Tuesday, September 25, 2018

17 weeks.

Ahhhhh, 17 weeks!  I was just re-reading Annie at 17 weeks' post and I said I started feeling tiny flutters.  Welp friends, I've still officially not felt anything (I mean I *think* I *maybe* have felt something once or twice?! but who knows) and I am convinced I have an anterior placenta AGAIN and am PRAYINGGGGG hardcore it's not placenta previa.  A blogger I follow in Instagram posted this last week and it literally is my greatest fear with this babe.  Anyways, hoping and praying that in a few weeks (okay 4! more like at 21 weeks!) I get a good report of a healthy growing babe and a cooperative placenta that isn't blocking my cervix.  Fingers and toes crossed for that.

Anyways, not much else has been a'happenin' at 17 weeks!  Still thinking this babe is a girl (I'm sure that'll change again) and analyzing over and over again old wives takes pointing to gender predictions (cause those are so fun!).

Here's ^^^ a little comparison snappy for you -- 17 weeks with Annie (left) and 17 weeks wtih #4 on the right.  Gosh almost identical, eh?!?!

I'm feeling really good -- I have been less NEEDING my afternoon naps and more just WANTING them so I definitely don't feel as tired as I did in the first trimester (WOOT!).  Other than that, just been super busy snappin' and having lots and lots of new babies come in front of my camera!  Until week 18 friends...adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...Buttermilk Biscuit
Cravings?Buffalo chicken dip
Overall mood?feeling great!!!
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Maybe felt something? Maybe not??!!
Linea Nigra?Nada!

17 weeks with Annie                 17 weeks with Rosie

Monday, September 24, 2018

NeeNee's New Trampoline!

Let me first start off with today was the Mondayest Monday EVER.  It started off awful.  I'll spare you the details but yeah, mama here needed a pickmeup and QUICK.

After running a few errands, Annie and I decided to hit up MOD Pizza with my mom and brother for lunch.  And lemme tell you what: there is not much that pizza can't cure.

I snapped a few pics of Annie while we were there and HOLY CATS.  This new iPhone Xs Max's camera is AHHHHHMAZING.  Like I cannot get over the quality on these PHONE PICTURES.

These may be some of my most favorite Annie expression pictures to date.  Golly she's a funny little lady, isn't she?!?!

My photoshoot got bumped today due to a sick kiddo, which actually worked out because NeeNee and Gramps had a HUGE surprise for the kiddos: a new trampoline!  So once everyone got home from school we headed over there to surprise them...and, needless to say, they LOVED IT.

Seriously, there is going to be hours and HOURS of fun on this in the years to come!  We had a trampoline in that exact spot when I was little so I cannot wait for the memories my kiddos will make on this one!!

So this is my favorite picture I captured of them bouncing...and maybe one of my most favorites EVER (and in color and black and white cause I'm indecisive on which I like best...I mean probably color but I'm showing you both):

BOUNCEEEEE.  It looks like Annie is levitating!  GAHHH! How cool is that?!?  Anyways, the kids had a BLAST on the new trampoline.

Seriously, SO MUCH FUN.  I'm sure, just like the swing pics out front, there'll be a billion more pics of their trampoline fun to come!

After some bouncing we hit up IMOS (yep. Pizza twice in one day.  Don't judge.  Or do.  It's fine, pizza cures all, remember?!?!) for dinner and it was delicious.

Annie was super obsessed with having more and more cheese on her already cheesy pizza. HA! That girl loves some cheese!

Anyways, a crappy day that fortunately ended well.  Nothing a little family time can help cure, right?! Oh and pizza.  Lots and lots of pizza :)

Here's to a better day tomorrow and the rest of the week filled with oodles of Mooney time and oodles of snappin' time too!  Busy season is officially upon me! EEKKKKK!  Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Goal: Networking

Today's goal was simple: networking!

I got to have a table setup at the OBGYN Symposium at MoBap today to showcase alllllll about Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography.

So I definitely have been excited the past month or so in preparations for this today -- making sure I had allllllll of the appropriate materials purchased to display and what not.

I had candy (#needed), some of my favorite birth prints on canvases, my business name on a letterboard, my birth stories at MoBap brochure, an outfitting your office brochure (heyyyy, freebies for OBs!), my business cards, and my iPad scrolling through hundreds of birth snaps.  I had my fingers crossed that this setup would look good and I'd get lots and lots of networking done!

I did have some down time as the symposium was going on -- which actually was FINE BY ME.  I was able to get caught up on some upcoming shoots and what and truly just kinda enjoy some quiet in between networking with some OBs!

It was a long day but a great one -- I handed out a lot of my materials and hopefully made lots and lots of good connections -- which I am THRILLED about.  I hope to hear from these soon and have a few offices I am going to be dropping off materials to soon as well!!

Anyways, a super awesome day definitely filled with oodles of networking and hopefully lots of future connections!!  Just livin' the dream over here...and reaching every single day farther and farther into the sky to keep making it a reality and future.

Thursday Morning with Patrick and Rosie

Ahhh, Thursday morning!

You were a good one.

So Rosie was justttttttt about to hit 24 hours on antibiotics, but since it fell right in the middle of the school day we kept her home.  BUT!  Since she missed dance class on Wednesday night there was a makeup one around lunch time that we were gonna hit up -- so it all worked out perfectly!

As the big kiddos were getting ready in the morning Patrick kept picking up Scooter and asking for his picture with him.  Now, I have NO CLUE how long the picture requests are gonna last, but dang nabit as long as these kids of mine are asking for their picture to be taken, I am going to drop everything and take it!

I mean, how freaking cute are they together?!?!?  Seriously, I die.  Scooter, don't ever leave us!!

And then Rosie, who has a serious case of FOMO, couldn't be left out of some snaps so...I present ballerina Rosie.

And then Ro and Patrick got some sibling snappies before we took him to school and her to dance...cause that morning golden hour light was just perfect.

Now this one was probably my most favorite pic of the morning...something about it!  Can't you just hear their little giggles?!?! GAHHHH! I die!

Welp, that's all I've got for this Thursday morning with Patrick and Ro blogity blog for you!  Hope you have a great one and a wonderful weekend friends!!
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