Saturday, November 30, 2019

1SE: November 2019

This was arguably the best month of 2019...I mean, we got to spend nearly the entire month with our sweet little Teddy Bear!  What could beat that?!?!?

I cannot CANNOT believe we are just a month away from wrapping up 2019 and welcoming in 2020 (and a new decade! AH!).  2018 was such a tough one...looking back on last year's post and my oh my how different things are this year.  Still missing our Clark man something fierce, but we have our little rainbow here with us that we know Clark hand picked for us to join and complete our family as he watches over us from above.

And I really REALLY need to think of a theme for'll be my FIFTH year doing a 365 (or 366 since #leapyear next year!) project and I need to come up with something doable...and maybe different from what I've done in the past?!  I do know they'll be square pics (cause those fit nicer in my collage...see below for the first 11 months of this year!) but other than that I'm stuckkkkk. So I need to get on the creative train and come up with something...soon!  HAHA!

November: you're gonna be a hard month to beat!  But I have high hopes for December and how this year is gonna end BRING IT!  So excited to see how 2019 wraps up :)

Friday, November 29, 2019

Teddy's Studio Newborn Photos

When Teddy was a little over 2 weeks old, we had TWO different studio newborn sessions with some of my photography buddies!


And totally amazing that with our last little babe, our sweet rainbow, I had two (well three, cause one of the studios had two amazing photogs part of it!) photographer friends want to do studio newborns for him!

You all know studio pics are not my personal snapping jam -- I LOVE THEM but I cannot do them.  I'm all about the lifestyle...and leave those up to the professionals like my buddies Irene and Crystal with The Nest - Newborn Photography Studio and Stephanie with Stephanie Cotta Photography.

These below are all from The Nest -- Crystal and Irene totally ROCKED IT!  I am so obsessed with them and I love the rainbows they put in too!

And these are all from Stephanie -- I love that we got a few with me in it and some Christmas themed ones too!

I am so biased but man.  I just adore these pics of our perfect little bookend rainbow babe oh-so-much!!! I hope you do too!!!
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