Sunday, July 31, 2016

366 Update

It's been a hot minute since I did a 366 project update, so I thought I'd give you a little one here on this fine Sunday evening before your week starts.  Exciting, isn't it?!

I'm trying to avoid the fact that I'll be back at work in less than 11 hours and my summer is officially over (boo hoo, I don't want to think about it!), but!  A fun little 366 project update should cure my ailments over working again, right?!  RIGHT.

Today was day 213, and I have NOT missed a day yet.  There have been a day or two where I had to post TWO since I forgot the day before, but honestly those haven't happened all that much, so yay for me.  And you can always check out #mooneyblackandwhite366 on Instagram if you want to see all of the full size bad boys I have below.

I made this nifty little composite using Photoshop (directions here) and I just love doing this because it's a quick and easy way to make a collage without having to manually drag and drop pics and what not.

I love the diversity of my pics I've taken...they all seem to represent a snapshot of that day -- good or bad! -- and what was going on.  I still need to figure out what I'm going to do with these snaps at the end of the year...probably make a coffee table book, but I'll need to do something else too.  Maybe have them fill in 2016 in a print?!  Stay tuned.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Last Day of Summer Vacay

Sooooo boo hooing has started: this is my last official day of summer.  I go back to work Monday, and this summer has officially 110% flown by.  It's crazy that I'm 12.5 weeks pregnant and that alone has made the summer whoosh by in an instant too!  I am excited about the new school year -- my third year at UA!  Woot! -- and all of the cool new tech tools I am going to roll out to the staff and students, but gosh, I am going to miss being home with my burritos all the time!  Such a double edge sword: I love my job but I love being home with my kids too.  I bet February will be here before I know it and I'll be having another little one to fill up my maternity leave with!

We spent a large part of this week at the pool or park -- and it was WONDERFUL.  Mike was off a couple of days, and is on evenings so he had the mornings and lunchtime free with us!  Woot!  We have a BIG change to Mike's schedule coming in a couple weeks...I don't want to delve into it now, but let's just say his schedule might get even crazier than it is now.  Eeekkk!  But we're both positive and optimistic it'll be for the best and work out in our family's best interest.  Keep your fingers crossed on that one for us.

Little water babies, aren't they?!  We hit up the pool this week with cousin Lizzy and our friends the Polans and it was so much fun!  Patrick is crazy and we hardly see him he's running around and swimming (under water!!) so much and going down the slide a zillion times.  Rosie, since she's not walking just likes to camp out in one spot and occasionally crawl around and skin up her knees on the hard cement, but really just parks it in one place and is oh-so-easy to watch!  She recently started randomly standing up by herself not holding maybe walking is in her near future?!  Haha!  Hang tight -- you'll be the first to know!

Wow. What crazy changes in a year!  I love it so!  Timehop is the best app ever, by the way.  I love seeing my old pictures every day from years ago!

I buzzed Mike's head earlier this week and Patrick watched and wanted his hair to look like daddy's, so, Mike got the buzzers out and BAM!  Patrick looks like he's 10 now!  But he's handsome as ever and loving his new cut, so we may keep it this length (sorry mom) for a bit.

I want to make note that Ro went in the ballpit the other night for the first time without screaming her head off and hating it, and it was so great!  She had such a blast playing and no tears were shed!  Woot!

We dined out for Officer Flamion again last night and we took it upon ourselves to snap (thank you Apple Watch remote!) a family pic before heading out.  It's so hard to get a good family pic these days so I'm glad this one worked out with all of us in our police gear!

Patrick promptly passed out 2 seconds into the drive, and he was so funny because he was SO TIRED he literally couldn't stay away so Mike recorded this video of him dozing off while we were on the way to dinner.  I've watched it like 10 times and just keep laughing.  His eyebrows at the end kill me!  Haha!

Today my mom and her posse of friends from high school, named the "Kirkwood Girls", a big group of them got together at a local park and had their grandkids come for a fun little park playtime in the morning!

All of the kids had a blast playing on the playground and in the sprinkler!  Patrick especially -- what a wild child!  Haha!  But I loved seeing the kids play (despite my allergies going nuts and nausea STILL lingering around!) and have a blast and getting to catch up with some of my friends I don't see nearly as often as I'd like.

It was such a fun morning and Mike brought the 6D and was the photog and snapped some great pics, as seen above.  He really is a great photographer, isn't he?!  I'll keep him :)

So that's about it!  A wild Friday night is planned here -- I have a doc appointment with my allergist and then nada.  I'll have to figure out what my belly is in the mood for for dinner tonight with the minions.  I have FOUR photoshoots this weekend (dang!) before work starts back up Monday.  I am really going to try to keep up my bloggin' as much as possible, but gosh, with the school year starting and the busyness of that I sometimes slack...but forgive me.  I like to keep this digital baby book going as detailed and for as long as possible, and I know as it gets closer to #3's arrival the busier I get!  But!  I'm committed and I hope to keep it going strong through the rest of 2016 and into 2017!  Woot!  Have a great weekend friends...happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

12 weeks.

Aren't you thrilled?!!  It's my weekly documenting the bump series back at ya before #3 arrives!  Exciting, isn't it?!  I swear I cannot seem to get too long of a break from weekly documentation -- I did 39+ weeks with Rosie, then 52 weeks when she was born, now after a couple months break I'm back to weekly documenting #3's growth.  Riveting stuff, eh?!

Anyways, so!  12 weeks!  One week until the second trimester (which I am standing firm starts at week 13, despite what some pregnancy week-by-week trackers argue starts at week 14.  Whatever.) and I am going to welcome it with open arms.  I've still been feeling not so great (but definitely better than I did on the cruise or during weeks 5-9, so yay for that), but I'm hoping the better feeling in the evenings I've been experiencing continue to spread their wings into the mornings, which are still my icky part of my day.

A little comparison snap for you...almost 12 weeks with Ro on the left, just about 11.5 weeks with #3 on the right.  I am most definitely bigger!  And I believe I'm about 5-8 pounds lighter than I was at this point with Rosie...which is crazy because I'm down over TWENTY pounds since I found out I was pregnant like 9 weeks ago.  I am so curious already how big #3 is going to be.  I'm saying it now: I will be shocked if he/she is under 9 pounds!  

That's about all for this week...nothing too exciting.  I go back to my OB tomorrow for a nice little checkup and to hear the baby's heartbeat, so that's exciting.  I can't believe I only then have ONE more appointment (16 weeks) before my 20 week ultrasound!  Um, that will probably be here before I know it!  Until week 13, adios friends!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Front Yard Snappin' & Pizza Makin'

What a fun little Monday we had!  So Mike is back on evenings (boo) so we will miss him for dinner and bedtimes, but, alas!  We power on and find other things to do to keep us occupied!

Tonight we got invited to our buddies Emma and Oliver's house to play and make homemade pizza...and the kids were in HEAVEN.  Patrick got back earlier this afternoon from another several days at his vacation home, and Ro was sooooo excited to see him and play with him!

The kids had a blast with their buddies AND Patrick loved wearing Emma's dress up heels while Ro liked accessorizing with her headbands.  Fancy, aren't they?!

Patrick and Emma then made pizzas for dinner (I question their sanitary conditions in which they were made...I'm pretty sure Patrick licked every single finger before putting any toppings on) and we all chowed down once they were all cooked.  So good!

We then headed home, and just as we pulled in the driveway I noticed how picture-perfect the sun was and I just HAD to get some snaps of the kids playing in the front yard before we did baths and bedtime.  The lighting was perfect and the kids were wearing adorable striped outfits anyways, so it worked out nicely!

I'm biased!  I know!  But gosh, aren't they just the cutest?!!  I have been really partial to the black and white images I've done lately, and these are no exception.  These are probably some of my most favorite pics I've taken of the kids, probably because they were last minute and candids and I just love love LOVE how they turned out.  The lighting was on point and their giggles were contagious!

I went ahead and posted these on my photog blog and Facebook page too, just cause I felt like I needed to share them!  Haha!  Biased, so biased Alex!

Anyways, trying to savor this last week of pure summer before I go back to work next Monday full time... the students don't come back for a few weeks after that, but I'll be back immersed in my tech world fully.  I know I'm going to miss my kiddos like crazy so it'll make the time in the evenings and weekends that much more special with them!

Happy Monday (evening) friends!  Have a good one!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back At It

Ahhhhhh, I'm back at it.  Back at my oh-so-boring posts about what's happening lately with our fam bam and, most importantly, the burritos.  I realized my last several posts have been either about or vacay or big news, so I figured I get back to boring you with my usual jam.

I am still feeling like poop, fortunately it seems to be letting up towards the afternoon/evening and not being relentless all day like it was, but yeah, sooooo looking forward to when this subsides and I get my appetite back.  With that said, we have pretty much been laying low since we got back late Sunday and I've been more than okay with it.  The kids seem to be too.  Ro and I were actually suppose to go to DC today (until next Tuesday) but I pulled the plug on that.  As sad as it makes me that I won't get to see my cousins (and their new babe!) and my aunt and uncle, I know it was the right decision because I'm still feeling so crappy.  Plus, with all of this police stuff going on, I really didn't want to leave Mike.  So, I promised them we'd get out there to visit soon!

I came home Sunday to a TON of packages (woops.) and one of them was this awesome GB Pockit Stroller and OMG I am so excited about it! It folds up uber small flip-flop for size reference) and can carry kiddos as heavy as 55 pounds (so Patrick still fits nice and comfy in it).  This will totally come in handy when #3 arrives, cause I can be wearing one, pushing one, and walking with one...or wearing two and pushing one!  Win win!

I was SO EXCITED to get home and see my burritos on Monday.  They clearly were happy too, and liked their new eskimo and eagle we brought them from Alaska!  Gosh, these two just melt my mama heart!

Mike (nor I) can't go outside for ANYTHING without Patrick following us, so we've learned to embrace it and let him when he helped mow the law the other day with Mike.  Rosie and I stayed comfortably planted in the AC and supervised from the cold.  Wise move on our parts.

Patrick and Rosie's new thing is to eat their snacks together at their little table, and Scooter frequently likes to join them.  If he is not the most patient dog in the world, I don't know who is.

Seriously, so patient is he.  I love this dog.

Mike was adamant about having a mustache when he got back to work, so I let him have it for ONE day.  I think he looks like a creep...or Jim Dangle from RENO 911.  Obviously I had to document it (well, made Mike document it) and as much as I hate his 'stache look, it's a great picture.

I don't want to go into it on this post, because I've said it before and my feelings haven't changed, but the violence towards police in this country is out of control.  Last week a local officer was shot--I'd call it an assassination attempt--and unfortunately paralyzed from the neck down.  We want to show our support as much as possible so we dined out for Officer Flamion to raise money for his medical expenses.  We're hoping to help again but dining out next week again for him.

He's clearly thrilled to be home after his week vacay at Braxton's.  I can just feel the love radiating from him.

Diva Dee has found a new obsession with sunglasses and I think it's the cutest thing EVER.  She loves wearing them -- especially if Patrick is -- and it cracks me up.  Don't ever change your sassy ways, little one.

We've spent a lot of time playing indoors these past few days and I can't really complain about it.  I haven't felt the greatest and I don't know if they sense that or not, but have been oh-so-good about just being chill and playing together and (mostly) not fighting.

Although when dad gets home he usually takes the kiddos in the pool and they LOVE that.  I mean, I do too, that water feels niceeeee.  I just don't have the energy to do it in the morning with them.

The Boomerang app is one of my faves and I love making these these fun little videos of the kids doing everyday things but they look so cool going back and forth quickly like that.

Patrick is off to another weekend at the lake -- even though I'm not going out of town anymore Kate (and Patrick!) still wanted it to happen so, off he went!  Gosh I miss him already -- he is such a fun little ham!  Take note Alex: 3 year old boys are such a fun age.

Anyways, that's about all I've got here.  What a riveting and exciting post, eh?!  I'm sure I'll toss another equally as exciting one at you later this weekend...get excited.  Oh, next week is my last (boo hiss!) week of summer -- I officially go back August 1st.  I cannot believe this summer went so fast!  With teaching (online) summer school and our trips, it really has flown by.  Trying to savor the summer days and memories as much as possible!
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