Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

I'm keeping up with my past 2 years tradition (2014 here and 2015 here if you're so interested) and bloggity-bloggin' a little about Halloween 2016 for you.  Such a treat, isn't it?!!

I posted a month or so ago about the kiddos' Halloween costumes: Patrick wanted to be a ghost (so I made him a cute little ghost costume!) and Rosie didn't argue with me when I told her she was going to be a, there are their costumes!

However, for school on Halloween Patrick's class was dressing up as cowboys or cowgirls, so he got to wear his cowboy outfit (which ironically we had all of this stuff already, so win win we didn't have to buy anything!) to school.

He was so excited when I dropped him off to be in his cowboy duds (and same with some of his friends too!) and that he also got to wear his ghost costume trick-or-treating that night too.  So win win on that account!

Patrick and I got to both dress up for Halloween at our schools this year...he looked way cuter than I did.  I'm so not creative in my costumes that I take the easy way out 2 pregnancies in a row.  Haha!

So creative Alex.  Haha. #yeahright

Anyways, after I picked Patrick up from school and he told me all about his day -- including that he kept his boots AND hat on ALL DAY LONG.  He also got a ton of treats from his classmates (oops.  We didn't send any. #badparents) and his teachers!  We headed home and hung out for a bit before continuing our yearly tradition of taking some sibling snaps (Scooter included!) for costume pics and then heading out to dinner and trick-or-treating with our buddies the Rosenbergers for the third year in a row!!

Spoiler: we bought 3 pumpkins this year to carve.  Butttttt they got taken to my inlaws a couple weeks ago for mini-session props and we forgot to bring them pumpkin carvings for us this year.  Oops.  We suck with that tradition apparently cause last year was the only year we've done it.  Maybe in 2017 friends!

I tossed the kiddos in their costumes and let them pose for a few sibling pics on the bench before letting them play in the yard for a bit before we woke Mike up and headed over to dinner and trick or treating.

2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016!  I cannot wait to see what 2017 looks like, with one more burrito in the mix.  Eeeekkk! I'm excited about it already!

Year 3 trick-or-treating in the books!  Patrick had an absolute BLAST with his buddy Rory (they are literally 2 peas in a pod!) and Rosie actually understood what was going on and was so good about going up and getting candy and putting a piece in her bag and saying "thank you" (which sounded more like "tank poo").  It was an absolute blast!

These were the few actual trick-or-treating pics I snapped because holy toledo it got dark fast and I wasn't even going to attempt to try and snap any in the dark with these fast moving subjects I call my children.

After trick-or-treating we stopped by my parents to say hi to them and Goose and Kate who were there too (and had treats for the kiddos!) and then headed home for baths and bed.  It was a fantastic Halloween that both kids (Patrick especially since he really understood what was going on this year!) enjoyed.  We cannot wait to celebrate the upcoming holidays with these kiddos AND to see what Halloween in 2017 brings!

Have a great one friends!  Hope you had a spooky and awesome Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Photo Dump: Patrick Edition

When Patrick got up from his "nap" (ha!  That kid hasn't napped in ages -- so I guess I should say "rest time while watching YouTube Kids) this afternoon it was absolutely GORGEOUS out so I decided to toss him in a cute shirt and ask him to go in the backyard to take a few fall pics!

The leaves are all over the group and he's obsessed with picking them (and sticks!) up and tossing them in the air -- so that's just what I had him do!  He is at such a fun age (and OMG is going to be 3.5 years old next Wednesday!) right now and I just love love LOVE everything about him...especially how much he loves having his picture taken lately!

Anyways, enjoy this Patrick edition of my signature photo dump blog post :)



I'm a little confused as to what month is REALLY is, cause as I sit here typing this after wrapping up editing and posting teasers from this adorable kiddo's 3 month session this morning, I hear the AC kick on and glance at my watch to see that it is 84 degrees out!  WHAT.THE.HECK.  It's almost November!  This cannot possible be October!

Ahhhhh, but alas, it is...and we've been trying to take advantage all week of this unseasonably warm weather for however long it lasts!

Mike has been working CRAZY hours lately -- a lot of 12+ hour days that start at 6 or 7pm and go until 7 or 8am the next morning!  They are short people in his unit so he's getting a lot of overtime, which is good $$, but boy, he's gotta be pooped.  And we miss having him at home!  He's off a few days this coming week which'll be super nice to have him home all day and night.

This.chick.  OMG, it is so hard for me to put into words a good way to describe her other than pure diva.  And sass.  And allllll girl.  I love her so much and her personality is unmatched -- she knows what she wants and when she wants it.  And when she doesn't get her way, WATCH OUT.  But gosh, she's so funny and so animated and is just at such a fun stage.  Plus her hair seems to be getting curlier and curlier (maybe cause it's still so freaking hot in October!) and I know I'm biased but she's just so damn cute.  I could just eat her!  And if #3 is another girl I know those two will just kill meeeee (probably in more ways than one, and not always the good way! haha!) in the coming years.  Watch out Alex!

Yesterday I spent the day volunteering at TinySuperheroes' new world headquarters with some of my UA co-workers!  It was so great to help my buddy Robyn out a bit and be able to catch up too.  We are continuing our year 3 tradition of trick-or-treating with them on Monday and I cannot wait!  Stay tuned for that fun little post :)

We've been having a lot of solo time with me + the burritos lately with Mike gone and/or sleeping, so it's been fun to hit up different parks, Chick-fil-a with their cousin Lizzy, play with Scooter (who Patrick loves to have his picture taken with lately!) and sneak candy before bedtime.  I remember feeling this way (tired!! so tired!!) with Patrick and questioning how I'd handle 2 kids feeling like this, but I have to keep reminding myself (as I did 2 years ago!) that although we're adding another kiddo I won't be pregnant anymore when we do, which shockingly brings back a lot of my energy (or at least it did last time!).  So trying to put the tired feeling out of my mind and focus on enjoying the moment.

Mike and his parents took the kids trick-or-treating in downtown Kirkwood late last week (I couldn't go, boo hiss, I had conferences!) and they had a blast.  Rosie was a witch and Patrick was a ghost.  They even ran into our friends Sarah and Adam and their daughter Daisy too!  Daisy and Rosie are both going to be big sisters at the same time next year -- Sarah is due with #2 and me with #3 only 3 days apart from each other!  How fun is that?!!

I got a new flash hood for my camera's off-camera-flash and was playing around with it the other night with the kiddos so here are just a few random (albeit totally adorable, in my totally biased opinion) snaps from me playing with that!

And this is probably one of my favorite memes to date!  BAHAHAHAHA!  Their faces SLAY me.  Total RB face in full force!

This morning before my photo shoot we headed out to a car show where my aunt Kate had her Mustang that was a benefit for Officer Snyder who was killed earlier this month.  The kids, Mike, and I all had a blast!  I even put Ro in my Tula (since goodbye placenta previa I can now carry and wear her again without any worries! woot!) and it was no problem carrying that extra 30lbs around at 25.5 weeks pregnant!  Yay!

Patrick loved seeing all of the cars (although KiKi's mustang was his fave!) and all of the people there.  We didn't stay too long before I had to run to my shoot and Mike went to sleep.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this random hodge podge end of October but feels like August post!  Have a great rest of your weekend friends!
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