Sunday, September 30, 2018

1SE: September 2018

Welp, I feel like September just started and here we are on the last day bidding farewell to 3/4ths of 2018!  Where or where has the time gone??!

But, alas, September was a good one. 

I really love this app...A LOT.  I cannot wait to see what the entire year's one looks like in December!! Stay tuned for that :)

Andddddd, since I've got you here, lemme share 273 days of #MooneyCandid365 for ya too!!  Man I am loving this collage's look -- again, can't wait to see what the end result looks like!  And I'm already thinking of what I want to do for 2019...ahhhh, decisions, decision!!

Anyways, another month in the books!  Here's to the last 3 months of 2018 and a great end to this year!  WOOT!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Weekend Vibes

These three really are off to a good start this weekend.  So.many.giggles.  Can't you just hear them??!!  Shockingly they all wanted a pic and that rarely happens so I happily obliged and I freaking love the results! 

Speaking of...Friday before school they wanted pictures too and again, I just have to do it when they ask.  Patrick and Rosie both have really been asking to take pics lately and it makes my little heart flutter with pride when they ask this cause OF COURSE WE CAN DO PICTURES!!

Gosh aren't they so darn cute?! I AM SO BIASED!

While Patrick had school on Friday the girls had some play time at grandma's (but first invading my personal space a bit, ^^^ uh-hm, ROSIE! HAHA!) while I had a Fresh 48 session...and then we decided to do a ladies' lunch (with Uncle Charlie tagging along too!) before picking Patrick up from his half day at school.

Woops. Sorry for that photo dump -- but the light in there plus my new iPhone camera plus photogenic little ladies equals this!

So, not to play favorites, but Annie freaking LOVES uncle Charlie.  She goes NUTS when she sees him and cannot get enough of him (must be the beard! HAHA!) -- these pics of them melt my heart.

Gosh they just melt my heart.  I told my brother he can't ever shave his beard cause she probably won't recognize him and then freak out and not love him anymore (hahaha!) -- so I think he's gonna keep it around for a while.

We got these new halloween decoration witch's feet and Patrick was OBSESSED with them.  He helped me put them together and found the most perfect place for them to go -- gosh he is growing up so big!

On Saturday I had a family shoot and newborn shoot (WOOOOO BUSY DAY!) and then we relaxed a bit (Annie was allll about that in her Beyonce shirt) before hanging out with our neighbors with a chili and movie night!

The kids were SO EXCITED for this evening because they got to run around like crazy and eat whatever they wanted and just play!  It let Mike and I catch up with our neighbors too which was a lot of fun -- gosh I love our street!

The kids CRASHEDDDDD so hard as soon as we got home -- I think all of that playing and fresh air did them in!  But we have a busy Sunday ahead of us (more photo shoots! Soccer! Birthday party!) before a jam-packed week of school and looooots of snappin' (fall is definitely here!!) so I'm sure they can use all the sleep they can get!  And heck, I need to wrap this up since it's after 10pm and I AM BEAT!  HAHA!

Anyways, have a great rest of your weekend friends!!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Cakes Galore!


I mean it's no secret 'round these parts how much my kiddos LOVE sugar -- or cake, or anything tasty. When Maggie moved back to STL and gave me a shout about doing pictures of her amazing handiwork...DUHHHHH!! Of course I leapt at the chance! I know how much my kiddos like cake and thought this would be a fun little change from what I normally snap.

Meet Maggie Cakes!

If you are in STL, you MUST check her out — her work is incredible AND her cakes are SOOOO tasty! You can check her out on Instagram or shoot her an email at — she truly does it all! Weddings, birthdays, you name it she does it!

My kids freaking LOVEDDDDD her you can probably tell. HAHA! Seriously, they could not dive in fast enough and I couldn't snap fast enough to capture their chowin' downs!

Anyways, check her out — you won’t be disappointed! My kiddos sure give her two thumbs up!!
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