Monday, August 31, 2015

Adventures in Tummy Troubles, and Other Fine Things

I posted early last week about how we had one doozy of a sick start: Rosie had a fever and Patrick had suspected food poisoning...well, a little uppity-to-date about that.

So, I'm thinking both kids now had/have a virus--maybe the same one?? And it just impacted Rosie with a fever and Patrick with puking and diarrhea.  Well, Rosie bounced back quickly and by Wednesday was back at her 98.6 degree self.  Patrick had his nice little food poisoning look-alike episode on Monday, but then continued to have diarrhea (TMI?!  Sorry.  Not really.  Trying to give you the full picture here. #momlife) through the rest of the weekend but totally was acting like his wild beast self.  Wellllllll, just as I was leaving to go shoot this surprise anniversary shoot, Patrick decided to ralph alllllll over himself and his high chair where he was sitting to eat dinner.  GREATTTT.  My lovely mother in law walked in just then and took over for me and tossed him in the tub.  When I got home he was still acting like his crazy self, so I thought it was just a fluke puke, so off to bed he went.  Well, he wasn't in his bed for more than 30 minutes and I hear him puke AGAIN.  Dear lord.  So much vomit.  So many loads of laundry.

I whisked him out of bed, washed all of his stuff, and he camped out on the couch just as you see above until I was sure he was feeling a wittle better and he could go to bed.  I didn't sleep well Friday night cause I was so worried he was gonna puke all over himself again.

Well, Saturday came, I had Henry's newborn shoot to go do, and Mike reassured me he was feeling better and he sure seemed to I was hoping his bug was gone.  Patrick was fine all day Saturday and Sunday, then I totally jinxed it and told someone at work earlier today that he was completely better.  I ATE MY WORDS.

Mike called me at 10am saying Patrick just got up and again, puke everywhere.  You've got to be kidding me!  Not again!  So 7 days of this tummy bug = I'm calling the doctor.  I know it's a bug, but wanted to make sure it wasn't anything else.  Patrick has been having on and off puking for a week and constant diarrhea for a week, teetering back and forth from lethargic to crazy.  I needed reassurance this wasn't anything else, so I called the doc.  They said to bring him in, mostly because his vomit was red (which could be blood, which mom of the year here didn't even think of, just assumed it was something he ate).  Mom guilt was on high-alert because I wasn't home to take my baby to the doctor--but luckily Mike was off all day and he was able to, so that made me feel a smidgen better.

Luckily Patrick doesn't have anything that seems serious, just a long-running 7-10 day stomach virus that's plaguing him, and seems to keep coming back by triggered acidic!  Back to a bland rice, banana, bread, diet he is for several days till all of this is really gone.  But, what a doozy of a sick week it's been.  Not sure any home sickness is worse than dealing with bodily fluids coming out from all ends, but I am really REALLY hoping we are at the end of this plague and it doesn't come back anytime soon.  Here's hoping...and also hoping Rosie doesn't come down with it (or heck, me or Mike either!!).

SO!  Onto happier things from this past weekend...cause, besides these little puking bouts from Patrick Friday night and Monday morning, he was quite a happy little churro.

I'm biased, but I have the happiest little lady EVER...who also looks way older than she should.  Nevermind is she 21 weeks (!!!) old today and gonna be 5 whole months old on Sunday.  TOO FAST.  TOO FAST.

Speaking of Rosie, see that cute little red and white polka dot headband?!  That's totes part of her Halloween costume: she's gonna be Rosie the Riveter.  Just wait till you see her costume.  It is AMAZING.

Cause I can't just share ONE picture of my little lady smiling...sorry.  Not really.

After I posted Patrick Tales last week I swear this kid keeps doing more and more funny stuff each and every day.  Last weekend he wanted to go outside and I told him not without shoes this was his response.  Touché little man, touché.

I found foam soap at Target and OMG, may have went a little overboard during bath time this weekend.  BUT!  Was well worth it--the little fella and lady LOVED it.  And we're now officially out of it cause mama bear here let them use it all.  Oops.

Mike made ribs on Saturday night and they were the best ribs I've ever eaten.  I'm literally drooling over my keyboard as I type this looking at how delicious they look in this pic and how I remembered them tasting.  Seriously.  This man of mine has a knack for BBQing and is oh-so-good at it.  I love reaping (and eating) the benefits.

Ro Ro has been overly helpful lately in my photo editing endeavors...aka letting me edit while she just sits there patiently and stares at the computer.  Such a calm little burrito she is!

More red headband pics...just cause...cause I can't resist.  She is my favorite.

We picked up bunk beds (and mattresses and bedding! SCORE!) from a family friend this past weekend and now we officially have a siesta spot that's not a couch for guests!  Tiff: I know you're reading this: YOU NEED TO COME FOR A VISIT ASAP!  Seriously.  Long weekend at the Mooneys!! YES PLEASE!

Scooter in his natural habitat: le couch.  Also!  The PicTapGo! iPhone editing app is still my fave and go to editing app--as you can see with the pic above.  If you don't have it, get it.  Super easy editing that makes your pics look ah-mazing on the go.

Mike snapped this pic of me and my smiling little lady this weekend and I just love it.  She's getting too big too fast!  But I love how her personality is shining through more and more each day.  That is just the coolest thing to experience as a parent: watching your kiddos grow up!

I'll leave you with this hilarious (can't take the credit!  My friend Sarah sent it to me of another dog and I totes copied it) meme I created of Scooter.  You're welcome.  Have a great week friends!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Patrick Tales | 02

Almost a year ago I bloggity-blogged a little number about Patrick Tales -- basically a little video montage of all things Patrick was doing at a year and a half old and how I thought they were adorably cute and funny.

WELL!  Times have a'changed, and this little man is still ha-larious, but in a new way from last year: he's communicating, and understandably (for the most part) at that!  It's like the coolest thing ever to watch your kid grow up and learn to communicate.

Anyways, I'm totes copying off of my buddies Lauren and Tiff, who document what their two year old little guys say (Huckisms from Tiff's Huck, and Camden Says from Lauren's Cam)...who I believe got the idea from our fave blogger Grace over at Camp Patton and her documenting of Julia Styles--aka what her little lady says.

I should add a disclaimer that I'm probably the only one who thinks these are hilarious (and maybe my mom and Mike too), but whatevs.  I figured the blog is the perfect place to document such Patrick Tales and sayings so I have a digital archive to look back on and reminisce about his cute 2 year old self when he's a teenager and making me want to gouge my eyes out with hot pokers (not really!  --but maybe...).

Anyways, for your reading pleasure, the second installment of Patrick Tales, first installment of actual communicable version.  You're welcome.

Alex: Patrick, what's your favorite animal to see at the Zoo?
Patrick: Ride choo choo!

Coming out of his room after he wakes up from nap time and Rosie is still snoozing in her room...he turns to her room and flings the door open:
Patrick: {screaming} SHHHHHHH! Ro Ro sleepinggggg!

Changing his diaper after he wakes up from his nap:
Patrick: Play water table!
Alex: No buddy, I'm sorry we can't, it's raining outside.
Patrick: Play water table in garage!
I couldn't think of a comeback quick enough because his logic was sound, yet didn't want to do the water table anywhere today, let alone the garage!

Driving over the railroad tracks:
Patrick: Ohhhhh wowwwwww!
Alex: did you like going over those buddy?
Patrick: Choo choo trackssssss.

Whenever we're talking on the phone to anyone:
Patrick: Nee Nee?!
Alex: No buddy, it's not Nee Nee.
Patrick: Call Nee Nee {and runs and grabs his iPad to FaceTime her}

He's learned the "right" answers to questions we repeatedly ask him, so he will always respond to these questions this same way, and for some reason we think it's hilarious.
Alex: What does Nee Nee Say?
Patrick: {screaming} RAYYYYYY! 

Alex: What does mom say?
Patrick: {screaming} MIKEEEEEE!

Alex: What does Goose say?
Patrick: {screaming} KATEEEEE!

Alex: Who is your favorite news anchor?
Patrick: Kay Twin!

Alex: What is your favorite social media?
Patrick: MySpace!

Alex: What is your dad's name?
Patrick: Peace officer Moooooo-ney.

He's snack crafty:
Alex: Do you want a snack?
Patrick: App-pa. {aka applesauce pouch}
I go open the pantry door and he grabs the Oreos.

Whenever we drive past the pool:
Patrick: Pool Emma and Annnnnnnn.
Alex: No buddy, we're not going to the pool today.
Patrick: {screaming} POOL EMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

His lately nightly jam, laying in his crib after we've put him to bed:
I go in there...
Alex: Patrick, this is the only time I'm coming in here to put your blanket on.  I'm going to bed and so is everyone else. {I put his blankets on}
Patrick: {giggles} night night mama.
10 seconds after I've walked out...
Patrick: MOMMMMM!  Wa-waaaaaa!
I go back in, grab his sippy cup, and walk into the kitchen...
Patrick: Ice peasssss!

Mr. Independent likes to push Rosie's stroller cart and Goose's wheelchair unassisted:
{I try and steer the cart/wheelchair away from the wall}
Patrick: NO! STAAAAPPPPHHHH!  Mine! {and he swats my hand away}
Alex: Patrick I need to help you and make sure you don't crash into the wall or other people.
Patrick: I do it.

So I'm sure there's a zillion other things he's said that I KNOW I laughed at but, of course, can't think of now.  BUT FEAR NOT!  I've created a note in my phone to write (type) down these hilarious 2 year oldisms in the future so I can have them all documented and saved until I type up another installment of Patrick Tales.  I'm sure you're just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for it.  Hehehe.  Enjoy your weekend friends!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Setting Suns of Summer

Summer is fading quickly, my friends.  Not only is school back in session, but the weather has cooled here in STL (probably temporarily, but still, feels oh-so-much like fall!) and pumpkin everything is starting to hit the shelves.

Monday and Tuesday this week I was off work home with two sick little bear cubs--which, I can safely report that both are better and back to their old chipper selves!  YA-freaking-HOO.  Sick babies are the worst thing ever (especially when they're pukey sick) so I was oh-so-glad to get that sickness outta my house.  Hopefully we can make it a good long stretch before anyone, parents included, gets sick again.  Fingers crossed.

BUT!  They sure are cute when they're sick though, amiright?!  I snapped these pics on Tuesday when everyone still wasn't 100% and dang, they sure make sickness look good.

And here's a fun little meme for anyone who thinks I get adorable pictures of my kids all the time.  I mean, I do, but not without taking 99 awful pictures, as seen above, first.

Patrick is in this mode currently where he likes to grab Scooter's iPhone (aka a deactivated old iPhone 4S that I use to manage all of Scooter's social medias on) and pretend to talk to someone on it.  Naturally he always strikes the most perfect pose and I snap a pic and whip it into a meme...and then die laughing.  You're welcome.

Patrick really loves his Ro Ro to be around him all.the.time.  Seriously.  He loves his little sister so much and always has to be by her--like when he wanted her in his police car with him, or insists that she sit next to him (and fall asleep, apparently) at the dinner table.  It is so darn cute and makes my mama heart explode every.single.time.

I worked yesterday morning (Mike was home and reassured me everyone was on the mend) so when I got home from work both burritos were just getting up from their siestas and both were happy little clams--big smiles post eating from Ro Ro and an intense coloring sesh from Patrick.

Before dinner I was perusing the Instagram and I came across Cotton Babies' pic, which, low and behold, was my {Scooter's} pic I'd posted a while back with the babes in their cloth dipes!  I had a little fan girl moment over them posting it and was so glad to see the dog cloth love being represented.

I also donated 1100 ounces of breast milk yesterday too!  Brings my donation total up to 3500 ounces thus far (10,000 is my goal!), and it feels really good to spread the mama's milk love around.

Since it was such a gorgeous night out last night, I decided to load Rosie in the Tula (not before snapping a matching headband selfie with her first, of course), grab my camera, and let Patrick play outside in the driveway for a bit before bath time.  I don't take the kiddos outside solo nearly enough as I should (I'm working on it!!) just because it seems like a chore, but I'm committing myself to do it more and more and get the kiddies some fresh air and outdoorsy time before siestaland comes around.  My mom and I have big plans next weekend to organize and clean out the garage, which hopefully will make toys easier to find and play with (as opposed to now where they're just all jumbled and tossed everywhere).

I love where the sun sets by our house, because it makes for some awesome pictures.  Luckily my little man was being fairly cooperative with me as I both managed to carry Rosie in my Tula AND snap these pics of him playing with his police car in the front yard.  I think they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I snapped this nice little candid pic while playing with the remote timer app for my Canon on my phone.  Patrick was clearly thrilled about it as you can tell :)

So that's about all I've got for today...I literally got home from school, showered, blogged, and now am heading to my mama's to eat dinner and fed Rosie before heading back up to school again for our Back to School Night.  I'm pooped...and I've only worked 2 days this week!  Somehow those days "off" on Monday and Tuesday were hardly that--sick kids are work people!

Anyways, have a fantastic rest of your Thursday...enjoy the nice weather if you're in STL, and have a great weekend!  I have 3 (!!!) photoshoots on my plate this weekend...ekkkk!  Gonna be busy.  Luckily Mike is *suppose* to be hopefully I won't have to enlist any babysitters while I'm gone.

Monday, August 24, 2015

When it Rains it Pours...

Geez louise!  When it rains it pours.  SERIOUSLY.  So this past weekend all our plans got jolted cause of Mike's schedule.  Fine.  We pressed on an adapted.  Welllllll, his 12 hour shifts got canceled (!!!) and he was back on 8 hours starting today, however, instead of switching over to his favorite 3pm - 11pm shift, he was staying on 7am - 3pm for the next couple days and switching over to afternoons later this week...therefore we had to find all day sitters for a few days this week.

Well, we were awoken around 5:30am this morning by shrieked screamings.  Both Mike and I woke up and were like, "Is that Rosie?!"  Nope.  'Twas Patrick.  We waited a minute to see if he just had a bad dream and if he'd go back to sleep.  Nope.  So I got up and went in there and picked him up, thinking it was a bad dream to snuggle and OMG.  Bad idea.  Vomit everywhere, and now all over me.  Gahhhh!

The poor guy threw up all over himself and his bed.  GROSSSSS.  Mike came in and we cleaned him up and changed his bedding and threw it all in the wash and put him back down with his iPad to see if he'd fall back asleep.  Well, just as Mike was getting ready to leave for work, he went in and said goodbye and guess who threw up again?!  Yup.  Poor guy.  He got a bath then...and then I fed Rosie and she fell back asleep.

I decided I'd take a sick day (my first ever for such a reason!) because Patrick needed (or I wanted, more true probably) me home with him today.  My aunt Kate had spent the night because she was going to watch the kiddos while we were at work, but since I was staying home she elected to stay the morning and help me with the kiddos...glad she did...cause Patrick ended up puking again on the couch.  Lovely.

Patrick took up residence either on the couch or the hardwood watching his beloved Disney movies (Ice Age and Monsters, Inc. are his current faves) all morning...and Rosie got up around 9:30am (well I woke her up).  I ran out to drop something off at the post office, and when I came back my aunt said, "I think Scooter pooped in the living room.  It stinks."  Welp, that was not Scooter--it was Patrick and his poor cloth diaper didn't stand a chance, cause somehow he got it up his back and in his hair! OMG. GROSSSS.

Guess who got another bath?!  Yep.  Gahhhh.  BUT!  Positive!  After his bath, it seemed that he was back to his old self: laughing, asking for food, running around playing with his toys, and being his typical wild child self.  Oh good, definitely food poisoning it seemed (probably from a bad piece of fried chicken he had for dinner last night).

Wellllll, wouldn't ya know it?!  Rosie then felt hot.  Great.  I took her temp: 101.  DANG NABIT.  Poor little thing!  She felt warm and was just snuggly all morning.  Gahhhh!  I suspected it was from teething, cause I swear she's got 2 little toothies trying to poke through on the bottom...but gahhh!  When it rains it pours: why can't just one kid be sick when the other can be too?!

I gave Ro Ro some Tylenol and tossed her in my sling and we headed outside for a bit of fresh air with my aunt and Patrick.  That seemed to help, because girlfriend then ate like a champ when she got back instead and promptly passed out.  My aunt headed out and I thanked her up and down left and right for her help this morning.

How cute is her onesie?!  And how ripped is my 2 year old's quad in the background?!

Anyways, I put them both down for a nap, high-fived myself for dealing with this circus...and popped in a pizza for my for lunch.  I jumped in the shower, cause I feel like I had puke, poo (probably from 2 sources), and baby spitup all over me (I probably actually did.  GROSSSS).  When I got out I heard Rosie screaming bloody murder--much like Patrick was this morning but tiny baby girl screams.  WHAT???!!  She NEVER EVER screams or cries!  I gave her a few minutes to see if she'd calm herself down and fall back asleep--nope.  GREAT!  I was starving and needed lunch, but Rosie needed some snuggles, so Tula to the rescue!

I tossed that unhappy clam in there and, not kidding, 5 minutes later, she was snoring hardcore.  I was able to eat my pizza (albeit getting some crumbs on her head.  Oops.) and Rosie could snooze away.  I win.

I successfully transferred her back to her crib and she only cried for a split second before falling back to sleep.  Both kiddos now have been napping for 2 hours (well, Rosie on and off with some Tula napping in there as well) and I hope they sleep for at least another hour or so.  They both need it.

I'm hoping and praying that bedtime tonight goes smoothly for Rosie--that whatever is paining here (teeth???) remedies it self soon and she's back to her smilely, sometimes resting bitch faced self.  And hoping Patrick's little stomach bug was just that: food poisoning, and that it's gone gone gone forever.  And we'll never be eating fried chicken again either.  Fingers crossed.  Happy Monday friends!
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