Sunday, April 22, 2018

Roundin' Up the Weekend

What. a. weekend.

Seriously, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!  So late last week and into this weekend was a whirlwind with the great name change.  I am STILL exhausted from changing all of that stuff but everything is all changed and I'm just waiting for the official change to come in the mail from the State of Missouri.  WHEW!

Anyways, so this is kinda cool -- I had this twilight mini Friday night and then barely 12 hours later their newest little lady Elizabeth made her early entrance!  How cool is that?! We got the last family of four snaps in and then got Fresh 48 snaps in today with the new family of 5!  Super cool!

Speaking of, this weekend, holy cats 13 minis on Saturday and I had ALL OF THEM edited by 1am Sunday morning (thank you OCD) and delivered to my clients once they were all uploaded.  Efficient, eh?!?!  My friend Kristy came out with her girls and snuck in some behind the scenes pics of their session and I LOOOOVE those so had to share a few here :)

Anyways, I'm pooped from the marathon of pics I had this weekend and I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! HAHA!

So let's see, a few other highlights from this weekend and late last week...

Ro got a new rainbow shirt (from here) and obviously is loving life when she wears it!  Golly I love her style SO MUCH.

Dinner time with this chicka is and keeps us on our toes every single night!  She is such a hoot and her little personality shines brighter and brighter every single day.  She is such a gem and I cannot imagine life without her!

So sometimes I'll go change her diaper before I go to bed and it's the funniest thing ever cause she literally sleeps through the entire thing and never budges.  She wins still for the best Mooney sleeper!

Speaking of Annie, she's got a new parlor trick -- she climbs up her name stool and peeks over the couch!  She's super proud of herself doing this and I'm super nervous she's gonna fall back and whack her head on the train table but I saw her get up and down no problem so I should probably just chill the heck out and realize she's growing up.

Rosie had the time of her life with NeeNee at the Magic House this weekend when they got to go to the Princess Tea that was hosted there.  Rosie LOVED IT and has not stopped talking about it! I'm sure she's going to want to go again whenever it's offered next...I'm so glad my mom was able to take her and spend that time with her!  I know Rosie loved it SO MUCH.

Isn't he cute?! LOVE HIM TO DEATH.  Cannot believe he's going to be FIVE in a little over a week! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!?!

So Patrick's buddy, who he's never met but definitely is a buddy cause their mamas are :), sent him a birthday card he drew himself!  This was him opening it and then he immediately went to draw him a picture back -- that I am mailing tomorrow!  Hoping these guys' penpal relationship keeps up forever and ever cause it is so fun to get stuff in the mail, isn't it?!?

Today was the twin's 1st birthday party and it was the first time we got all 3 of the 1/31 babies together!  I cannot believe we haven't had them all together in the same spot in their first almost 15 months of life! CRAZY!  Anyways, Mikey, Annie, and Violet got to hang for a bit today and we snapped a few pics to celebrate the moment :)

Patrick started t-ball this weekend -- he had his first game on Saturday!  I have a few pics Mike too --he took all three kids solo (#dadoftheyear) and didn't snap a ton of pics but I am loving the ones he did!  He hasn't wanted to take his uniform off either since he got it...he cracks me up!  He is LOVING baseball so much and cannot wait for practice tomorrow night and his next game!  Is he gonna be a ball player like his mama?! Stay tuned! We shall see! 

And lastly, I'll end this post with a little Happy Earth Day shoutout...Rosie got this awesome map dress and I felt like it was an appropriate dress for today!

That's all I've got for today...have a great one friends!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Big Exciting {Photog} News!

In case you missed it, here's what I shared on my photog Facebook page...

Pics & Paws Photography has been so good to me these past four and a half years. When I started this business back in the fall of 2013 I had NO IDEA it would grow to what is is today! Named after my beloved pup Scooter and my love for taking pictures (sometimes with paws), my photography business has seemingly grown exponentially since those early days. Big things are happening in 2018, and one of them is happening today — Pics & Paws Photography is now Alexandria Mooney Photography.

While Pics & Paws will always hold a special place in my heart, my photo snappings have moved a bit away from the majority of ‘paws’ pictures and more towards fresh new babies and families (some with a side of paws included). It seemed fitting, with some exciting things on the horizon, that Pics & Paws lay to rest and Alexandria Mooney Photography is born. What does this mean for you?! Absolutely nothing other than a new look and new name for this photog! My amazing website guy (cough cough brother Charlie) has been working tirelessly with me to get everything officially switched over to Alexandria Mooney Photography (website, email, branding, you name it, we’ve switched it...or in the very final processes of it (gosh this stuff takes forever!! haha!)), and now that most of the leg work is done this little announcement is coming out!

Thank you all so much for the support all of these years and the continued support in the years to come!  I think some big things are on the horizon for Alexandria Mooney Photography — stay tuned my friends!

So friends, that's the big news: a huge name change for my photog business!

And I am SO EXCITED about it!  Please don't ask how much time I've spent the past few days changing all of the things I need to change -- it's A LOT.  And I promise you I will never be changing my name AGAIN!

With that said, my website is about 95% completed (I started from scratch and built an entirely new site...just have to finish importing old blog posts and reorganizing everything) if you'd like to check it out.

I've also changed my Instagram handle to @alexandriamooneyphotography and Facebook page to Alexandria Mooney Photography.  I've done a complete overhaul on all of my marketing things and any written/print materials to switch up wording to my new name.  With that said, I'm sure you'll see some Pics & Paws stuff lingering around out there (like old photos with the PP watermark) and that's okay...but slowly I'll be all transitioned over to my new name.

Ohhhhhh, and check out my new watermark and logo!  I actually had this post ready to 'post' when I announced on Facebook on Thursday about my name change but I wanted to wait until my watermarks came before I bloggity blogged about it.

So friends, that's the big news!  I think this positive name change is a wonderful indication of the awesome things that 2018 has in store and that are coming for Alexandria Mooney Photography!  Stay tuneddddd!!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Dreary Weekend 'Round These Parts

Seriously, what a dreary weekend we had 'round these parts indeed.

BUT, before I get into depressing weather mode, here are a few snaps of Rosie in her SLEEVELESS rainbow Mitz dress from Friday when it was glorious and warm out.

Holding onto those for warmth through today.

Saturday morning I was able to get in my ONLY session of the weekend before it started to pour and then dropped to cold that was great.  I mean, I am SO GLAD we got those pics in, but kinda a hassle now to reschedule all of these other sessions!  This is definitely not mid-April weather AT ALL! GAH!

I'm sure you saw my c-section post from Friday...but yes, still honoring that it is cesarean awareness month and I am SO EMPOWERED by my birth stories and birth experience with a c-section!  I feel like I could go on a speaking circuit talking about how much that experience means to me!  But I'll spare you guys :)

After my shoot Saturday morning Robyn and I went and visited one of my former students who's in the hospital battling a LOT.  Robyn is incredible and I've spent no shortage of time talking about her but Kristen, my goodness, this is the strongest gal I have EVER met.  What she's been battling for the past few years and the strength she's had to endure all that she has is incredible. Robyn sent her a TinySuperheroes cape a month ago before her big surgery at the Mayo Clinic and on Saturday they got to meet for the first time in person!  It was one of the best mornings I've had in a while watching these two chat and interact!

The big kids went to the lake this past weekend with Kate, so this 'bout sums up what the rest of us did...Mike slept, we played...kind of :) Did some errands in there too!

Annie girl and I had a fun little Saturday, clearly :)

On Sunday morning we decided to drive down to pick up the kiddos since my shoots got postponed and to save KiKi from making a trek back up here!

Aren't they cuties??!?  P and R wanted to run around in the field before we left so duh, had to let them!  And I had my camera with me too (duh. #always) so I snapped some pics of them before we jaunted back home.

Patrick and I hit up the grocery store (for ingredients for this DELICIOUSLY AMAZING recipe I blogged about earlier, in case you missed it) while everyone napped and then gave him a fresh new buzz once we got home, per his request.  He was DYING over his pics ^^ and demanded I post them on 'the instagrams' to have others laugh at too.  DONE.

Anyways, this is a crazy busy week -- shoots nearly every single night and then my last round of spring minis on Saturday!  Fingers and toes crossed the current 'overcast and 60' forecast doesn't change to rain!! EEEKKKK!  And if anyone is reading this that usually does my minis, in the fall I think I'm only going to be doing one weekend of fall minis and then maybe a November weekend of Christmas ones...trying to just wean myself down to one mini weekend (because it is a TON of prep work and work during that actual day to do!) per season.  We'll see if I stick to that!

Welp, that's all I've got for you on this Monday!  Have a good one friends!!!
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