Sunday, March 31, 2019

1SE: March 2019

We are officially 1/4th of the way done with 2019.

I cannot CANNOT believe it.  What a whirlwind of 3 months it's been but, I will say, March: you were a darn good one.

So many trips and adventures and travels and just an awesome month.  I'm hoping the rest of 2019 follows suit cause March really was awesome.

Here's your 1 Second Everyday March 2019 video!  Golly I love these SO MUCH!

And, since I've got you here, a little update (90 days into 2019! WOOT!) of my black and white 365 project.  Man, I am so loving how this year is shaping up already!!

Golly I love these little people in these tiny squares!

Onto April my friends...we've got a big week ahead with Mike's birthday tomorrow (40!!), my dad's retiring this week (!!!) and his party, and Rosie's 4th birthday!!  Oh and a billion photoshoots in there too.  Haha!  But busy is so good...I'm welcoming it with opened arms!  Have a great April my friends!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bath Snappies, Per Rosie's Request

Who am I to deny an almost 4 year old's request for bath pics?!

Last night just as we were finishing dinner I told the girls it was bath time and Rosie said, "Mommy will you get your camera to take our pictures?" UM YES!  Actually she's asked a few times recently and I've always been wrapped up with editing or other photog stuff and just didn't have time.  Welp, last night was different: mama was all caught up on work and it was time for some bath snaps!

I feel like it's been a hot minute since I did these...but the girls LOVED THEM.

Annie loved them the most and definitely wasn't fazed AT ALL with dumping water on her head.  She actually kept asking Rosie to dump more! HAHA!

Rosie finally warmed up to being splashed and was sooooo into it.  They had a BLAST! 

Patrick doesn't bathe with them anymore -- he's too big, into taking showers, so he gets to use our bathroom while the girls bathe.  It makes my heart a bit sad that all 3 don't have bath time together anymore but I think I'll get over it -- they have a billion other things they can do together.

Anyways, short and sweet little bath time photo dump for ya!  HAHA!  Hope you enjoyed :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I am a mothersucker.

Oh, what's that you ask?!  It's a mom that is sucked into the wants and needs of her children, however crazy their requests seem.  Basically it's the ability to not be able to say no.

I mean, THOSE DIMPLES.  I just cannot with her!

Anyways, today I had to wake Annie up at 4:30pm after she was on hour 4 of her nap and she was not happy about it.  I asked her if I could take a pic of her and the rainbow on the floor and she basically was like noppppeeee.

So then out came my bribe tool: a sucker.  I told her she could have one if she took a pic.

Welp, you think this precious 2 year old was willing to take pics BEFORE a sucker?!??


When will you learn Alex?!?!?

I call this "Lollipop lovin': a mothersucker series."

I clearly caved when the alligator tears came out and gave her her sucker.  But dang, isn't she cute though eating it?!

She totally is.  And it was worth it cause these pics are so darn cute.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to share with you today.  Solidarity to all of my fellow mothersuckers out there.  It's hard to say no, isn't it?!?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Patrick's NY Adventures, part 2

Ahhh, where did I leave off?!  Ah, yes, our first few days adventuring in New York.

Welp, Sunday rolled around and it was time for the big day: adventures to New York City!  Patrick's first time and my, 6th?? 7th??  I cannot remember honestly...I've lost track!  But golly I love that city!  We had tickets to see Wicked (first time for Olivia, Weston, and Patrick!) and I could not wait for all of them to experience that magic!

After a low-key morning playing with Magna Tiles, we then headed to the train station to take the Long Island Railroad into Manhattan.

Patrick was a little hambone waiting on the platform -- he was SO EXCITED to ride the train!

Weston was pretty excited too...they loved sitting next to each other on the hour journey into the city!

Once we got into the city, we had a few hours before the show, so we decided to take the Subway downtown to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (one of my fave spots!) for some snaps before grabbing lunch and heading to Wicked!

I will say, I had NO SHORTAGE of Subway pics with P.  God bless that boy for entertaining my ideas and just being so consumed by the thrill of the Subway too!!

So after our Subway adventures, we got to the Promenade and the kids went nuts!  Running all over the place and just loving seeing the Statue of Liberty and all of the buildings!

Weston and Patrick had a blast!  The pics of them together are just the cutest!

I stole in a few pics with P...

(thank you Olivia for capturing these!!)

...and then got a few snaps in with Olivia and Weston!

We then got back on the Subway and headed back uptown to get some pizza ('gotta get me a New York slice!') before the show.

The pizza was DELISH and we devoured ALLLLL OF THIS!  YOLO.

We then made our way over to Wicked...with a quickie stop in Times Square first!

I totally hoisted Patrick on a guard rail and made him pose for pics...cause THAT'S HOW I ROLL. HAHA!

After my snap antics we then made our way to Wicked...

He was SOOOOO EXCITED to see the show!  Like giddy with excitement!  I think Weston and Olivia were too.  I splurged on the tickets and got us 4th row cause you HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW up close to experience the costumes and magic and everything SO CLOSE!  I think that really held the kids' attentions and made it even that much more magical for them.

Patrick got a first timer sticker which he loved too.  As soon as the show was over, it was time to head back to Long Island.  I think everyone was pooped and ready to big farewell to the city and head home.

P had fun jumping in Penn Station waiting for our train!

But as soon as we got on the train, outttttt he went!

SO TIRED!  But so worth it -- what a day we had!  One for the books indeed!!  Side note: Olivia is amazing and made this post and it makes me tear up reading it! SHE IS THE BEST!

We got back to Olivia's place, ate a quick dinner, and everyone promptly PASSED OUT. 

Patrick and I got up nice and early on Monday because we had a long day of traveling ahead of us -- and we wanted to bid farewell to our amazing hosts for the long weekend.  We had such a great time with them and cannot wait to see them again in person SOON!  Until then, pocket besties they will be!

Patrick was a trooper with our all-day travels...nearly 11 hours of traveling and BAM!  We made it home safe and sound in one piece!

18 days of trips to Hawaii, Florida and New York, 12 different airplanes, 8 different airports, many different hotels and hospitable hosts' houses and BAM.  Spring adventures have come to a close.  What a whirlwind it was but a wonderful one!  I loved getting to go on all of these adventures with Mike and then my big kids -- it truly has been ones for the memory book!  2019 is really off to a wonderful start, 1/4th of the way excited to see how the rest of this year unfolds!  Until next time friends...adios!  I'll be in STL for the foreseeable lots and lots of birth mamas due soon! WOOT!
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