Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I Tried.

I seriously tried. 

And I tried hard.

But one of my lovely children whose name rhymes with manny was nottttttt having pictures this week.  Exhibit A was Santa on Monday and Exhibit B is here:

I don't know what it is but she does NOT like doing group/sibling pictures lately!  And it's killing my momtog heart a wittle bit.

My other two have FINALLLLY gotten the memo and are as happy and cooperative as ever for pics...but Annie girl, ohhhh boy, she wasn't having it.

It was 55 degrees today and I was like YES! Let's go put on our Clark shirts and get in front of the amazing Christmas Vacation blow-up and take some adorable pics!


I mean, these are gems...but there isn't really one of all three looking happy and cute. HA!  I tried people. I TRIED!!!

Once the forced photos were over Annie flipped a switch and was all better when she got to play and swing. TYP-I-CAL.

I love their relationship.  Nothing better than sister besties.

Patrick took advantage of the warm weather for some lounging on the brick pavers.  He then wanted to snap some pics with my new camera so duh, I let him.

He got a couple of Ro and I and then a few of Rosie by herself who clearly is over his picture antics by this point. HA!

Annie was all smiles when she was in daddy's arms.  Gosh she is SUCH a daddy's girl!  It's not even funny how much she lights up when he's around and how she'd choose him over me every.single.time.  I'll admit, it's kinda cute :) And I promise it doesn't hurt my feelings. Much. ;-)

Ro loved cruising around on her scooter (gosh she can go SO FAST on that!!) and I of course had to snap some pics of her doing it...with our yard full of blow ups in the background.

And we ended our outside play time with some leaf throwing...which clearly Mike and Annie were the most into that. HA! Ro was just OVER IT.

After dance and dinner at MOD (where else?!?) we came home for some baths and I snapped some pics of Annie enjoying her new bath towel.

Holy cats, go get you one of these -- it is AMAZING!  Buttery soft bamboo.  I WANT ONE IN MY SIZE!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this late hump day post.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Boys' Club

First off, I want to note that my new Canon mirrorless camera came in and I AM IN LOVE!  There's definitely a learning curve with it that I'm slowly getting the hang out (the buttons are in such different spots than my regular camera!!) but I reallllllly love it.  I'm waiting for my new lens to come in that's JUST for mirrorless camera (dang backorder!) but until then I can use my current lenses with an adapter.  I had my first official shoot with it last night and I love how the snaps turned out!

Anyways...last night after I got Annie to bed (Ro was at NeeNee's) I hear giggling coming from the bathroom so I go check it out -- turns out the boys were having a shaving party and it was the cutest thing EVER.  So!  Off I went to grab my camera...

I'm dying over these!  They are so cute and totally Patrick's most favorite part of his evenings.  He asks to shave every.single.night. and we usually are like "NO JUST TAKE A QUICK SHOWER!" but every once in a while we cave and let him shave with his little shaver and cream (cause duh, can't do it every night or it kills the fun!)...and last night Mike joined him! 

I just love their little boys' time they have.  They spent the earlier part of the evening at Patrick's school building gingerbread houses and it was so sweet to get the pics from them and see how excited Patrick was to tell all about their evening (and how he was the only one to bring colored icing!) at school.  Those moments make my heart happy.  And, I'd be lying if I said a bit sad too...because I know that Mike won't get these fun boys' club moments with his other little guy Clark.  And that does rip at my heartstrings.  I know Clark's watching over these fun boys-only happenings from above, but it does hurt knowing he won't get to experience them down here with them.

Gah, I've managed to take a happy post and turn it into a sad one.  Sorry.  But I miss that guy each and every day and it's just so consuming to think about him and all of the what ifs and what's not going to be.  I need to go turn on a happy show and do some photo work (helllloooo website updates!) and give myself a little distraction.  But I do love my boys so much and love all of the special memories they are making together...with the best little guardian angel watching over them from above. 
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