Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Short and Sweet.

Seriously, this is a rarity from yours truly: a short and sweet post (along with a photo dump, per usual).

1. We are still settling back in from being gone all last week in Panama City Beach.  The drive back was 13 hours and the kids did pretty darn good for being cooped up in the car so long.  I am glad we got the long car trip vacation out of the way first...and dang, our minivan is the BEST road trippin' vehicle EVER.  I love it.  But not settled in too long because Mike and I leave for our Alaskan cruise late next week and I can't even believe it's coming so fast.

2. Patrick has double swimmers' ear from all of his water fun last week...so we've been tasked with the sweet joy of keeping him OUT OF the water for a week...or at least a few days until his ear plugs come in.  Wish us luck with that, cause all he wants to do is go to the pool.

3. My roomie from when I lived in England 8 years ago is arriving later tonight and staying with us until Friday.  It's her first trip to the US!  I have oodles of fun stuff planned (Arch trip, Grant's Farm, lots of food places, visit to Kate's lake) so I'm sure you'll get a whole 'nother blog post or two about that later this week.

Yup.  That's it.  Seriously, shortest post EVER.

But!  You know I can't not share some pics from the past few days...so, here ya go!  Enjoy!

Seriously, could she be any cuter?!

Home sweet home!

Scoots lookin' fancy in the new June & January playsuit we won!

Okay, I'm sold: crop tops are my new fave.

I have a minor obsession with LuLaRoe leggings...

Ro's 2T tank jumper on Patrick.  BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Fancy pants giggler.

Busted eating the pizza toppings.

Seriously. I die.

He was shocked to hear he's got swimmers' ear in BOTH ears!  I was not.

Shoes!  Ro has shoes on!

Bathtime fun.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Buh-Bye Panama City Beach

Ahhhhhh, our time at Panama City Beach has come to an end, and what a wonderful week it has been!  We have had so much fun together as a family and Patrick has solidified his undying love for all things sandy and wet.  The jury is still out on Ro, who spent the large majority of the week being princess whiney and wanting to do much of anything but be held.  Such a diva she is!

I thought I'd share a few recent snaps from our vacay which is really a nice way of saying I'm doing a huge photo dump here... #sorrynotsorry.

We literally have spent the entire week doing the same thing: getting up, eating breakfast, going to the beach, coming back for lunch and siestas for the kids, waking them up at 3pm, going back to the beach, eating a late dinner, watching the sunset, passing out.  It.has.been.wonderful.

It is so nice that we haven't had to worry about holding up reservations on excursions or anything like that -- just enjoying the beach and all we have to enjoy here!  It truly has been such a great trip.

Oh!  And the sunset pics are TO DIE FOR.  I know I probably overdid it with them, but oh well, I just couldn't resist!  You don't get beachy sunsets like this back in STL.  So I hope you've enjoyed these snaps.  And! Bonus! Mike and I got a rare pic together!  Woot!

I'll conclude this post with a lovely 'what you see vs. what I see' pic and hopefully give us well wishes on our 12+ hour journey back north to STL tomorrow.  Hoping we make it in one piece without anyone freaking the heck out (cough couch Rosie) and minimal whining.

Adios friends!

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