Friday, September 21, 2018

Goal: Networking

Today's goal was simple: networking!

I got to have a table setup at the OBGYN Symposium at MoBap today to showcase alllllll about Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography.

So I definitely have been excited the past month or so in preparations for this today -- making sure I had allllllll of the appropriate materials purchased to display and what not.

I had candy (#needed), some of my favorite birth prints on canvases, my business name on a letterboard, my birth stories at MoBap brochure, an outfitting your office brochure (heyyyy, freebies for OBs!), my business cards, and my iPad scrolling through hundreds of birth snaps.  I had my fingers crossed that this setup would look good and I'd get lots and lots of networking done!

I did have some down time as the symposium was going on -- which actually was FINE BY ME.  I was able to get caught up on some upcoming shoots and what and truly just kinda enjoy some quiet in between networking with some OBs!

It was a long day but a great one -- I handed out a lot of my materials and hopefully made lots and lots of good connections -- which I am THRILLED about.  I hope to hear from these soon and have a few offices I am going to be dropping off materials to soon as well!!

Anyways, a super awesome day definitely filled with oodles of networking and hopefully lots of future connections!!  Just livin' the dream over here...and reaching every single day farther and farther into the sky to keep making it a reality and future.

Thursday Morning with Patrick and Rosie

Ahhh, Thursday morning!

You were a good one.

So Rosie was justttttttt about to hit 24 hours on antibiotics, but since it fell right in the middle of the school day we kept her home.  BUT!  Since she missed dance class on Wednesday night there was a makeup one around lunch time that we were gonna hit up -- so it all worked out perfectly!

As the big kiddos were getting ready in the morning Patrick kept picking up Scooter and asking for his picture with him.  Now, I have NO CLUE how long the picture requests are gonna last, but dang nabit as long as these kids of mine are asking for their picture to be taken, I am going to drop everything and take it!

I mean, how freaking cute are they together?!?!?  Seriously, I die.  Scooter, don't ever leave us!!

And then Rosie, who has a serious case of FOMO, couldn't be left out of some snaps so...I present ballerina Rosie.

And then Ro and Patrick got some sibling snappies before we took him to school and her to dance...cause that morning golden hour light was just perfect.

Now this one was probably my most favorite pic of the morning...something about it!  Can't you just hear their little giggles?!?! GAHHHH! I die!

Welp, that's all I've got for this Thursday morning with Patrick and Ro blogity blog for you!  Hope you have a great one and a wonderful weekend friends!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Strep & Other Weekly Things

Ahhhhh, what a week!  And it's only Wednesday! haha!

So lemme share what I posted on FB today...

"Was hoping we’d avoid any doctor visits this year but alas, here we are! This chick has been complaining of a headache (which for a 3 year old to complain about is a wittle concerning...) since yesterday afternoon and had two lovely horribly timed vomiting episodes 🤮 but literally nothing else (no fever! no diarrhea! no rashes!). So mom gut told me to take her in (which I rarely everrrrrr rush to the doc cause I’m a ride it out kinda gal) cause the head hurting made me 😬. Anyways turns out she has strep! Who’d have thought?!! But so glad that’s the root of her symptoms and some antibiotics should get her good to go in 24 hours. Sharing because strep is crazy and just cause your throat doesn’t hurt — don’t rule it out!"

So yeah, that was our morning...and super early morning thanks to a 3am puke episode (which I swear these kids ALWAYYYYYSSSSS get sick when I'm by myself and Mike's at work!  It's like THEY KNOOOOOWWWWW.  But, not complaining, cause I was able to take a good nap today -- which is something I haven't been able to do until this year since I've been working full time.

Anyways, that was a fun morning.  But chickadee is already feeling better after a few doses of antibiotics and is SOOOOOOO mad she missed dance class tonight.  However, there is a daytime one tomorrow and she'll be 24+ out from antibiotics, which her doc said was fine to go to school and activities again, so instead of going to school tomorrow she's gonna go to dance class!  What a treat!  I told her we'd go to lunch and make a girls' day out of it too.  So maybe being sick isn't all that bad -- you get a date with mom! haha!

Earlier this week Rosie wore her Sandlot dress to school and it was the cutest thing ever so duh!  Had to get some snaps of her in it!

I'm incredibly biased, as you know, but golly is she CUTE OR WHAT?!??!

Rosie got to bring a special friend home from school on Monday: Brownie Bear!

She did all sorts of fun things with him: showed him her room and mingo lights, let him meet Scooter, read books and sang songs, and went to sleep with him!  It was the cutest thing ever.  We wrote in his journal all about their adventures and it was a blast! 

She got to share the next day at school all about what they did and oohhhhhh to be a fly on the wall there to hear her talk about their adventures!!

Ohhhh, just a few pics of me trying to take a pic of Annie in her lovely pink poop shirt and her thinking I wanted a pic of her belly. HAHAHA!

Andddddd, speaking of Annie girl, she really REALLY does not like to be touched when she does not want to be (I mean, isn't that all of us??!).  So I present you, Annie does not like to be touched, exhibits A, B, C, D and E:

Oh she cracks me up!  And I can totally sympathize -- sometimes it's just like LEAVE ME ALONE!

But!  In the bath tonight she had a change of heart and was allllll about the sissy hugs and the 'I love yous' which was freaking adorable.

Anyways, that's all I've got for this mid-week roundup!  Hopefully the rest of the week is less eventful and we are smooth sailing into the weekend and COOLER WEATHER!  Cause it was like 90+ today and just awful.  Come on fall, we're ready for ya!!
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