Wednesday, July 31, 2019

1SE: July 2019

7 months down.  Holy cow.  What a year 2019 has been thus far!!

I cannot CANNOT believe tomorrow is August.  That means I just have about 3ish more months (well, from August 4th!) until this babe gets here! I CANNOT WAITTTTT!!

This month's jam was pretty much THE POOL.  So much swimming for my little fishes!  But wouldn't have it any other way: July was a good one to us!!

And, since I've got you here, I owe you a #MooneyBandW2019 update too!!  Here's all 212 days of 2019 thus far in teeny tiny black and white squares...

Welp friends, that's a wrap on July 2019 for ya!  It was a good month indeed.  Cannot wait to see what August has in store...including me turning 34 (what?!?!) next week! EEKKK!  Have a great last day of July friends and I hope August is wonderful for allllll of us!

Annie at 2.5 Years Old

I cannot believe this little sass bucket is TWO AND A HALF TODAY!  Seriously, TWO AND A HALF!  And at this point with the bigger kids I was elbow deep in baby life with another kiddo and it feels weird to not be there right now with Annie.

GAHHHH! I seriously cannot believe she's 2.5! Tomorrow she'll officially be closer to 3 than 2 and I truly just cannot CANNOT believe it!

We had a fun little 2.5 celebration for her at our pool party this morning (thanks mom for organizing it!) and I think she enjoyed herself A LOT.

I did a 2.5 year post for both Patrick and Rosie (linked below for ya!) so figured I'd keep with tradition and do one for Annie girl too!!

No formal 2.5 year photoshoot, just some random photo dumps of some of my favorite recent pics of our youngest, best side-eyein' sassy gal!

And, keeping with tradition, I've got some fun mom stats for ya for Annie at 2.5!  We don't have another formal checkup at the doc until she's 3, so for now you get to live by my wonderful little update.  Aren't you excited?!??!

  • Ballparking these stats, but I think Annie weighs around 29 pounds and is about 34 or 35 inches tall.  She's a petite little thing compared to her big siblings at this age!
  • She still is rockin' mostly 2T (and a few 3T) clothes...she definitely has room to grow in a lot of them and I think we'll be in that size through the end of the year.  She's our first kid to actually wear age-appropriate clothes which is so funny cause a lot of the clothes she's wearing Rosie wore WHEN SHE WAS ONE. HAHA!
  • Annie still has teeny tiny feet: she wears a 5 but recently I've gotten her a few new shoes in a 6 and they are still a smidgen big but hopefully she'll be into that size by the end of the summer.  Itty bitty baby feet she's got!
  • I posted about this on her 2 year post but goodness she is SO GOOD with talking.  Like infinitely better than I remember either of the bigger kids being at this age.  Her vocabulary is extensive, talks in sentences, and I'd say about 90% of the time you know exactly what she's saying!  With that said, she can be SO QUIET and shy when she's around someone she doesn't she'll clam up and not say much.  She definitely has a bit of stranger danger going on (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!)
  • Got her ears pierced!!  She absolutely loves having them pierced, doesn't mess with them at all, and shows them off to everyone and promptly tells them they are 'white and blue flowers.'
  • Moved into a big girl bed a few weeks ago and it has gone seamlessly!  Much like it went with her big bro and sis, it's like no big deal she's 'not caged' anymore in her crib!  Hoping it makes the transition into sharing a room with her older sister later this fall just as easy.
  • Also much like her older siblings, she LOVES her iPad.  She can navigate that thing better than most adults I think and loves getting to watch it for a bit when she wakes up in the morning.  YouTube kids is her favorite and she loves watching her iPad with her purple kitty ears headphones.
  • Will start a 2s "parents day out" program three days a week for half days (don't even get me started on how she didn't get in to 2s preschool where Rosie went AND that we weren't even notified that she was waitlisted...I had to contact them to find out MONTHS later. UGH. Still salty and peeved about that) and I hope she'll really like it and enjoy getting to meet some new kiddos and have some 'school' time!
  • Annie is 100% ready to potty train.  I am just trying to find the time to do it!  She constantly asks to wear undies and to sit on the potty...yet still enjoys going pee and poop in her diaper! HAHA!  But I think she's more than ready and I am HOPING the potty training process goes as smoothly and easily as the bigger kids did.  Fingers crossed on that and you know I'll be reporting with her potty training diaries as soon as we start!
  • Will be starting dance class in another month -- she'll be doing the same dance class as Rosie did this past year! She is SO EXCITED and I cannot wait for her to dance with Ro...fortunately schedule-wise they'll both be going at the same time! WOOT!
  • Is super excited to be a big sister to a baby here on earth with us in less than 14 weeks!  She keeps talking about the new baby (convinced it's a boy currently) and wanting to hold him/her and help feed him/her and all of that.  I am so excited for her to be a bit older and be able to experience that like the big kids did with her!
  • Still naps once a day, usually from 1-3/4pm and typically sleeps from 8pm - 8am.  Is an AMAZING sleeper!  And very much still a thumb sucker...usually when she's tired or holding Purple Bunny!  She is very attached to Purple Bunny and doesn't like letting him out of her sight -- she's got reserve Purple Bunnies at all of the grandparents' houses and KiKi's and we have a backup one here for when original Purple Bunny needs a bath.
  • Has taken a few solo trips to KiKi's lake and absolutely LOVES IT!  Asks to go there all of the time and truly loves spending time with KiKi and being spoiled by her!
  • Loves going to Six Flags with daddy and riding the Log Flume!  Also loves to go to the park, play on her scooter, go for walks, and SWIM!  Is very much a little fish and has ZERO FEAR of water!!
  • Is truly a very happy little chickadee!  Can get into a sassy mood (much like her older sister) and truly not much bribing gets her to change her mind (holy determined!!) but overall is a happy little lady.
Welp, that's about all I've got for Annie at 2.5!  Oh my goodness sweet girl, you are growing up SO FAST!  I cannot believe it!  But you are a hoot and just the sweetest little lady and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year hold for you!  Love you so big Annie!

Monday, July 29, 2019

23 Weeks 🌈

TWENTY THREE WEEKS!  I guess for the next 14 weeks of this pregnancy I'll do a little happy dance whenever we get to a new week, as it's something that I never made it to with Clark.  I know prior to Clark I had three textbook pregnancies, but after Clark's loss I will never ever take anything in regards to having a baby as a given.

This little bean has been movin' and a-groovin' in my belly this past week!  All of the kiddos and Mike were able to feel him/her moving on my tummy, which was such a cool thing for them to feel!  This kid really rarely sits still -- I haven't had to use my doppler in a while because the movement is a comforting feeling alone that this kiddo is growing in there!

I have been SO SO SO tired lately...I'm sure it's a combo of how busy I am with my snapping schedule, the kids, summer and being hot, and anything else I can think of as an excuse, but I never remember being THIS tired with any other pregnancy!  I know I was super tired with Patrick but I feel like it got better once the second trimester hit.  Not so much with this one, I feel more and more tired as the days go on! HAHA!  So that adds to my still team blue guess this week ;-)

Anyways, not much else to report!  I have another OB appointment on Thursday with Dr. Jen -- I haven't seen her in a month (gosh like with a regular pregnancy it would be! haha!) and I'm going to absolutely be complaining to her about the weight comment from 21 weeks.  I'm still salty about that, clearly.  Welp friends, until week 24! Adios!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Mango
Cravings?Pot stickers from Panda!
Overall mood?Excitedly anxious
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Lots and lots of movement
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

Saturday, July 27, 2019


Ahhhhh, another week under our belts and the time has seemingly slipped away from me and figured I owed you a little weekly roundup post.  Admittedly all I seem to focus on now is getting to a new Monday -- a new week of pregnancy with this little rainbow -- and that's really all in my sights.  I totally am wishing away the summer (I mean, it's working I guess?!?!? It's going to be August next week already! AHHHH!!!) and wanting to get the fall here ASAP so we can meet this kiddo in 14 weeks (from Monday!!).

Okay, so what have we been up to this week!?  Kinda a hodge podge of things...a lot of photoshoots for me (including a birth I justtttttt made it to!) and a lot of fun summery time things for the kiddos.  Patrick had his last week of summer camp this past week so everyone's got about 2.5 weeks left of summer before school starts!  With that, each of the kids are doing at least one fall activity (to add with my massively busy snapping schedule!!) -- Patrick is doing PSR and soccer, Rosie is doing dance and soccer, and I did go ahead and sign Annie up for dance too (same time as Rosie, conveniently!).  So it should be a super duper fun and busy fall 'round these parts....hopefully making the time sailllll by quickly!

Earlier last week the girls and I dropped Patrick off at camp and we headed to a special treat: Dunkin Donuts!

They clearly love themselves some donuts, just like their mama!  And those butternut donuts are my biggest craving it seems this pregnancy so I cannot get enough of them!

While P was at camp earlier this week the girls and I hit up an indoor playground -- well, it's basically a showroom for swingsets and such but they have open play a few times a week for kids to come and test out the equipment (that I promptly told them we'd never be able to afford. haha!).  The girls LOVED it and we'll definitely have to go back again!

One of the funniest things Patrick would do before camp everyday is 'dry off' -- aka run around and do this dance to dry off his sunscreen I just put on him before putting his shirt back on to get in the car.

Gosh he is such a hoot!!!

Rosie and I got some one-on-one time earlier this week too, which was a rare treat for us as it seems there's always another sibling with her!  We decided to meet our friends at their pool for tot time and Rosie was IN HEAVEN getting to play at 'a new pool'!!

She loved it SO MUCH and is begging to go back again...and bring her Papi and Annie too!  So we'll have to add that to our list in the next couple of weeks before school starts back up!

Speaking of swimming, the big kids have been ROCKING their swim lessons these past few weeks!  They have one week left and I totally think they're both ready for the next level.

We had spent a lot of time over at NeeNee and Gramps' AND Grandma and Papa's this past week and the kids got some serious playing in.  I think one of Patrick's favorite activities was playing ball with Gramps in the front yard (something I use to do!!).

Natural.  Except I need to switch him around and make him a lefty hitter like his mama! haha!

To wrap up the workweek, Mike had a happy hour to go to with his I decided to give him his new shirt that came in the mail that I was going to save for Christmas but JUST HAD TO give him now!

Yep. He LOVES it!  And got so many comments on it!  (linking it here if you're interested!)  So wish they had this in a onesie for #5! haha!

Anyways, while Mike went to happy hour the kiddos and I went to the pool for some twilight swimming before it closed and we grabbed a quick dinner on the way home before going to bed.

It was a fun (and exhausting!) way to end the week...but the kids had a blast so that's all that matters!

That about wraps up my weekly round up for you all!  I just realized Annie is going to be 2.5 next week (Thursday! OMG!) and I looked back and yep! Totally did a 2.5 post for Rosie and Patrick so I need to get on that for you for next week!

Anyways, that's all I've got!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend friends!!!  I'll heave you with this shifty side eye shopping cart Annie snap for ya...and a slip-n-slide video from Patrick ;-)

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