Tuesday, April 30, 2019

1SE: April 2019


I cannot believe it. This year is ZOOMING BY.  So fast!!

But, with another month down (cannot believe tomorrow is MAY and then Thursday I'll have a 6 year old! INSANE!!) I have another month of one second everyday in the books!

Gosh I love this app and have loved watching the one second snippets of what we capture every single day!  Cannot wait to see what the end of the year's looks like.

And with that, we are 120 days down of 2019 and that means 120 days done of #MooneyBandW2019!  Figure I owed you a little black and white collage update...

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this quick little April recap...until May -- and I'm excited to see what that month holds!! -- adios!

Monday, April 29, 2019

6 Months {since Clark's birth}

I shared this post on my social media pages and figured it deserved it's own post here too.

6 months. 182 days. 4,368 hours. 262,080 minutes.  Some days it feels like only yesterday, other days it feels like a lifetime ago.  I cannot believe it’s been half a year since we had to say hello and see you later to our sweet little Clark.  And so much has happened in those 6 months, but not a moment goes by that Clark man isn’t at the forefront of my thoughts.

If I have learned anything in these past 6 months, it’s finding the good in the not-so-good situations we are sometimes faced with.  As much as I wish our #4 was still here with us — a cute little chubby 2 month old, I know that his story had other plans.  And while I dream about what it would be like to have this little boy here with our family, I know that those are merely that: dreams.  No amount of praying or hoping or wishing is going to bring him back.  And that reality sucks.  But somehow, deep down I’ve harnessed Clark’s memory and my love for photography into paying it forward for others in a very similar situation than what we faced with our sweet boy.  And as hard as each one of these births and loss sessions are, I know just how important — and how NEEDED — they are for these families to reflect and to heal.  Having Clark’s birth story captured was one of the hardest yet greatest decisions we’ve ever made, and he’s alive in me as I continue to provide these memories for other families, just as the incredible Victoria did for us.

Our kids talk about him every single day.  Just yesterday Patrick drew the cutest family picture of us with Clark flying above us with angel wings…something he came up with all on his own.  Annie, who I still don’t think fully grasps what happened, will immediately respond “RIGHT HERE!!!” and point to her heart when you ask her where Clark lives.  And Rosie, oh sweet Rosie, so literal in her “He died and went to heaven.” response when you ask her what happened to her little brother, still will end with how much she loves him even though he died.  And while my hopes and prayers for Clark to be back with now us are merely empty thoughts, my real hopes and prayers are that these big kids of mine keep their little brother alive in them, in their hearts, forever and ever.  Keep talking about him, keep sharing his story…because however short of a time he was here with us, he has made such a tremendous impact.  And using “Captures for Clark” for me allows me to continue to share his story and talk about him every day, just as if he were here with us.

I want to say thank you to everyone for the support these past 6 months…it has just been amazing.  And what’s even more amazing is when people ASK about him.  Use his name.  Bring him up in conversations.  Each and every time someone does this, my heart flutters (hi Clark 💙) and I get so happy that someone is asking about him, someone is remembering him.  This is how he’s staying so vibrantly alive in our memories.   So thank you…thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers and check-ins and just saying his name.  These past 6 months have been an incredibly challenging time for our family, and for Mike and I too as we navigate this world of pregnancy/infant loss as parents.  But they’ve also brought a lot of really, really good things too.  We have a little over 8 months left of 2019, and we have high hopes that the challenges of the past 6 months will bring us a lot of joy and happiness in the coming ones…with our little C by our side to guide us along the way.

Friday, April 26, 2019


Goodness I've been MIA this week.  It's been a really busy one -- and I have a feeling this is gonna be our jam through June.  Photoshoots are in full swing, most days having 1-2, sometimes 3!, and the kiddos are in the thick of spring sports and activities with baseball for Patrick and dance for Rosie.  It's been BUSY!  And unfortunately blogging has kinda been on the back burner.  Sorry.  Truly.  Gonna try and get better about that...

Patrick got to go to the Cardinals' game on Tuesday with Mike...and they made a quick stop at the crime lab first...

HEHEHEHE! He sure loved this guy!

Patrick got to go to the game with his school and he got to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game in the 7th inning!  He was SO EXCITED for this!

The boys had a blast and ate a ton of cotton candy (ha!) and got home after 10pm!  Patrick passed out and we had to basically yank him out of bed in the morning the next day cause he was so pooped!  That boy sure needs his 8pm bedtime every night! HAHA!  But it was worth it; they had so much fun!

The girls and I have gotten a lot of time together this week...Rosie was off on Monday for her Easter holiday and then of course I have my Annie girl with me most days... we killed a lot of shopping and errand trips this week :)

We also snuck in a visit to Gramps' house and lunch with uncle Ben this week too!  Annie is one spoiled little lady :)

On Tuesday night Annie and I had a really rare evening: it was just us!  Rosie was on a date with KiKi, Patrick was with Mike at the Cardinals' game, so it wast just Annie girl and me!  I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said Chinese so off to our favorite restaurant we went!

Uncle Ben actually met us last minute for dinner too but I forgot to steal a pic with him!  Annie and I then decided to see if we could find a parking spot at our favorite ice cream spot in downtown Kirkwood (we did!) so we ended up going to get ice cream cones!

Girlfriend LOVES her some ice cream!

Which, did you know you can get drunk off of ice cream?!?!

You can.  Annie showed me on Tuesday night. Haha!

But our little dinner and ice cream date was just so much fun and just a perfect little escape for us girlies.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Erin just went on a trip to Cape Cod and they brought the kiddos back some new outfits!  Annie and Patrick clearly were excited to show off theirs.

Ro got a mingo swimsuit which I'll have to snap a pic of her in the next time we go to the pool.  They sure love the prezzies their aunt and uncle brought back for them!!

Patrick grabbeed some bubbles the other day and had a field day blowing them in the front yard.  I only had my iPhone on me but I think I got some decent pics of him having fun ;-)

He is totally bubble obsessed.  And I kind of love it.

Speaking of Patrick, he's got his Bug Musical at school next week so we had to whip him up a costume...welp, NeeNee to the rescue for this AMAZING bee costume she put together!

Cutest little bee ever! Cannot wait for his performance next week...hopefully I'll be snapping the heck out of it!! :)

Lastly, I'll end with some random pics and videos from this past week...cause, who doesn't like a photo dump hodge podge?!?

Hope everyone has a great weekend...I'm currently waiting on a birth mama to deliver (eeekkkk!) and then I've got 5 other shoots sprinkled in there too.  Busy busy!  But so good!
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