Friday, May 18, 2018

#instagramson, A Year Later

I realized a year ago I posted this post...

All about my own personal insta-son.

Welp, thanks to Timehop it reminded me of one of my most favorite pics Patrick took...

So duhhhhh, as I was snapping some pics of Annie (which I'll share below) and Patrick meandered in and wanted to snap sooooo, we recreated our pic from a year ago!

Man, he is so good, right??!?!  Color and black and white for your viewing pleasure.

Gosh Patrick, never stop snapping.  I LOVE what you capture!  Oh, and I obviously edited his snap, so here's a little SOOC and then my edit on his pic:

I also posted tonight this:

I love you dearly Mike, but Patrick wins for Annie + mommy snap this week 🤷🏼‍♀️😘📸

Mike's snap:

Patrick's snap:

YUPPPPPPP. Sorry Mike, Patrick wins this round.

Anyways, this kid is killing it and I hope he continues his love for taking pics and capturing things! I need to teach him how to edit on his iPad/phone and my computer eventually (maybe I'll outsource to him?!?! HAHA!).

Oh, and here are a few Annie snaps to end this Friday evening post for ya...officially in the single digit day countdown for school and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!  I leave a week from today to snap a wedding in Indiana with my buddy Tiff (from Terry Farms Photography) and then we leave 2 weeks from Monday for Europe! I CANNOT WAIT.  Have a great weekend friends!!!

I Can't Help Myself...



But the first step is admitting this, right?!?!  Cause yeah, I have an overshare/oversnapping problem of getting pics of my kids on the swing. SORRY.


This may be one of my most favorite pictures of these two EVER. I JUST CANNOT HANDLE IT!!!

PROOF ^^^ that Annie does enjoy swinging too...she's just harder to capture than these two energetic ones :)

GAHHH they slay me!

And Rosie was in a swimmingly good mood so I had to take advantage of some Rosie poses she was doing and snap her awesome ombre Swanky Shank shirt she was rockin' too.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for today!  Officially in the HOME STRETCH for end of school and countdown to Europe! EEEKKKKKKK!!! 2.5 weeks to go I can't freaking wait!!  Have a great weekend friends!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Front Yard Swingin', Day 2

Are you sick of my swing posts yet??!!

I promise not to do one every single day we swing.  Maybe.  ;-)

We HAD to get out tonight and hit up the swing again because the weather is not tooooo crazy hot yet and the bugs aren't out in swarms yet...and the swing is so new and exciting the kids freaking LOVE IT.

These two could literally swing all night long and it's the cutest thing EVER.

Annie got in on the swinging action tonight too! She actually really loved it for the first bit them was pissed (probably the popsicle situation ^^^) and wanted back in her car...

So back in she went to supervise!  Such a good lifeguard she is!

The kids all had a freaking blast tonight and I think Ro's fairy wings really accentuated all of the snaps tonight, dontcha think?!?!


Here's to a great hump day and until tomorrow and more swing pics (kidding! MAYBE... :-), adios friends!
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