Friday, May 29, 2015

Grant's Farm Friday

On this fine Friday my mom and I decided to take the kiddos to Grant's Farm--Patrick and Rosie's first trip there!

The weather looked sketchy in the afternoon, but we were going to just go in the morning--right when they opened so we would beat the crowds and lines.  Patrick actually spent the night at my parents, which was a lifesaver because I didn't have to get up extra early to get both burritos ready to make it to the Farm by that was nice.  PLUS!  Rosie slept a glorious 8 hours--9pm to 5am--last night and it was a wonderful WONDERFUL way to start off our Friday and weekend.  Gosh, I hope it continues!  --It should, girlfriend is already up to 14lbs and clearly her rolls prove she can sustain herself for long periods of siesta time.

Anyways, so once we got to Grant's Farm it was definitely getting crowded.  GREATTTT.  I hate crowds.  But we were able to hustle and get to the tram (choo choo for Patrick) and see all of the animals on the way to the main part of the Farm.  Patrick loved seeing all of the different animals on the tram, especially the "ducks"--he pointed and yelled "duck!!!!" at nearly every one he saw.  So darn cute.

Not thrilled for our tram selfie.  Ha.  Anyways, once we got off the tram we immediately headed over to get some milk and feed the goats.  OMG.  Patrick LOVED this!  This kid loves any and all animals and is not scared of them one.single.bit.  

We actually had to go back and buy some more milk cause he was so obsessed with feeding them.  Quite adorable.  Rosie was a peach and slept the entire time in the Tula.  Such a good little girl she is.

After feeding the goats, we headed over to check out the other animals they had out.  This is what I love about Grant's Farm--they let you get up close and personal with all of the animals!

My favorite part of the day was probably letting Patrick feed the camels.  OMG.  This kid is so.much.braver. than me!  Seriously.  No way would I do this!  But alas, this kid of mine has zero fear and let the camel eat right out of his hand!

SERIOUSLY!  How flippin' brave is he?!  Mama heart is proud.

We then had a quick beverage (applesauce for Patrick) break before heading to see the animal show, then hustling back home before the torrential rains hit.

Again, Rosie was a little dear and snoozed the entire time we were there, minus a little milk break for her during the animal show.  She makes going out with both of them (at this point!) a breeze!  Ha!  I kid, definitely not a breeze but a lot easier than being a screaming babe :)

Anyways, it was a fantastic first trip to Grant's Farm and both my mom and I and the little taquitos had a blast!  Can't wait to do it again with them soon! :) 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trains, Trains, TRAINS!

As Patrick has gotten older, his interests have developed even more (Duh!  Did you know this happens when kids grow up?!  Ha!).  Lately, well, for the past several months, this kid is OBSESSED with trains.  Like absolutely loves all things trains: toys, real trains, train shows, and trucks that he thinks are trains.  For his birthday he got a ton of Brio trains (well more--his awesome cousin Jack hooked him up with all of his trains from when he was a little guy) and a big train table to play with them on.  He demands to take at least 7 trains to bed with him for naps and bedtime (not kidding).  He always has at least one on him at all times, especially in the car.  He can hear a train whistle from a mile away.  He flips when we tell him we're going to the train store or when we approach a train out driving.  He is obsessed.  He loves his choo choos.

Today we ventured to the Museum of Transportation with my aunt Kate.  Shockingly, I haven't actually been there to visit (aside from some events) since I was a little kid!  Oh boy, a lot has changed!  It is AWESOME, and totally a little train lover's heaven (and, much closer than the Zoo--it's got a mini train just like the Zoo does!).

In the lobby there was a big train set that Patrick watched go around and around like 100 times.  I'm pretty sure he'd have been content with that train the entire time.  Ha.

Well once we got him away from the train in the lobby, we headed for the mini train that went around the entire museum.  OMG.  He freaked, much like he did at the Zoo!  He loves trains so much and loves riding them even more--so once we got moving, he was in a choo choo trance and in complete heaven.

Once we rode the train around twice, we headed up to see the real cars and trains.  Again, this little boy was in heaven!  He must've pointed and yelled "choo choo!" a thousand times.  It was so cute to watch him light up when he saw a new train or car.  Gah, mommy heart melting.

Rosie was a gem our entire trip--girlfriend slept the entire 3 hours in my Tula.  Not one peep from her, which made for a lovely trip to the museum for all of us :)

The last thing we did was hit up the Creation Station inside the museum for some playtime for Patrick.  He got to dress up (a little skeptical of that...) and play with the toy trains, cars, and kitchen stuff.  He was in heaven!

We actually left the Creation Station early (we had an hour pass) so we could ride the train again before we left to get some lunchies.

All in all we had an awesome trip and I think this'll be a popular destination for us this summer, If my little choo choo obsessed boy has anything to say about it :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Long weekends are wonderful, don't get me wrong.  But I think a lot of people forget the real reason why we get the Monday off after the last weekend in May.  Yes, it's nice to have three days instead of the usual two for a weekend, but it's also nice AND important to remember why we get this day, this Memorial Day off.

Without going too much onto a soapbox about this, I did want to start off my post acknowledging the real reason for Memorial Day, aside from the long weekend mentality and BBQs that frequently go along with it.  Memorial Day is to remember and pay homage to all of our troops, serving, having served, and fallen.  So, a big huge thank you to all of our troops, retired, active, and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedoms we have here in the US, like BBQs, three day weekends, and lake trips.  This Trace Adkins song sums up nicely what this day is all about, and happens to be one of my favorites.  Enjoy.

So this weekend for the Mooneys was a fun one--because Mike was off Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Woo hoo!  Thursday, after I caught the crazy bug and took both kiddos to the Zoo by myself, Mike got home and told me that the church close to us was having their end of the year carnival.  It took us about 5 seconds to decide we needed to go, so we whipped up some tacos, woofed them down super quick, and headed to the carnival. 

Patrick had never been on a real "ride" before, so we didn't know how he'd do...but we decided we'd get a few ride tickets and take him on them, assuming he'd be fine and enjoy them (plus, next weekend we were hitting up the carnival at our church and we wanted him to be prepared! ha!).  I elected to take him on the ferris wheel with me and Mike said he'd take him on the spinning dragons ride, cause as certain someone (uh, me) gets motion sick just looking at those rides.

Patrick LOVED the rides.  Like probably too much--he didn't want to get off the ferris wheel, and kept trying to get out of the stroller and run to the other bigger (much scarier!) rides.  Wow.  Little daredevil!  I can't wait for this coming weekend to take him to another carnival so he can ride some more rides!

Mike and I also indulged in a funnel cake and fried oreos.  They were AH-MAZING.  That's our style of a wild and crazy weekend night :) 

I had a fun little photoshoot with my burritos (really just wanting a new background with all three babies, 2 human and 1 fur for my Mac) in their matching Applecheeks diapers this past weekend too.  Our friends at The Baby Bum sent Rosie this adorable Applecheeks headband and it's my new favorite baby item!  So soft, and I love the knot design--very Rosie the Riveter-esque.  She may be wearing it all the time from now on! (Or until I can order some more!!)

Like my "behind the scenes" pic?!  One of my favorites.  And about how my photoshoots at home go--Patrick is always RIGHT THERE to help me out, whether I want him there or not :)

Sidenote: Scooter looks fabulous in Rosie's headband as well :)

On Friday we took Patrick to the train store--Mike had never been there and was wanting to see what all the fuss was about that I kept telling him about.  He got to see it!  Patrick was in heaven with all of the train stuff, and I think he liked showing off to his daddy "his" store as well.

We then headed to a nearby park for a little bit to let Patrick burn off some steam before lunch and naptime.  This kid is fearless: there isn't one playground feature he isn't willing to climb up and tumble down!  All boy, 100%.

My new Tula "Travel Bug" came in the mail and OMG. I.AM.IN.LOVE.  I didn't think I'd be a big fan of the khaki/tan accent, but I absolutely love it.  It's my new favorite thing!  My other Tula Mike can keep in his car (so we always have one with us!) and Patrick can ride on our backs in it as well.  If you're a parent and have little ones, invest in a Tula.  It's the greatest thing EVER.  Why I didn't babywear with Patrick is beyond me...cause this thing is rockin' my socks off and making life with 2 so much easier.

Friday night we went to Mike's parents for dinner--cause his brother Brian was in town--and it was just an absolutely gorgeous night.  Patrick was decked out in his American pride outfit, and I was able to get some snazzy pics of him in it.  He's such a ham--a patriotic ham at that.

Saturday we laid low--actually heading to my parents' house to mow the lawn and straighten up for them before picking them up from the airport after their 10 day trip to Yosemite and California.  We then got to catch up with them at dinner and ice cream--our favorite!  I think they both (well, my mom mostly!) really REALLY missed Patrick and Rosie and were oh-so-happy to see them both on Saturday.  Rosie has definitely perfected her "kissy face".  Ha!

Sunday we spent at my aunt Kate's lake.  I think the last time we were there was last August when we surprised them with Patrick's "big brother" shirt telling them another little Mooney was on the way!  Now, for this trip, Rosie, much bigger and here on the outside, got to enjoy the festivities.  Actually, she did a lot of sleeping, eating, and snuggling and that was about it.

She did crack a few little smirks while we were down there and those just melted my mama heart.  Gosh, I love this little lady!

Patrick, on the other hand, had a jolly ol' time having the run-of-the-mill at the lake.  He got to go for many golf cart rides, a pontoon boat ride, swim in the pool, and oodles of eating and running around outside like a crazy person.  This little boy was definitely in his element.

We had a great time chasing after Patrick, but also enjoying some much-needed family time with Goose, my parents, and my aunts and uncle.  Goose's helper from her nursing home Sarah came and really enjoyed herself--as did we having her there!  She was so good with the kiddos and with Goose!  The food we had was delish (as always, probably ate too much!!), and Patrick had so much fun he protested nap time and was just being wild and crazy all day long.  Again, typical boy.

We decided to head home about 7:30pm, because the storms were starting to roll in, and about 5 seconds after we got in the car, both Rosie and Patrick were passed out.  Patrick NEVER falls asleep in the car, so we know he was definitely worn out (duh, no nap was had!).

Fortunately both kiddos stayed asleep when we got home (after a quick jammie change for Patrick and some milk for Rosie)--and slept great last night.  Patrick slept till 9am, and Rosie woke up just twice to eat and went right back asleep (praise the good Lord she does this!  Another good Mooney sleeper!).

Mike had to work today (booooo), but Patrick, Rosie, and I enjoyed some lazy time this morning (well, they slept and I got up early to grade the last of my students' final exam projects--officially DONE with teaching till August!  WOOT!) before my aunt came up and we went to the fabric store (Cardinals cotton fabric is back!  Patrick needs new sheets and a changing pad cover!) and Fuzzy Taco for lunch.

Oh, did I mention Rosie is SEVEN WEEKS OLD today?!  Seriously.  TOO FAST it's going.  I'm just gonna leave this adorable little smirky pic here and move on...

Well, that's about all for our Memorial Day weekend shenanigans.  It really was a great weekend with family and so nice to have Mike off.  He actually starts a weeks vacation this coming weekend (!!!) so I am soooooo excited about that!  Have a great one friends!
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