Tuesday, July 31, 2018

1SE: July 2018

Another month downnnnnn!  We officially just have 5 months left in 2018 and I cannot believe how fast this year is zooming by!

With that said, I've got another month of one second a day clips for you to enjoy!

July was a good one peeps -- a good month indeed!  Maybe my favorite month thus far.  Cannot wait to see what August holds!

And with that said, today was day 212 of 2018 sooooo here's a lovely #mooneycandid365 project collage uppy-date for you!

Until next month friends, stay cool!

Annie at 18 Months

Annie girl is officially 18 months old today AND had her 18 month checkup too!  BIG DAY!

I was reading Rosie's 18 month post and while there are a lot of similarities, my oh my how many differences there are!  Mainly that I touted about what a diva Rosie was...Annie, well, not so much!  She's just Annie!

Annie had a great checkup overall and is hitting all of her milestones (now that she's finally walking!) and our doc was super impressed with her growth and such at 18 months.

Now, your favorite part: 18 month mom stats!  SO EXCITING!

  • Annie weights 25 pounds and 10.8 ounces...our petite little lady!
  • Annie stands 31.5 inches tall...and is in the 41st percentile for height! Definitely our little lady -- the other two were always in the 90+ percentiles at this point! HAHA!
  • Annie wears primarily 18-24 month clothes with some 24 month/2T clothes sprinkled in.  She's definitely our most 'true to size' kiddo and although she's a good size little lady, definitely not off of the charts like her big brother and sister were!  We are getting a lot of use out of clothes (still!!) that Rosie blew through and barely wore!
  • Girlfriend is an avid thumb sucker much like her older siblings.  Whenever she's tired, in goes the thumb!!
  • Probably the pickiest eater of the Mooney kids thus far, but not saying much cause she still will eat a LOT of things.  But she's got favorites: loves milk (and chocolate milk), bananas, eggs,  yogurt, cereal (Lucky Charms OBSESSED), french fries, hot dogs, potato salad, mac & cheese...and so much more!  Really isn't a big fan of veggies, but does like fruit, especially strawberries. 
  • Annie is FINALLLLLLLLY walking!!  A few days after she turned 17 months old something clicked and she has taken off...and hasn't slowed down since!  Girlfriend is on the move and is EVERYWHEREEEEE.  Each and every day her unstable walk gets more and more stable and off she goes!
  • She is SO talkative.  And she has SO MANY words -- she understands everything and will repeat almost anything!  And most of the time you can understand what she is saying.  She's very good with saying please and thank you, asking for cereal or milk, saying Scooter, Papi (Patrick), and Rooooooseeeeeey, and a billion other things.  She knows exactly what she wants and how to ask for it to get it.  I think Ro was talkative at 18 months but Annie seems to be even more so!  I'm sure she's gonna be a chatterbox just like her big sister.
  • Still just a couple nicknames for Annie: Annie girl and Annie banannie are the most common and most used!  Patrick called her "Annie-ana Jones" the other night and that was freaking adorable!
  • Loves her 'iPad' (what she calls her little iPhone) and loves to play around on it, carry it around, pretend to talk on it, and watch YouTube kids!  Especially loves the Baby Shark videos :)  I'm sure she's gonna be a little techie just like her big siblings...and mama :) 
  • Still the BEST Mooney sleeper.  Goes down without a peep around 7:30/8 every night and sleeps until 7:30/8 the next morning!  She is a rockstar.  Takes one nap a day, usually from about 1pm - 4pm and is the happiest little lady when she wakes up.  We are probably going to put her in a big girl bed in the big kids' room shortly before #4 comes...so hopefully she'll do just as well with that as Rosie did.
  • Completely obsessed with Scooter and LOOOOVES to go up to him to give him kisses (aka letting him lick all over her face!!) and it is the cutest thing EVER cause we know Scoots loves to lick any and everything that is put in front of him.
  • Patrick and Rosie LOOOOOVE their little sister so much and LOVE playing with her SO MUCH...especially Patrick.  He is the best and most loving big brother and he is so SO good with Annie!!
  • Is completely OBSESSED with swimming and going underwater.  Is a master at holding her breath and could seriously swim all day long.  We really need to get her in actual swim lessons! HAHA!
  • Has a lovie!  Purple Bunny is her BFF and she does not like napping or sleeping without him!  She always has him curled up against her and it really is the cutest thing EVER. 
  • Still rockin' 12 teeth and waiting for those fang ones to pop through on the top and bottom!  I'm guessing they will be soon-ish since she is back to putting everything in her mouth and chewing on things!
  • Likes to bite.  YIKES.  If anything gets in her mouth (like a rouge finger!) or if she wants you to move, SHE WILL BITE YOU.  HARD.  She's drawn blood on more than one victim so we are trying to work with her on NOT biting things...but easier said than done with an 18 month old! HAHA!
  • Ditched her high chair!  Eats her meals at the little table in the kitchen with the big kids and absolutely LOVES it.  She is such a big girl now and I cannot believe we are officially closer to 2 than 1! GAH! Time is flying!!!
Welp, that's all I've got for our sweet little Annie girl at 18 months old! I cannot believe she's on the downhill slide of 1 heading towards TWO!  Next update will be when she is TWO and about a month before she becomes a big sister! SO EXCITING!

Oh, and here are a few 18 month comparison pics of Patrick, Rosie and Annie.  ENJOY1

Until 2 years old, keep growin' and doin' you, Annie girl!

9 weeks.

I know I just posted '8 weeks' (take 2!) like a few days ago it seems, but here I am OFFICIALLY 9 weeks along with #4 and back with another little uppy date!

Truly nothing exciting to report -- still feeling kinda meh -- nausea is back and is random in its comings and goings.  Some days I feel awesome and then 10 minutes later feel like I'm gonna barf and then all is fine again.  Weird super hungry but nothing sounds good feelings also.  JUST SO WEIRD!  And so different from the last 3 pregnancies! Craziness.

I still feel gigantic and can't suck in my belly anymore and like 2 pairs of shorts fit and feel comfortable to wear so if you see me in the same outfit over and over...that is why.  I shockingly have zero maternity shorts (just pants) so I'm just gonna make do with what I've got and embrace the same clothes life (and lots of wash!)

WAIT.  This is exciting I guess???! I found #4 on my doppler for long enough to take a video/recording!  This was at 8w6d so anyways, exciting to hear the little guy or gal's heart beatin' away!

That's all I've got for week 9!  Nothing exciting.  Haha!  And only 30 short (hahahahahah yeah righttttt!) weeks until this kiddo is hatched!  I say it's not gonna fly by but I'm sure it will.  Next week we'll be in the double-digits and then just a few more weeks until the second trimester hits! WOOOOOT!  Until week 10 friends, adios!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Whirlwind of a Weekend

GAHHHH what.a.weekend.

A whirlwind of one is right!

I feel like I am JUST getting to sit down and relax and then realized OH WAIT WE HAVE NO FOOD IN THE FRIDGE sooooooo I'm writing this here blog post (cause, priorities) then packing up the kiddos and heading to the store to get some food.

Anyways, 'twas a busy weekend 'round these parts!

Mike and I had a busyyyyyy Saturday -- we snapped Mandy + Jason's big day and golly what an awesome wedding it was!  Low 80s, no humidity, and cloudy -- the most PERFECT wedding day!

You know I love me some behind the scenes snaps!  Mike got some great ones and so did Mandy's sister Stef and I just had to share them here cause I love some in-action shots!

Anyways, Saturday was exhausting...I was so pooped when we got home!  And poor Mikey -- he was tired after working a wedding all day and then had to go to work! UGHHHHH!  He's had so many homicides lately to deal with I know he is just exhausted.  Poor poor guy.

Sunday morning I let Mike sleep and the Mooneys watched Annie for me (cause the big kiddos were still at the lake) so I could go snap this handsome dude's newborn pics!

The rest of the day (and night...and early Monday morning!) I was elbow-deep in photo editing but it was SO WORTH IT cause I GOT ALL OF THE WEDDING PICS (and newborn pics!) EDITED!  Don't ask me how long I spent on editing and what not...but they are done!  THANK YOU OCD!!

So that was about it -- a jam-packed wedding weekend and lots of editing for moi!  The big kiddos had a blast at their vacation home (it was the Beatles concert weekend!) and we are looking forward to a couple weeks of fun before the hustle and bustle of school starts!  We actually have popsicles on the playground on Wednesday with Patrick's kindergarten, so that should be fun!

I'll leave you with a few random snappies from the past few days...

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Bathin' It With Annie

So my mom has been {lovingly} pestering me for WEEKS to send her a square black and what black image of Annie in the bath.

Welp, here ya go mom!

And since I had Annie for solo bath time tonight AND had my camera out to get ^^^ that snap, I couldn't just take ONE picture now, could I?!


I took a lot.  Naturally.  And Annie is obsessed with sunglasses (that are clearly too big for her) so those were fun trying to get a pic of her with them on before they fell off!

Mike came in to wash Annie's hair so, again, seize the moment, took some water dumping snaps too, cause WHY NOT?!?!

Anyways, that's all I've got.

What a whirlwind day it has been -- and heck, past weeks! Lots of exciting things happenin' 'round these parts and I cannot wait to see where the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 takes us!

The big kids are livin' it up at the lake this weekend, Mike and I are snapping a wedding tomorrow, and then a little R&R time next weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with the entire Mooney crew before the back to school hustle-and-bustle starts.  But I say BRING ITTTTTT.  Embracing and loving what's my here and now :)

Birth Snappin'

Welp, the cat's outta the bag!

In case you missed it on social media, here's the deal-e-o:

I am just beside myself about this -- truly, that last line (before my ETA! haha) says it all: I have landed my dream job.  And I couldn't be any more excited about it than I am now!!

Truly, this has been a LONNNNNNGGGGGG process -- something that has spanned almost the entirety of 2018 thus far (7+ months!) and finally today I got to share with the world what I've been working feverishly on.

I'll share a longer, more detailed blog post later about the entire process (cause you know I have been blogging this whole process since January!!) and how this came to be, but until then I'm just here to share this exciting news about my new contract with MoBap!

The wonderfully awesome thing about this is that it's not just me...I have this amazing ^^^ team of photogs who will be snappin' births at MoBap and we'll be teaming (community over competition people!!) up to provide these services for anyone wanting to book with us at MoBap.

So if you remember from my post back in May about going part time online only teaching...welp this birth stories gig is the PERFECT fit for that that allows me still to teach (duh, cause it's online!) and then still be a mama and still snap!  With this rockin' team of mine we are doing 'on call' shifts so unlike taking an independent birth client, who can literally go at ANY time day or night, we instead will sign up for certain days/times that we know we are available.  Pretty cool, huh?!?

Anyways, that's the big exciting birth snappin' news I've got for now!  I'll share soon the entire journey and how it came to be, cause it is quite a story! 

I just feel so incredibly lucky, blessed, happy, elated, excited, and most of all fortunate to be able to be living my dream job.  It is just freaking amazing.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

8 Weeks...take 2

I FINALLY today got to meet with my OB -- 2+ weeks since my ultrasound (thanks to a vacay for her and out of town for me) and we FINALLY got to chat about this little burrito and set a due date and all of that fun stuff!

My official due date is March 5th!  Sooooooo, a wittle later than I thought, but nonetheless this kid will still be making his/her debut at the end of February!  So even though I thought I was 8 weeks last week...nope! I get to do week 8 alllll over again!  I'm officially 8w2d today so I'll be 9 weeks on Tuesday so for #4's documentation purposes I have TWO week 8s! HAHA!

I actually got another quick little ultrasound today to confirm that all is well with this kiddo and he/she is growing so that was nice to see!  Nice little strong heartbeat for this gummy bear on the screen :) Everything else looked good and I scheduled out all of my appointments through February (WHATTT?!??!) and wow, yes, it's really real: #4 is a'happenin'!

So this week has been kinda weird.  As my sign says ^^^, the nausea has definitely come back around.  It's 110% not nearly as bad as it was with Annie or Rosie, but still, it's back.  But what's weird is it comes and goes.  Like it'll come on and I want to puke and nothing sounds good and then an hour or two later I am famished and starving and everything sounds good...then that goes away after a little while and I'm not nauseous again but nothing sounds good.  This goes on repeat alllllll day everyday.  I seriously have never felt like this before -- this rollercoaster of nausea, craving/super hungry, then mehhhhh but not nauseous, then repeat. SO WEIRD.

I have still been tired but am not sleeping well at all.  I'm up. not kidding, at least 4 times to pee in the middle of the night and am having trouble falling asleep (which I've never had!) and then falling back to sleep after I get up to pee!  My little catnap siestas in the middle of the day are like 10-15 minutes now because again, can't fall asleep (but I'm tired!).  It is seriously SO WEIRD.  I use to look forward to going to bed but lately I've been dreading it cause I know it won't be a restful night of sleep.  Ahhh, the joys each new pregnancy brings!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for week 8, take 2!  Despite thinking today was really week 9 but I've gotta wait till Tuesday, all is well.  Savoring and enjoying every day (and bonus day!) with this little guy/gal and excited to see what the weeks ahead hold!!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday Dinner Snaps

Seriously.  Cousins are built-in best friends.

It was just an absolutely GORGEOUS evening in STL -- low humidity and maybe 80 degrees, so our usual Sunday dinner we ate outside and the kids ran around and played and it was just THE BEST!

I brought my big camera with me...I feel like I hadn't snapped many pics of my own kiddos (or their cousins!) lately and I thought today was a good time for it.

Seriously, how good of a 'prop' does that old playhouse make?! IT IS MY FAVORITE!

Patrick, Rosie and Lizzy wanted to get some big cousin snaps together so, duh!  I happily obliged.

I loooove these.

However, I am LOVING SO MUCH these snaps of them jumping off of the playhouse deck!  Lizzy's face cracks me up!

Gah.  Cousins are just the BEST!

Since the weather was cooperating (helllllo overcast sky!) we got confident and decided to do a big cousin picture!

DO YOU KNOW HOW ARE IT IS TO GET 7 KIDS UNDER 5 TO LOOK AT THE CAMERA!?!? HAHA!  But I love the candids and I'll never stop snapping these!

Jason went for a ride...

I don't think he hated it :)

Dinner outside was great -- Annie actually graduated to the big kids' table and shockingly she did awesome and sat there and ate the entire time!  I have a feeling we may be ditching the high chair sooner than later, much like her big sister.

Rosie in her natural state...


So Patrick grabbed my camera and wanted to snap a few pics...

And here's what he captured!

Pretty impressive, eh?!?!  My budding little photog! He did take some of 'the girls' too which was adorable.

He gets 'tired' after not long with my camera cause it is so heavy!  But golly I love what he snapped!

So Mike snuck in a few snaps of Annie and I too...

I do love when I get in front of the camera and it's not a selfie.  COUGH COUGH MIKE IF YOU'RE READING THIS TAKE NOTE.  It's okay for you to get mom in the frame without her asking :)

LOVE THESE TWO.  Annie poked Mike's eye really good in this pic.  HAHA! Worth it for this snap.

How cute is Patrick with his cousin Lily?!  Golly he just loves her so much!  Sneaking in for a kiss and just smiling so big at her!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Sunday funday little family dinner recap!  I need to bring my big camera more to dinners and see what else I can capture :)

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you have a great week!!
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