Tuesday, November 29, 2016

30 weeks.

Hellllllooooo week 30!  3/4ths of the way there #3, and you are definitely makin' mama feel it!

I am totally 100% this past week really feeling this bigness of this babe.  I took a silhouette snap on Thanksgiving and thought I did one around 30 weeks with Rosie, so decided to do a side-by-side.  Um, I am 110% bigger at 29 weeks than I was at 32 weeks with Rosie!  Seriously, I cannot wait to see how big #3 is measuring tomorrow at my ultrasound!  Because I am sure feeling it.

I had awful lower back pain from like week 25 on with Patrick (I also gained like 70+ pounds with him too, so...) and I had some upper back pain with Ro too but not until well into the mid week 30s.  Um, this past week I've had some killer (on and off) upper back pain (like by my shoulder blades!) with this one and have definitely been feeling just how big I am and how big this kid must be.  I know I said last week that I changed by guess to a boy because of size, welllllll, I'm changing it back to girl.  Yes, I think this kid is gonna be another big one, but how high I'm carrying and the upper back pain (along with seemingly everything else pointing to girl) I'm changing my vote back to team pink!

So!  Not much else is going on -- other than some general uncomfortableness (that I swear I didn't start feeling till like week 35 or 36 with Rosie!) and being super exhausted exerting any amount of energy (like stairs. Ohhhhhh, those suck to go up and down!), I'm actually feeling pretty good.  That blasted nausea is coming and going still (fortunately more going than coming) so that hasn't been fun to have back, but I'm really just noting it not complaining because it is SO MUCH BETTER than it was the first 17 or so weeks of this pregnancy!

That's about all I have for week 30.  Just 9 short weeks to go until c-day and I am oh-so-excited to meet this little babe and find out if it's a he or she!  EEKKKK!  Until week 31 (and month 8!!) friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Nothing really this week...
Overall mood?SO VERY EXCITED! 9 weeks to go!
Rings on or off?ON! (with room to spare!)
Movement?OODLES of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?Nope!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Festivities

So Timehop has reminded me all week that last year we were celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida and on the beach and this year we most definitely are not.  But!  That's okay, because we've had a really awesome Thanksgiving holiday 'round these parts, largely due to Mike being off for FOUR glorious days (he goes back to work tonight, boo hoo) and we've had oodles of family time and it's been just wonderful.

First off, I've been SO BUSY with photoshoots this weekend -- I had this one and this one yesterday, two more this afternoon, and two more tomorrow!  Whoa lordie I AM POOPED!  Being almost 30 weeks pregnant and doing these shoots is most definitely getting my workout in, but I wouldn't change it for the world -- I love doing it and I absolutely love snapping pics.

We had Thanksgiving (read: pizza) with my side of the family last weekend and it was so fun!  Of course I had to do this little side by side timehop from 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Rosie and Patrick was Rosie's current age -- gah!  Wonder what we'll look like 2 years from now!

On Wednesday my cousin Jordan, his wife Kim, and their daughter Audrey (who's almost 9 months old) came into town for Thanksgiving and I was SO EXCITED to finally meet Audrey and see them!  Of course they were one of my photo shoot sessions yesterday and Audrey was the best 9 month old I've ever snapped!  So smiley!  --But ^^ apparently doesn't like selfies.  Oh well.

Goose was in heaven having all of her great grandbabies in town for Thanksgiving and Patrick could not have been any more smitten with Audrey!  He was so excited to play with her and I know in less than 10 weeks he's going to be the same around #3!  Makes my heart burst!  I love this last pic because it's 4 generations of Pepins -- so cool, isn't it?!

This makes my heart explode and giggle at the same time.  Rosie giving Goose oodles of hugs is just heart melting.  And then Goose's last comment about belly size makes me die laughing.  Gosh, I love that old bird so much.

One day last week I asked Mike to take my van for its oil change because I had a lot to do around the house...which translated into ^^^.  Oops.  I couldn't resist -- matching bubblegum outfits for Ro and Scoots were just screaming at me to take their pics!

So what else did we do last week?!  A lot of everything and nothing -- Patrick was at the lake for a couple of days, so Ro got some solo time (which she likes but totally does miss Patrick when he's gone) and then when Patrick got home we put the Christmas tree and train up and Patrick was SO EXCITED about it -- he literally has asked as soon as we get home or he wakes up to play with his big train!  It's so cute!

My Apple Watch snapped this family pic of us on Thanksgiving and I love it so!  We're all looking and smiling!  Well, minus Scooter.  But close enough.  And gosh I look HUGE.  Can't believe I still have almost 10 weeks left to go.  YIKES.

On Thursday we went to my dad's cousin's house for Thanksgiving and it was a blast.  The kids were really good (shocker! I though they'd be a nightmare since we didn't eat until almost 2pm = nap time!) and Patrick got to play with his big cousins and on an old school trampoline!  It was a bunch of fun and we ate SO MUCH.  But #worthit cause the food and desserts were delish, as always!

See that handsome stud #82 in red (not butt stained guy in white)?!  That's my dad!  This snap is from 1973 that ironically my uncle Johnny took and was used for the 2016 Turkey Day football game ticket!  How cool is that?!

We did my mom's side Thanksgiving yesterday and that was fun too -- lots of toys for the kiddos to play with AND Ro and her cousin Cole got some matching Little Butt Diaper bum pics!  It was a fun evening too because (again!) the kids were great and Mike and I got a lot of adult chit chat time with my cousins and aunts and uncles while the kiddos played.

Oh and the kids LOVED sliding down the built in slide in the basement at their cousin's house.  So cool.  And so flippin' fast!

Scootie got a haircut (he's so fancy now) and I did some big time Black Friday shopping ONLINE (nearly got all of the Christmas gifts bought!  WOOT!) -- one thing I'm super jazzed about is this new Dockatot that #3 will be sleeping in.  Everyone raves about them so I cashed in some rewards points and took advantage of the sales and got this one at a steal!  Stay tuned for how we like it once #3 gets here :)

So!  That's about all I've got for you today...a hodge podge of Thanksgiving and family festivities recap and what not.  Looking forward to the last part of our holiday weekend with a few more photo shoots and some family time before back to work on Monday!  Which I'm sure that'll fly by and in no time I'll be blogging about Christmas!  Gah!  Where is the time going?!  I'll leave you with this adorable video Patrick made Mike last week before school.  Heart = melted.  Have a good one friends!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

29 weeks.

WOOT!  29 weeks today and just TEN WEEKS until c-day!  I cannot believe it!  I know I say it every week but it truly is flying by!

Okay!  So!  Let's recap the past week: I had my 28 week appointment at my OB and everything looked good!  Except my gigantic belly is measuring at THIRTY.FIVE.WEEKS.  EEKKKK!  So I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week at my 30 week appointment to check size and fluids.  I already know this kid is huge (at my 25 week ultrasound he/she was measuring in the 89th percentile!) so I am oh-so-curious to see where he/she is next week.

Gestational diabetes...I had my one hour test for this last week at my 28 week appointment and dammit.  I failed it again -- just like last time with Rosie.  And I didn't fail by much -- you needed a 135 (or 140? I can't remember the exact cutoff) and I got a 144.  UGHHHH.  Next kid I'm just asking for the 3 hour one right off of the bat to skip this failing the one hour one nonesense (which apparently like 70% of people fail their one hour?!!  HELLLLLLOOOOO! Something's probably broken with that test people!)  So I had to take off school on Friday cause they wanted me to do the 3 hour one ASAP.  I did that one Friday morning (holy boring, sitting in the doc's office for THREE HOURS doing absolutely nothing -- although I did make a dent in the book I'm reading) and then had to wait all weekend for my results, again prepping myself that I failed and have gestational diabetes.

On Monday morning I logged into my doc's app and saw my lab results and I PASSSSSSEEEEEDDDD!  With flying colors even -- not even close to the cut off numbers...so once again, just like with Rosie, I failed the 1 hour test but passed the 3 hour no problem!  Woo hoo!  Thankfully I didn't wait all day for the nurse to call cause um, they never did! Guess no news is good news from them!  I did have to take a half sick day on Monday thought cause of a nasty stomach bug.  Not my favorite day.

So!  Onto other pastures...Patrick has ALWAYS SAID this kid is a girl.  However, now when you ask him he says it's a little brother (who we should name Pickles! haha!) andddddddd as FIRM as I've been on my gender prediction being a girl, I'm switching it up this week and thinking blue.  Everything to me still points girl, and maybe it is, but Patrick's new thoughts AND how gigantic this kid is measuring kindaaaaa makes me think boy.  So!  This week I'm predicting boy!  And I'm betting it'll change 10 more times before he/she comes.  Haha!

As far as how I'm feeling, I'm definitely this past week feeling like I'm much bigger and farther along than just 29 weeks!  I've been having some pelvic pain (lovely, I know!) where it feels like I've been socked in the lower gut ALL.THE.TIME.  And then couple that with the constant feeling of needing to pee!  Gahhh!  Nausea has returned, but not like the first trimester (or heck, first 17 weeks!!) was, so I can't complain too much -- it comes and goes and fortunately is going more than coming lately.  But other than that, no other aches or pains (no backaches or anything! Woot!) so I can't complain tooooo much.  But felt like it needed to be noted!

So! That's all I've got for week 29!  Thanksgiving is Thursday (whattt?!! already?!!) and I seriously cannot believe how fast this year has flown by -- especially this pregnancy.  NUTS.  Anyways, until week 30 (!!!) friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Cravings?Anything sweet!
Overall mood?SO EXCITED! 10 weeks to go!
Rings on or off?ON! (with room to spare!)
Movement?TONS of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?Nope!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Shenanigans

Okay, I have to first mention that, once again, I failed my freaking 1 hour glucose (diabetes) test earlier this week.  I said in my 28 week post that I had it on Wednesday and was hoping to pass, and, no dice.  Barely failed AGAIN.  Just like with Rosie.  Ugh.

So I had to take a sick day on Friday and go in for the 3 hour test that I'm hoping and praying and hoping and PRAYING EVEN MORE that I pass (I passed the 3 hour one with flying colors last time with Ro, so hoping for the same this go'round).  I'll find out Monday...keep your fingers crossed for me.  I won't be happy camper if I get diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Oh and here's a laugh for you ^^^ I forgot my water bottle at my test and the lab tech said I could take small sips of water throughout (I was thirsty!) so the only cup I could find was a legit pee cup in the bathroom.  Oh well, served its purpose!  And I'm sure really made for the other people in the waiting room giggle.  Hehehe!

It was almost 80 degrees on Thursday.  NUTS!  The kids were in shorts and tshirts and flip flops and it was great!  Then it turned cold and was flippin' freezing for my morning photo session today and I bet that's what it's going to be like from here on out.  Ugh.  We had a good run fall, now just give me snow and days off of school!

Rosie selfie.  Gosh I love this little double-chinned sass pot!

Patrick's TinySuperheroes membership came last week and he was SO EXCITED to open it and get working on it!  He keeps all of his "cape stuff" (as he calls it) safely in his TS container and out of the grips of Rosie.  He loves it so much so I know he's going to love getting this every month!

Cold = hot chocolate season.  I'm not upset about that and neither is my gigantic mug to house my delicious hot cocoa.

He's obsessed with his sunnies and I am obsessed with him.  Biased, I know, but isn't he a little ham?!!

^^^Another ham, who lately is diva-ing it up and refusing to sit in her high chair (especially at restaurants...that's fun. #not) so she's been having a'many meals at her little table.  Nevermind she'll be 2 in less than 5 months and is growing up way faster than I want to admit (and faster than Patrick seemed to grow at this age) and she may just be done with the high chair.  Gah!  Miss independent!  Stop growing so fast!

We got the kids all fancied up for pics with Santa today at Scooter's vet (proceeds benefited Backstoppers -- we like this :) and although they (ahem, Rosie) were all smiles before Santa pics, someone who's name rhymes with nosey was not having it...

So she didn't get in on the family Santa snap.  Oh well...we'll try it again with mall Santa in a few weeks because if she flips out again (um, she will I'm sure) they mall Santas are more equipped and use to dealing with those kids, which I'm prepared for that amazing picture as well.  Stay tuned for that :)

Okay!  That's about all I've got...hopefully the rest of the weekend runs smoothly and I am reporting next week at my 29 week post that I passed my 3 hour glucose test and don't have to worry about gestational diabetes for the last 10 weeks.  Fingers.freaking.crossed.

Have a good one friends!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mannequin Challenge & Other Midweekery Things

So I'm sure you've seen these Mannequin Challenges going around the social media interwebs by now...

Well, Scoots wanted in on the challenge and he did not disappointment.  DID YOU SEE HIM BY THOSE M&Ms?!  Stiff as a statue!  Unbelievable!!  Seriously, if he isn't the world's most patient dog, I don't know who is!  (Ahem, Ellen, he'd totally love to come be on your show... ;-)

Not much else is a'happenin' this early Thursday morning...we've been busy little beavers round these parts and have been doing a whole lot and a whole lotta nothing at the same time!

I did have my last weekday afternoon photoshoots this week (I'd love to keep doing more but by the time I'm out of school at 3pm and can get anywhere it is SO DARK!!) and they did not disappoint.  The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS and the colors were so vibrant and pretty.  It's suppose to turn cold and icky later this weekend so I'm glad we got to squeeze a few more in before the weather turns sour.

We've been having a lot of cousin playtime with Lizzy lately and the kids absolutely love it!  Albeit there is always someone in tears and fighting (ahhh, true cousins! haha!) they usually end up smiling and happy and begging not to leave because they want to keep playing.  What's CRAZY to think about is that there'll be SIX cousins on this couch next year at this time.  NUTS!!

Mr. Taco Man wore his taco outfit (his choice!) to school earlier this week and he got to learn all about being a chef, complete with a chef's hat!  He made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that he devoured for post-bath snack time and even shared with Rosie.  He was so proud of them and his cooking skills!  I mean, I'm not shocked, he loves to help me cook -- he's probably going to be getting a little chef's hat and apron for Christmas too... :)

I was documenting (for myself!) my 28 week (but measuring at 35 weeks! OMG!) bump and Patrick said, "Mommy I want to take a belly picture too!" -- so we did!  And of course it was too cute not to share so I did.  Gosh he is so excited about this new baby (who he now thinks is a boy and we should call him Pickles!) I cannot wait for him to be a big brother AGAIN in less than 11 weeks!  EKKK!!

Lastly I'll leave you with this -- Mike snapped it last night of us on the couch and Patrick feeling the baby move and it melted my mama's heart.  Gosh, so damn sweet he is!

Anyways, that's all I've got for you!  Oodles of snappin' this weekend for some last fall pics (even though it's probably gonna be FREEZING!) before Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK.  I cannot believe it's already Thanksgiving!  We may have to set up the tree a bit early this year before Thanksgiving just so we can do it when Mike's home and awake.  Have a good one friends!!
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