Friday, August 31, 2018

1SE: August 2018

Wowzers.  Just FOUR months left of 2018.  I cannot believe it!  I mean, we're officially less than 6 months away from meeting #4 and I'm sure the rest of 2018 is gonna zippppp on by!

August was a fun month.  Lots of adventures and memories and I just love looking back on our one-second snippets from each day!  I truly am SO HAPPY that I have stuck with it -- I cannot wait to see what the final video looks like on 12/31!!

And with that said, I have another #Mooneycandid365 project update for you!  Today is day 243 and we officially have wrapped up 8 months of 2018...crazy!  But am LOVING how this project has gone so far too an anxious to see what the end result looks like too :)

Until September 30th my friends...adios!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

We're Having A...

...nother KIRKWOOD GRAD!!

Got ya there, didn't I?!?!?

These ahhhhhhh-mazing custom KHS class of 2031, 2033, 2035 and 2037 shirts came in the mail from Swanky Shank today and I just HADDDDDDD to snap a few pics of the kiddos sportin' their new class of shirts!

Anyways, I just had to share our little announcement with you since these shirts came and it's officially official: we're having another Kirkwood kid!!

And that's the only announcement we'll be doing until the speculating can continue whether it's a team blue or team pink babe! HA!  That's the best part, isn't it?! I think so!!

KHS, I hope you're ready for the Mooney kiddos!  Comin' at ya sooner than I'd like! HAHA!

Thursday Morning Giggles

Oh these two just slayyyyy me!

They both picked out their own outfits this morning and asked (!!!) for me to take their pics so duhhhh, I happily obliged.  Still waiting on pins and needles for when that asking and compliance to mom here's photog antics is gonna end.

Anywhoooo, they were looking like two little rainbows this morning and SOOO giggly I just couldn't stop snappin' pics of them in that Thursday morning sun!

Patrick did a few jumps for me then Rosie ran in and another tickle fest ensue.

All in all this little photoshoot took like 3 minutes but I am just swooning over these snaps we got! I sure hope they brought a smile to your Thursday! 

I've got a busy weekend full of lots of snappin' in store (and hopefully another birth and maybe a Fresh 48 or two too!!) and I cannot wait.  I truly have realized this past week that I am LIVING MY DREAM JOB and I could not be any happier.  A post on that will come later I'm sure :)

Have a great one friends!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This chick is OBSESSED lately with her princess dresses.  Like as soon as we get home from school, she HAS TO put one on.  She's got 5 or 6 (from here! the best shop! washable and dryable!) and just LOOOOVES them.

Yesterday she popped her Belle dress on after school and I thought we'd go do a quick little shoot in the backyard...cause Ro was feeling sparkly :)

Explaining to a 3 year old how to blow glitter is kinda tough!! But she eventually figured it out (it wasn't her first rodeo with it either...haha!) and only about half of it got in her mouth and down her dress (we had to immediately disrobe and go take a shower...which she hates, she's a bath preferred gal like her mama).

Anyways I just wanted to share these pics of Ro to add a little sparkle to your day!  Hope you're having a good one friends!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

13 weeks.

Yes, I have been going through bags of Pizza Rolls at an alarming rate.  This kid might come out looking like one.  OOPS.  I can't stop!  But ironically I haven't gained ANY weight yet either so YOLO I'm gonna keep chowin' down.

Okay!  So week 13!  One more week until the second trimester (woot!!) and things are going awesome.  I feel really REALLY good (whatever little nausea I had is GONEEEEE!) and despite being super tired and stealing a nap in almost every day, overall I feel great.  Just so different from week 13 with Annie!

So I had my 12 week OB appointment last week and everything went awesome -- and I have officially changed my gender guess because of it.  Despite how good I've been feeling (and SO MUCH similar to how I felt with Patrick's pregnancy) there's been a few things lately that has made me think PINK this week.  First off, even though I'm bigger than I was at 16 weeks two years ago with Annie, I feel like my belly looks the same.  Secondly, I have had a few 'it's a boy!' dreams which I ALWAYS had when I was pregnant with the girls (always had girl dreams with Patrick!).  And thirdly, my biggest wives' tale red flag, this kid's heart rate at my appointment was in the 170s!!! Rosie and Annie's were always high, Patrick's was always in the 130s (and maybe 140s).  SOOOO, my team green guess at 13 weeks is PINK now.  I'm sure it'll change a thousand more times before d-day. haha!

Other than that, not much else to report!  Definitely getting some good use out of my maternity clothes cause holy cats this baby has popppppped! I swear with each kid I get bigger and bigger earlier and earlier! HAHA!  I have been CRAZY busy with back to school stuff and photoshoots (so many babies and births and newborns in the past week AND coming up! I LOVE IT!) that I've been running around like crazy juggling all of that trying to get everyone in and snapped.  The fall is always insanely busy for me and I'm trying reallllllly hard this year to stick to my ONE SHOOT A DAY policy (so if I have to squeeze in a newborn or birth or fresh 48 it's just on top of one shoot rather than TWO.  And heck, two shoots a day is TOUGH. haha!).  Anyways, yay for making money though, right?!?!  Hopefully everything continues to go well with this pregnancy and I can keep snappin' up until d-day.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for week 13!  Excited to welcome the second trimester next week...until week 14..adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...McDonalds fries
Cravings?pizza rolls with chocolate milk!
Overall mood?ZZZZZZZZZZZ (& so so so busy!)
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Not yet :)
Linea Nigra?Nothing there...yet?!?!

Sunday, August 26, 2018


I just realized I hadn't posted anything since last TUESDAY!  My goodness it's been a busy week!  Lots and lots of snappin' (a birth! family sessions! fresh 48! SO MUCH!) and looking ahead to this week an even busier week to come!  But I'm EMBRACING IT because as chaotic as life is right now I'm loving it.  I'm getting to take and pickup my kiddos everyday from school (at normal hours!) and getting so much family time and actually seeing Mike during the day and it is just AWESOME.  I freaking LOVE this new schedule SO MUCH!!

Okay!  So what have we been up to?! A whole lot and nothing at the same time!  School is in full swing for everyone and Patrick and Rosie are just LOVING it SO MUCH.

The big kids are loving the back to school routine it seems and Patrick is especially loving getting to walk to and from school most days!  Rosie loves to come with me to pick him up after school too -- I think she feels like such a big kid going to what will be her elementary school!

Mike surprised us one morning before school with donuts -- it is SO AWESOME to be able to all eat together (and not have to hurriedly eat in the car on the way to school!) and hav everyone up and awake and home in the morning!

With that said, I have gotten to spend a LOT of time with Annie during the day while the big 2 are in school!  What a blast that's been -- we do lots of errand running and shopping and sometimes a park date here and there too!  I don't think Annie girl minds the solo time :)

Speaking of solo time, the big kids had one of their last lake weekends for a while (Kate is gonna be a travelin' fool soon!) and so Annie girl and I got a lot of one-on-one time this weekend too!  And duhhhh, I had my big camera out sooooo snappy I went!

Soooooo, I shared this on FB earlier this week but I'm resharing here cause it's freaking hilarious.  A convo with Rosie and mommy...

I.was.dying.  And now Rosie KEEPS saying it that Annie is an alligator!  I mean, Annie does love to bite (a lot! EEKKK!) and sometimes Rosie is at the receiving end of Annie's chomps, but still so freaking funny.

Anyways, too darn funny isn't it?!

A few random tid bits about yours truly this week... mostly around #4. HAHA!

Had my 12 week checkup and I just love being in the exam room with my snaps!  I have some new snaps I got printed on canvas that hopefully will be going up too! WOOT!

The freaking bugs LOVE me and I forgot to put bug spray on ONCE and had about a hundred bites. UGHHH.

16 weeks with Annie 2 years ago vs. 12 weeks with #4 now.  HOLY CATS I bet this kid is gonna be huge!

Kids photobombed my selfie before back to school night.  Patrick's pose kills me! HAHA!

Mike captured a snap of yours truly in her natural habitat the other night.  Just doin' what I love!  And duh, another pre-c-section snappie too!

And I feel like Scooter doesn't get a lot of love sooooooooo here's me snuggling with my favorite furry babe.

Speaking of Scoots, here's some of the new shirts we got for all 4 kiddos with "Scooter's Crew" on them and I just LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  And then some of Scoots looking handsome.

We had a special date earlier last week to get sno cones and it worked out perfectly cause it started to pour but we snagged some spots under the farmer's market overhang and we all stayed nice and dry eating our sno cones!

I didn't get a snap of Annie eating sno cones but I did get one of her at dinner chowing down on some corn and it may be my favorite picture of her ever.

Welp, that's about all I've got for this Sunday afternoon roundup!  I'll leave you with a picture of my three amigos as we're headed into our last week of August (WHATTT???!!)  Have a great one my friends!! 

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