Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Annie at 1 Month

I seriously CANNOT believe it.  Annie is ONE MONTH OLD today.  It's the last day of the month which means girlfriend is a month older.  DANG.  That went incredibly fast.  TOO fast for my liking.

I'm really loving the background I chose for Annie's weekly pics -- especially that it's a blanket and I can take it with us in case we're not in town (ahem on vacay!) for her weekly picture.  So smart of me, huh?!!

Later this week we have her one month checkup at the doc so all of those good stats and fun will be a'comin' at you later this week.  Until then, you're left with my lovely mom stats.
  • Annie weighs 11 pounds and no clue how long.  Maybe 22 or 23 inches?  She's wearing mostly 0-3 and 3 month clothes -- she seems a bit smaller than her big sister was at this age.
  • Annie sleeps ALL DAY LONG.  Seriously.  I don't remember either of the older two kids sleeping THIS MUCH even as newborns.  But girlfriend LOVES to sleep.  As far as nights go, we just recently figured out what works for her.  For the first couple weeks we were trying her in the Dockatot (or a few times in the Rock and Play) and she wasn't really feeling it. She'd wake up 2 (sometimes 3) hours after putting her down and then after I fed her and tried to put her down again she wasn't having it.  Late last week I decided to ditch the Dockatot and just let her sleep on the flat pack and play and BAM -- she gave us her best stretch of sleep yet; only waking up twice in 12 hours!  I guess girlfriend is like her older sister and wants a flat surface to snooze on...so that she will get!  She's even taken a few afternoon siestas in her big crib in her room too!  She does sometimes take a wittle bit to fall back asleep -- girlfriend really likes to snuggle and cuddle.
  • Keeping with true Mooney fashion, she hates the swaddle and having her arms tied down, sooooo, we don't swaddle her and she sleeps just fine with her wings floppin' around wherever they want to go.  
  • Honestly, I think she is a tummy sleeper (I'll let her take tummy naps during the day and OMG she sleeps SO LONG and like a dream!!!) but I'm too chicken to let her sleep like that all night long.  Hopefully she'll roll over sooner than later and get to her belly on her own!  But tummy or back she wants a flat surface.
  • She is a cuddly little thing, much like her big sister!  She loves to be held (and probably would 24/7 if we let her!) and snuggled on.  She loves to nurse and get her mama's milk straight from the source; however, we have been giving her one bottle a day so Mike can feed her and she's use to taking a bottle too.
  • As I was looking back on Rosie's 1 month post I saw that I noted how much of a grunter Rosie was.  Um, Annie most definitely is too and totally rivals Rosie in that regard!  SHE IS SO LOUD!  And we've learned to kinda ignore her grunts and noises until she's full on screaming, cause most of the time she's just making noises and nothing is really wrong.  
  • Girlfriend has some serious gas -- gas drops have been her friend, and they don't seem to bother her (the gas doesn't either) but gahhh! She'll grunt and push and turn herself almost purple to get out a fart!  It's kinda funny...cause when she does she feels sooooo relieved. Ha.
  • Minus some really REALLY good luck with Annie's newborn snaps, she hasn't really smiled at all...I'm sure that's coming soon.  Her facial expressions are the best though and she's got the RB face down PAT.
Ahhhh, now my favorite part -- comparison and progression pics!  You know I'm a sucker for these.

Here's just born Annie and Annie at one month old!  My oh my how she's grown already!

And lastly, I'll leave you with this gem of all three kids at one month old.  They all look so pissed off, don't they?!! Hehehe.  I still think Annie and Patrick look soooo much alike!

Until two months (which I'm sure will go as lightning fast as this one did), adios!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Birthdays and Baptisms

Wowza, what a weekend!  I am exhausted but oh what fun we had!  The kids especially -- they better sleep good tonight with how jam-packed (and sugar packed!) their weekend was!

On Saturday morning (Patrick was at the Lake until the late afternoon so he didn't join us) we headed over to my brother and sister in law's house for a Mardi Gras/32nd birthday/diaper party -- it was my sister in law Katie's birthday and they had a big brunch to celebrate...in exchange for being fed we brought them diapers for their twins who will be here in like 7 weeks or so!

We had a blast and Rosie pounded a HUGE donut all by herself.  Annie just chilled in her cute little outfit and enjoyed being passed around by all of our friends so they could meet her for the first time.  We had a great time and headed home just before nap time so we could get the girls down for a siesta.  Oh, I will mention Friday my good buddy Robyn had her third boy (Sheldon!) and I got to run up there and snap some Fresh 48 pics for them!  I cannot wait to do his newborn pics hopefully later this week!

Anyways, Saturday was my dad's 60th birthday and instead of a big surprise party (like I wanted to do!) we elected to just do a low-key party at the Pond with some family.

The kids had a blast running around up there (which they actually were pretty darn good for the 3+ hours we were at a place that really isn't "kid" friendly) and hopped up on sugar and pizza and cupcakes.  My uncle Johnny surprised all of us and flew in from Florida for the party, and my aunt Mary was in town from DC so Goose was in heaven that she had all 4 of her babies back together for the first time in almost 3 years!

We got my dad a pretty awesome gift -- we gave him a model of a T6 Texan WWII airplane, and also told him he gets to actually ride on one very soon!  How cool is that?!  There's a place local that has this actual WWII airplane that you can take flights on, so that's the gift we got him for his birthday.  I cannot wait to strap my GoPro on him to capture that event later this spring!

After a fun-filled birthday Saturday, Sunday we got up and got the kids all ready and headed off to church before Annie's baptism.  The kids were all angels at church, but after an hour plus there they reached their breaking point...rightttttt before the baptism was suppose to start.  Oops.  Future advice Alex: skip church beforehand and just do the baptism -- God will forgive you.

Really, the kids were pretty good, but yeah, they didn't want to sit and be quiet through another 45+ minute ceremony.  Oops.  Fortunately I fed Annie right before so she was in a chipper mood, but the other two were going stir crazy and just wanted to run around and play.

We asked Mike's sister Erin and her hubby Curtis to be Annie's godparents and it was so sweet to see them with her!

The baptism was actually really nice (and pretty quick!) and once it was over we took a few minutes to snap some pics (thanks to my brother Charlie for playing cameraman and capturing this day for us!)...and OMG. This is hands-down my new favorite picture EVER.

REAL LIFE PEOPLE.  Real life.  This is 100% exactly what life is like for us most days -- crazy chaos with a mix of emotions that I wouldn't trade for the world!  I definitely got this printed and am going to frame it in our family room ASAP.

After the baptism we then headed back to the Mooneys for lunch and the kids finally got to play with their buddies and burn off some energy running around in the house (cause booooo, it was too cold to play outside) instead of napping.

Annie was a little ham and just was content and happy as can be being held by anyone who'd hold her and the older two had so much fun with their cousin Lizzy and friends.

A little after 3pm we waved our white flag (me mostly cause HOLY allergic reaction to the chrism oil they put on Annie's head!  I still cannot stop sneezing and my nose is forever running! UGHHHH.) and headed home for some rest time (and shower for me and bath for Annie).

All in all it was a super fun weekend -- albeit a tad stressful with juggling three kiddos at various locations, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  The chaos is what we love and know we signed up for having 3 kiddos!  I'm looking forward to a low-key week (another visit to my OB tomorrow to hopefully see some progress on the closing of my STILL OPEN incision) ahead.

Have a great one friends!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

By the Window...

This morning it was absolutely GORGEOUS out and since I’m still being a hermit because my darn c-section incision STILL isn’t healed (and is still opened. YUCK.  Back to the OB tomorrow morning AGAIN.) we were cooped up inside...but!  I decided to whip out my camera because the light coming through the living room window was just gorgeous and screaming for me to snap some pics in front of it!

I actually snapped my friend Rachael’s new baby Michael’s newborn pics in our living room yesterday because the lighting was so amazing, and this morning it was doing the same thing!  Rosie, shockingly, wasn’t being as big of a sass pants as she usually is (probably cause she woke up on her own and wasn’t awoken from her slumbers) and actually agreed to smile for some pics for me!

Naturally Annie was passed out so I only got this one snap of her…

But Rosie (and Scooter too!) were just hams for the camera and I couldn’t stop snapping enough.  The more and more I use my new camera the more I love it and notice what a big upgrade it was from my mark iii (previous version) I had (which took awesome pics but I feel like this one really REALLY takes even awesomer pics!).

I’ve been playing around with some new editing styles and I continued with these pics and I’m loving how they turned out...especially the black and white ones.  They are just so dark and vibrant and I loveeeeeee the way they look!  I may have to get a few of them printed :)

Anyways, that’s about all I’ve got for this short and sweet little post (read: photo dump) on this Thursday!  This weekend is a busy one -- we have my sister in law’s diaper party/birthday party/Mardi Gras party on Saturday morning, then my dad’s 60th birthday shindig on Saturday night, then Annie’s baptism on Sunday! BUSY WEEKEND!  So I’m sure you’ll get a post or two detailing that (especially cause I can’t wait to share what we got my dad for his gift!!) after the weekend’s over.  Excited, aren’t you?!  Have a good one friends!
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