurse, but also takes a bottle no problem which is awesome since I'm back to snappin' and have already snapped a birth which makes me gone for extended periods of time.  Thank goodness he's so good with that!
  • Loves to be worn in the ring sling or Tula.  Usually falls right asleep -- and if we go anywhere (grocery store, Target, etc...) up he goes in the carrier and he really loves it!
  • Prefers to be held but is totally fine sitting down too.  Is definitely the happiest in the morning and gives the most smiles and such favorite time of the day with him. 
  • Has the prettiest, ocean-blue eyes EVER!  Praying they stay...they look different than Rosie's blue eyes at 2 months, so I am really hoping he's our one kid who holds onto those baby blues!
  • Is a super chill, super observant baby -- way more than I remember any of the others being!  He's been mister serious until recently with giving up some smiles and I really hope they stick around and become more frequent! I just love seeing them!

And now, my favorite part: the comparison shots!

Andddd finally, all of the babes at 2 months old!  Goodness how similarly different they all look!  HAHA!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for Teddy Bear's update.  It's been a wild month -- with lots of firsts and some firsts I hope are lasts because (cough cough PICU stay) I hope we never ever have to repeat them with Teddy...or heck any of the kids!  Until 3 months friends, adios!

Friday, January 3, 2020

2019 in Review

Walk down memory lane with past years in review here:

And apologies for the tardiness of this post...I usually get it whipped up and done on December 31st but, alas, life has been insanely busy and I didn't get around to it.  I *almost* didn't even get this done because it is a LOT to do but figured I'd go ahead and get it whipped up for ya cause I know come the end of this year I'd be mad at myself for not doing one in 2019.  So, here it is!

In years' past I've always done a 'top 10' things of that year post.  And, while I like doing that, it's also A LOT OF WORK.  So this year I'm doing 2019 in review, month by month, with a little reflecting in there too.  A few highlights of each month and therefore touching on some of my favorite things from this year.


  • January 3rd, 2019 kicked off my first year being a full time photographer...and what a year it was for my photog business.  I was terrified to not have my safety net of teaching to fall back on, but now, after the conclusion of 2019 and running my tax report for what I made in 2019: it was the BEST DECISION EVER.  I made significantly more than I ever did teaching, and I have my goal set on grossing six figures in 2020.  This was the best career decision I've ever made and I'm forever grateful to my little Clark for the push to do it!
  • My 2019 resolution was to give back and I totally feel like I did a TON of this this year.  And I don't have a resolution in 2020, because I am keeping this one going forever.  Basically keeping Captures for Clark going strong for those families that would like my photo services for their little ones.


  • Aloha Hawaii!  Mike and I jetted off to a much needed vacay that encompassed a whole lot of healing and reflecting.  One of my most favorite trips ever, and we came back with Teddy on board as a stowaway!  I found out I was pregnant a few days after we got back.


  • I took Rosie to Florida for a few days, and took Patrick to New York for a few days for their spring breaks!  I got to snap my OB's family down in Florida and then got a lot of pool and nice warm Florida air time with Rosie.  Patrick and I then headed to NY to visit our buddies and we got to explore NYC one day and see Wicked on Broadway!  He still talks about how cool this trip was for him.


  • Mike turned 40 and we threw him an awesome surprise party!  It was a blast and I cannot believe this dude is the big 4-0...and now, he'll be 41 in just a few months!  Sure doesn't feel like he's that old :)


  • We announced our fifth pregnancy and rainbow baby to the world, and I started documenting the very terrified reality that is pregnancy after loss.  For nearly the entire part of 2019 Teddy's pregnancy consumed me, a lot of times in fearful and negative ways, and about 4 months in we decided that he would be our last and our final baby, because the anxiety brought on by his pregnancy I just couldn't do again.  So we hoped and prayed that things would continue to go well and we'd meet this little rainbow in November.
  • 6 months after Clark's birth I finally got myself to open his box from the funeral home (the one and only time I've opened it) and place him in his resting place in the custom urn we had made for him.  It was bittersweet to hold him and place him in there...and he now sits on our dresser watching over us always it seems.


  • Rosie had her first dance recital and this was truly a highlight of the summer for her.  She had a blast and my non-girly heart became a bit more girly watching her dance and smile and laugh up there.  So excited for June 2020 when both girls get to dance in this recital!


  • The girls got their ears pierced and this was a HUGE deal this summer -- a big life event for anyone and they both were the ones who decided and asked for it to be done!  They've loved changing their earrings a billion times ever since :)


  • My overly ambitious birth photographer self booked NINE births due within a month of each other and by some small miracle NONE of them overlapped and I made it to all of them! WOOOOOOOT!  It was definitely a month that was reaffirming that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.


  • Annie started school and she has LOOOOOVED it ever since!  Her speech has boomed even more and she loves telling us about her teachers and what her classmates do every day at school.  Her stories are so funny and we love hearing them!


  • Celebrated Clark's 1st birthday and just in disbelief it had been an entire year without him.  Not a day (heck, more like an hour) goes by that he's not on my mind.  I don't know if it'll ever get better either...he's changed so much about me and how I look at things and what not and I just don't see him going anywhere.  And I do love when people ask about his story and say his makes my heart flutter that he's remembered and loved.


  • Teddy was born!! Need I say more?!?!  After 37 weeks of anguish and worry, our sweet little rainbow was here safe and sound.  He did 9 days in the NICU but it was worth every moment once we got to bring him home with us.


  • Teddy got RSV -- ugh.  Scary scary awful way to spend Christmas.  But so thankful he had such a speedy recovery and hopefully our one and only trip to Children's.
  • Annie is potty trained! FINALLLLLLLY!  But easiest kid to potty train and she's done amazing ever since.  She got it so fast!

Anddddd that's a wrap on 2019!  This was not my usual year in review post...more short and sweet and just some monthly highlights, but I wasn't feeling a big long post this year (so busy. so tired. sorry.) so this is what you've got!  And hopefully 11.5 months from now that Alex isn't mad at this Alex for writing this up like this. haha.  Stay tuned for that ;-)

Here's to a wonderful 2020 my friends!  I totally feel like 2019 got revenge on the hell that was 2018, and I am fully committed to keep that revenge going into 2020 too!!
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