Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Days on Repeat?

Since I last blogged it seems that our days have been on repeat.  Not that that is a bad thing, just that it seems that every day we've been doing the same thing, going through the same routines and motions, and it's kinda becoming monotonous for me.  Again, not complaining, just notating that we seem to be churning out the same ol' thing every day and I'm kinda wanting something different...more on that in a bit.

I am incredibly grateful that I get to spend the next few months at home with both of my babies...but I have learned this past week or so (when I've been feeling myself again) that I definitely am not cut out for a stay at home mom 24/7.  Kudos and props to those mamas out there that do that, cause I'm not sure I could do this every day! Ha!

So what exactly have we done that has prompted my "days on repeat" post?!  Well, let me walk you through a typical day at casa de Mooney the past week (which, I should note, Mike has been off the past few days, and is on evenings for another week and a half, so he doesn't leave for work until this is kinda the norm for us these days--until he goes back to daytimes and I'm flying solo in the mornings and afternoons and he'll be home in the evenings...I'm sure you'll get another post on that sometime in the near future.  Get excited).

2am: Rosie wakes up, I change her, and then eats for 20 minutes, I lay her back down in the Pack and Play (cause girlfriend doesn't like the Rock and Play like her brother did) and I go pump cause even though she just ate, my boobs still feel like they're going to explode.

5:30am: Rosie wakes up, I change her again, and eats for 15-20 minutes, then we both go back to sleep.

9:00am: Rosie is up for the day, Mike and I start to stir, and we hear Patrick singing to himself in his room.  I get up, go potty, brush my teeth and get some clothes on, and grab Rosie to change her and go feed her.  Patrick is clearly awake but I don't dare get him up until Rosie is happy and fed and I can set her down and tend to him.

9:30am: I yell for Mike to get up so he can get Patrick up and take Scooter outside to pee.  I finish up feeding Rosie, and set her down so I can have some breakfast myself.

9:45am: Patrick is up and eating breakfast and we're yelling at him for trying to feed his morning meal to Scooter.  Mike and I chat about what he did last night at work and what we are going to do for the couple hours we have together today before he's gotta work and Patrick has to take a siesta.

10:00am: Patrick is cleaned up from breakfast, changed (cause he always waits until he gets into his high chair to go #2--so thoughtful), and running around the family room lining up his cars and shoes and anything else he can organize.

10:02am: Mike has perched himself on the couch and grabbed Rosie for some snuggle time/a morning nap.  Seriously.  They both are snoring and I'm chasing Patrick around the family room making sure he's not destroying too much and/or tormenting Scooter.

10:30am: I wake Mike up and we start talking about what we're gonna do again today, and we decide on going to the park (again).  We start the process of getting ready to leave the house, which involves getting Patrick dressed, taking Scooter outside to wizzle, me feeding Rosie again (I call it topping her off so she snoozes at the park), me getting dressed out of PJs, Rosie getting dressed, and getting everyone in the car--including Scooter if he decides to join us.

11:15am: We head to the park, where we usually spend an hour or so watching Patrick run around the playground--well, I watch him, Mike chases him to make sure he doesn't catapult himself off of the big kid structure.

12:00pm: Rosie wakes up and is not having her carseat and is being a wittle fussy, so I decide to nurse her on the park bench while watching Patrick run around.

12:30pm: We decide it's time to head home and trick Patrick into leaving by asking him if he wants to push Ro Ro back to the car so he doesn't have a meltdown that we're leaving the park.  So far, this tactic has worked wonders.

12:35pm: We hit up a drive-thru on the way home for lunch--cause we're lazy and don't want to have to mess with making lunch when we get home.  I always pick a place that has a delicious frozen beverage (milkshake) that I usually suck down before we even get home.

12:45pm: We get home, throw lunch down our gullets, and clean up the mess of ketchup that usually covers Patrick and his shirt and high chair from lunch.

1:00pm: NAP TIME.  Patrick says goodbye to Ro Ro and Scooter and trots off to his room to take his afternoon siesta while I clean up from lunch.

1:15pm: I feed Rosie again for about 15 minutes while Mike starts to get ready to leave for work.  Once Rosie is fed she usually follows suit and takes an afternoon siesta, so I use this time to do laundry, dishes, vacuum, catch up on grading projects and replying to student emails, and, if all of that 'housework' stuff is done, I usually flip on the Apple TV to watch some old ER episodes.

2:30pm: Mike leaves for work, and I take advantage of the kiddos sleeping AT THE SAME TIME to continue to get the above stuff done in addition to taking an uninterrupted shower.

4:00pm: Inevitably both Rosie and Patrick start stirring around the same time, and I follow suit with my same game plan as in the mornings: let Patrick play in his crib while I get Rosie changed and fed before I get him up.

4:30pm: I'm feeling rested from my productive nap time, and both kiddos are chipper, so I take advantage and snap some adorable Patrick and Rosie pics when we're getting Patrick up.  Shockingly Patrick has been super cooperative with pictures lately and staying put when I pose him somewhere.

4:45pm: Patrick gets a snack (or 10 applesauce pouches) and I snuggle with Rosie on the couch, mostly telling Patrick to not play in the trashcan.

5:00pm: I start thinking about what we're going to do for dinner.  I *think* about taking the kiddos both out somewhere to eat or to meet up with someone for dinner, but I chicken out and haven't been brave enough to tackle that solo yet.

5:05pm: A visitor usually stops by--usually a family member who is a welcomed sight.  They get some snuggles with Rosie and playtime with Patrick while I get a moment to breathe.

5:30pm: More scolding from me to Patrick for playing in the trashcan or tossing all of the clean blankets and pillows on the floor.

5:45pm: Dinner time.  I get Patrick in his high chair and whip up some leftovers (or whatever I can find in the fridge) for his dinner.  He eats anything so he's content with it.  I settle for a bowl of cereal--easy peasy.

6:00pm: Rosie is hungry again so I feed her after I get Patrick cleaned up from dinner and proceed to try and divert his attention again from the trash can or going through the fridge while I have a baby on my boob.  Not an easy task.

6:20pm: We go outside to play for just a bit.  We stay in the driveway and I pop Rosie in my Tula so I can chase Patrick around or push him in the swing.  Sometimes we'll go for a walk in the double stroller where both kids are confined.  My requirement for solo parenting outside with both kids is that I've gotta have both arms and hands free.

6:45pm: I'm pooped so we head back inside.  I change Rosie and plop Patrick on the couch with his iPad to watch 15 minutes (as much as his attention span will let him) of Finding Nemo or Cars.

7:00pm: Bath time.  If Rosie needs a bath I give her one real quick before I toss Patrick in and give him one.  He will play in the bathtub for a good half hour, which gives me time to peruse Facebook and Instagram and/or feed Rosie again.

7:35pm: I get Patrick out of the bath, get him changed and into his PJs and nightitme dipe, and let him loose for a few minutes.

7:45pm: Patrick has a sippy cup of milk and runs around the house like crazy, saying "No" when I ask him if he wants to go to bed.

7:55pm: I give Patrick a 5 minute warning that he's gonna have to go to bed while Rosie ends up falling asleep doing tummy time on my boppy.

8:00pm: I put Patrick to bed after he says "nigh-night" to Scooter and Ro Ro.  He trots off to bed without complaint, and will spend the next 30-60 minutes chatting away to his animals and reading his books in bed.

8:15pm: I call Mike to check in and see how his shift is going (spoiler: usually always busy) and tell him how our night was.  Rosie usually is hungry again so I feed her while watching whatever is on TV or that I recently DVRed.

8:45pm: I so want to go to bed, but I resist because I'm trying to maximize my sleep and keep my boobs on a schedule.  So I catch up on some blog posts (uh-hm, here ya go) and TV shows.

9:15pm: I take another quick shower to rinse off the last part of the day and set the bottle warmer to heat up a bottle for Rosie.

9:45pm: I feed Rosie her bedtime bottle (this worked well for Patrick and thus far with Rosie too--we load her up with 4+ ounces of milk and she'll usually give us a good 4ish hour stretch right off the bat) and put her down to sleep and I pump.

10:15pm: I finish pumping, turn all the lights off, take Scooter out one more time, and head to bed, just pooped.

11:30pm: Mike *usually* gets off work at 11pm and is home by 11:30 if he doesn't have to work late.  He comes in to say he's home and I'm usually comatose and don't remember him coming in at all.  He'll head to bed right around the time I'm waking up for Rosie's first feeding, so sometimes he'll just give her a bottle and I can pump again.

CUE repeat.  This has been our tune for the past week or so.  And it's totally fine--but I'm kinda wanting something different.  Maybe I'll be crazy and take both kiddos to Target or the grocery store solo--probably would be crazy and chaotic, but would be a nice change to our routine that we've seemingly created since bringing Rosie home.  And I'm sure this routine will change up a bit when Mike goes back to daytimes and he's home in the evenings then...but until then, I think I'll just have to muscle up and be brave and take both of these kiddos out solo somewhere solo by myself to add some spice to the predictable routine we've created...stay tuned!

And I'll leave you with this lovely family pic we snapped last night--when Mike and I escaped for a few hours to a police function--HEY!  That's a change to our routine, isn't it?!!  It was fun.  I missed the babies, but it was nice for some adult time.  Will need to repeat THAT again SOON.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


So we've been really busy not busy lately.  Catch that?!  We haven't really done anything, but I feel like we've been very busy with stuff around the house.  I get two under two will do that to ya, huh?!!

Anywho, I feel like I haven't blogged in a while (not really, it's been like 3 days, but still, feeling the urge to pound out something and attach a ton of pics of what we've been doing lately) so I thought I'd do a little 'lately' post as to what these Mooneys have been up to lately.

First off, Happy Earth Day!  I shared this pic on FB and IG earlier today--both my babies in cloth.  One of the reasons we use cloth is that it's better for the environment--so yay fluffy bums!  (Plus they're way cuter--and a lot harder for almost 2 year olds to yank off than disposables)

And while I'm on the subject of my two little minions, I want to note that Patrick is warming up more and more every day to Rosie.  It is so adorable--he actually likes touching (petting) her head and giving her hugs.  He's always running around saying, "Hi Ro Ro" or "Bye Ro Ro" and wanting to take her blanket off of her and put it back on.  It's so freaking adorable.  I sure hope this lovie dovie feelings from him continue and doesn't turn into hitting and pelting her with this...or at least until she's older and can fight back.  Wishful mama thinking, I know.

My friend Courtney sent me this pin several months back and said I needed to do it when baby #2 arrived.  Well, yesterday proved to be the perfect occasion for it, seeing as Mike got home late from work (boo) but did manage to stop at my favorite donut joint in the city and pick up some donuts!  So I seized the opportunity before the boys woke up to recreate that pin with little miss Rosie.  I am so happy and smitten with how these turned out!  If Mike had a desk at work I'd totally print and frame these for him...but alas, he doesn't, so iPhone wallpaper it is for him instead.

Yeah. LOVE those.  Can we also talk about how big Rosie is getting?!!  I took her last Thursday for her 10 day weight check and she was 9lbs 1oz.  Girl likes her some mama's milk!  Well, after her bath on Monday I decided to weigh her on our baby scale (which also doubles nicely for weighing packages down to the ounce as well) since she was nakie just to see how much she was up to.  Holy Toledo, she gained AN ENTIRE POUND since Thursday!  She was up to 10lbs 1oz in just 4 days!  HOLY COW!  No wonder all of her newborn outfits don't fit anymore and all of her 3 month ones (still a wittle big) are fitting.  I'm really curious how big she'll be at her 1 month checkup (taking her and Patrick for his 2 year checkup the same day... hashtag ambitious Alex) -- Patrick was 12lbs 13oz at his 1 month I believe, so wondering if she'll be up there as well!  I think I make cream, not milk.  Ha!

And for those wondering, my dairy cow status is back.  I've been following my same "extreme pumping" routine I blogged about last year and it seems to be working again :)  Rosie gets maybe one bottle of pumped milk a day, but primarily just nurses from me when she's hungry.  So all of this thus far has been pumped after I've fed her and still feel full.  I'm happy and thankful again that my milk supply doesn't seem to be a problem with #2!  Mike keeps telling me we need an exit plan for this milk already, since it's gonna stockpile up really fast.  So, figuring out what we're gonna do with it...probably donate some, save some, maybe even give Patrick some?!  Who knows.  Stay tuned.

Scooter has also really taken to his new sister (ha, like he had a choice!) and embraced her love for laying around and sleeping.  Laziness runs strong in the Mooney household.

And I'll close this post with some Patrick happenings.  First off, he's going to be TWO in 10 days.  Seriously.  Fastest 2 years EVER.  I'm pretty sure life now will only be described as going I can't believe it's been 2.5 weeks since Rosie was born.  Wow.  Anyways, we've started planning Patrick's 2nd birthday party (keeping it small, just with friends and family) -- it's going to be Cardinals themed!  Stay tuned for a'many posts afterwards for all about his birthday shenanigans.  Seriously though, how old does he look in these pics?!!  Like an almost two year old.  I could cry.  But I do love seeing his little personality develop more and more each day as he learns new things and new words.  My mama heart could melt.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this hammy little pic of Patrick having lunch at the Pond with his Goose.  His face KILLS me.  I'm so glad I have such an awesome hubby who doesn't mind taking him up to see his great-grandma a'many times during the week, even when I cannot go.  How'd I get so lucky?!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Documenting the Bump: Final Installment

So I've spent a'many hours documenting the bump for my second pregnancy, which turned out to be Rosie!  I am so glad I did this and have a written record for each week to look back on, and compare to if/when #3 comes around.

I decided to wrap up my document the bump for Rosie's pregnancy (even though I'm 2 weeks past being pregnant) with a fun little video I whipped up of weeks 5 - 40, and then a massive photo collage/comparison pics for all of the weeks of my pregnancy.  Nevermind I seriously regret not doing this with Patrick, but I am so glad I have these pics to look back on in the future...and something to show Rosie when she's older.

And here's a nifty little massive collage I did for weeks 5 - 40 (as seen in the video above too!)...again, I very much regret big time not doing weekly pics with Patrick, but I'm so glad I did it for Rosie's pregnancy so I have something like this to look back on!  And it'll be nice to have more than 1 bump pic for her baby book...when I get around to making it...a year from now.

I took a ton of other bump a whole lot!  Haha I did log (most of) them when I posted them on Instagram with the #mooney2preggo feel free to peruse those yourself if you so fancy and want bigger versions than the ones below.  (I love me some photo collages--can you tell?!)

So, baby Mooney #2's documenting the bump series is officially wrapped up.  The little lady will be 2 weeks tomorrow (how is that possible?!!  Fastest 2 weeks EVER.) and I thought I'd end my little wrap-up post with my postpartum bump shot, taken at 12 days post baby #2.  I'm down 25 pounds thus far (I think I gained around 45ish, give or take...I stopped keeping track!) and still some to go, but I'm happy with where my body is 2 weeks out from delivery, and know it'll be back to my pre-pregnancy weight (hopefully!) in no time.  Thank you breastfeeding and extreme pumping (again).

So, until baby #3's documenting the bump series...if there is a baby #3?!!  Time will tell!  Stay tuned!  And thanks for 4 loyal followers :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Great Cloth Diaper Change 2015

It's no secret around here that we love our cloth diapers.  Both Rosie and Patrick's bum's are 98% clothed in cloth and we absolutely love it.

About a month ago I saw on Facebook this event (and vaguely remembered a few friends posting about going to it last year) and was like, "OMG, yep!  We totally need to go to this!"  Then I looked at the date: 12 days after #2 was due to arrive via c-section.  Ekkkk.  That may be pushing it, but, alas, I went ahead and registered for 2 kids to be changed.  I figured I could always bail at the last minute if I wasn't feeling up for it, considering I just had major surgery less than 2 weeks ago.

Well, Thursday of this week came and it was like "BOOM." --all my pain was gone.  I'd been battling since we got home last Friday this sharp, burning pain on my left side of my incision that literally would cripple me into sitting down when it'd spring up.  I even called my doc for more percocet at the beginning of this week cause it hurt so bad.  I don't know what happened, but when I woke up on Thursday that pain was all gone!  Don't get me wrong, my stomach is still sensitive and sore, but nothing that a few ibuprofen can't handle.  Heck, we even went to the park yesterday AND I got to wear Rosie in my new Tula for the first time (which felt great, by the way!)

Anywho, Saturday rolled around and we woke up about 8:30am -- I felt very well rested, seeing as Rosie only woke up to be fed twice (!!!!) last night.  I'm sure it was a fluke, but whatevs.  I felt great and was totally ready to go to the GCDC.  AND since I'd been off my pain meds for 24+ hours I cleared myself to drive -- SO LIBERATING.

Luckily my amazing mom said she'd come along with Mike and I and the kiddos (which I'm so glad she did...was great to have an extra pair of hands there!).  The change didn't start until 11am, but we left at 9:45am because I wanted to make sure we were one of the first 50 people there so we could get a swag bag.

We were indeed one of the first 50 people there, and I'm pretty sure Rosie was the youngest kiddo there being changed!  It was fun to see all of the other cloth obsessed mamas (and some daddies) there; most of them wearing their kiddo instead of pushing them in the stroller (Patrick) and carrying them in the carseat (Rosie) like we were.  Don't get me wrong, I love to baby wear, but it's just way easier to push Patrick in the stroller and keep Rosie locked up in her carseat for now.  I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be singing a different tune when I'm feeling 100% myself again.

Anyways, my cousin Adrienne, her hubby Jeff, and their son Cole (who's about 8 weeks older than Rosie) were there too!  They are doing cloth with Cole and are loving it, which makes me love it so much that Adrienne and I have something to talk about!

So the change was suppose to start at 11am, well, 11:15am came and they were just clearing us out of the room to line up to then bring us back in (so they could get an accurate count).  Yeah, let's just say Mr. Wiggles was not having all of this waiting.  Again, so thankful for my mom that came and seemed to wrangle Patrick and chase him all over when he was released from his carseat.  Patience is not that boy's strong suit (yet???)...but, his cuteness sure makes up for his craziness, am I right?!!

So once we were herded back into the room, it was changing time!  This went pretty fast (thankfully -- a little boy was getting sleepy and a little girl was getting hungry!).  Here's the kiddos pre-change...

And then post change!  How flippin' big does Patrick look?!!  35ish pounds compared to 9ish pounds.  This really makes him look HUGE!

After the change we hung around for a little bit as they gave away some door prizes (bummer, we didn't win any!  Oh well.) and then headed back home with freshly changed kid's booties. 

We did score some new cloth wipes in both of our swag bags (which I'm super pumped about because I was just about to order some more since the 60+ we have aren't enough for our two kiddos right I don't need to do that!) as well as a bunch of samples and other cloth goodies, which alone made this {free} event worth going to!

I think we all had a blast (Mike kept saying, "this is your heaven!" --and he's so right!  I love cloth stuff!) and will definitely be going again next year...hopefully just with Rosie in dipes and Patrick will be potty trained by then (ha!  We'll see.  I'm not optimistic.  He'll potty train when he's ready; I'm not pushing it!).  Until 2016's GCDC, we'll be sportin' our fluffy butt's all year! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Taking Stock

During one of Rosie's overnight feedings, my friend Tiff's Taking Stock post popped up in my email and I thought I should do another one, since my last one was months ago and my-oh-my how things have changed since then.

Anywho, here it goes!  Enjoy.

Making: A mental list of all of the places I want to hit up with Rosie once I'm off my pain meds and can drive again.  I'm thinking a trip to the outlets to get Rosie some new duds will have to take place.  And Cotton Babies.  And Target.  And so.many.more. places.  Cue Alex excitement. 

Cooking: NOTHING!  Bahaha!  I did just order IMOS for lunch for my mom, Patrick, and I (once they get back from a trip to the park).

Drinking: Water like it's my job.  Guzzle guzzle guzzle.  Nursing makes me oh-so-thirsty.

Reading: This amazing article.  Spot on about c-sections and pretty much exactly how I felt with Patrick and Rosie's birth.  Definitely a good, quick read.  Check it out.

Wanting: To be all healed and off of house arrest.  Ha!  Not really, but I can't wait until the burning pain in my stomach goes away and I can ditch the pain meds and drive again, cause there's oh-so-many places to go.

Looking: At my little lady snoozin' away in her bouncy seat while I write this post.  How did I get so lucky to have a perfect little man and lady?!  So blessed.

Playing: old ER episodes on the Apple TV.  Gosh, these are my crack.  I've seen every episode in all 15 seasons at least 5 times each yet I find myself sitting here watching them again, reliving the excitement I felt when these premiered oh-so-many years ago.

Wishing: Mike wasn't working.  Come 3pm my wish will be fulfilled until 3pm on Monday.  I.cannot.wait.  Hello long weekend with the entire family!

Enjoying: This. Again. So.lucky.  My whole world (cue sappy "awwwww" from you readers).

Loving: That I am on maternity leave until August BUT still getting to teach my classes.  I love being able to still help my students via email and gchat, assign them projects, grade them, and see their work even though I'm not at school, all the while getting to spend every minute with my new little lady.  Technology, I love you.

Pondering: Ideas for Patrick's 2nd birthday party.  It's Cardinals themed!  And on his actual birthday!  --That's about all I've got.  Better get on that.

Considering: Donating some of my pumped milk already.  I waited until Patrick was about 5 months old the last time I donated, but considering starting to donate way earlier this go'round if my supply is enough and I'm making a ton extra.  Hmmm.  We will see.

Watching: ER episodes (my fave!) and Scooter run back and forth bonkers across the house cause someone is mowing their lawn...then trying to sneak-attack lick Rosie while I'm not looking.

Needing: Another pedicure.  I love having my feet and toes pampered.  I'm gonna treat my mom to one in the next couple weeks (when I'm feeling better) as a thank you for watching Patrick so much when Rosie got here.  She has helped us out more than I could ever repay her.  THANK YOU MAMA :)

Wearing: A black nursing tank and pajama pants.  My jam.  What I wear  Mike went to Target last night and got me a few new nursing tops that he picked out and I can't wait to break those in.

Following: My fellow Applecheeks mamas on IG and Facebook and getting very curious as to what the new release just for mamas is gonna be tomorrow!  I'm sure I'll get it.  I'm sure.

Noticing: How clean my house is still a week after I had my cousin over to deep clean it while we were in the hospital.  She did an amazing job.  Now I need to find a way to convince Mike that we should have her back every month, cause dang, she does a much better job than I do.

 Pretty darn good for 9 days post c-section!  Still some soreness and burning that comes and goes on my left side, but overall I feel awesome.  Very happy with my decision for a scheduled c-section this time around.

Admiring: {again, shocking} the little lady sitting on the floor.  Visual above for you.  I just...ahh, I can't even.  I melt every time I look at her.

Sorting: Every.single.size.1 Applecheeks diaper we have!  Girl goes through a ton of fluff in 3 days!  But I love it.

Buying: Patrick's 2nd birthday gifts.  Amazon for the win.  Again!  Thinking of getting him a stride bike, helmet, and art easel.  Maybe some new trains and tracks for his Brio train set his cousin Jack gave him too.

Getting: Really excited about our friends Ann, Drew, and Emma coming over tonight to meet Rosie and for Patrick to get some playtime with his pal Emma.  He has been walking around the house lately shrugging his shoulders saying, "Emma?" -- I think he likes playing with his lady friend.

Bookmarking: Pinteresting?!  Some delicious looking recipes that I'll probably never make.  But pinning them is the first step if I were going to make them, right?!  Right.

Disliking: {and unfollowing} a bunch of "friend's" anti-police stuff on Facebook.  Um, no.  Goodbye.  I don't wanna see that nor do I want to be friends with you anymore.  Buh-bye.

Feeling: Like this. Still.  Living a dream and loving every second of it...even the 2am wake up calls from the little lady.  Soaking it all in cause it goes too darn fast.

Snacking: The last of my Snickers Easter eggs I had stashed.  Dang nabit.  I'm officially out of them! GAHHHH!

Coveting: Family time, and the upcoming long weekend with Mike home.  Even if we just hang around the house for 4 straight days, I'm loving it.  We're a family of 4 and I am soaking in every single second when we're all home.

Wishing: For a good report from Rosie's 10 day weight check/check up at the doc tomorrow morning!  Curious to see how much she's plumped up since we took her last Saturday!

Helping: My students via email with their Timeline projects that are due today and tomorrow.  Again, loving being home but loving that I still get to teach too!

Hearing: Grunts from Rosie while she snoozes, Patrick running through the house (he just got home!), and Scooter breathing heavy cause people came in the house.

That's about all I've got for this mid-week taking stock post.  Hope you've enjoyed it.  Doosey, I know :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rosie's Newborn Pics

Mike and I decided that we'd save some cashola this go'round and I would take Rosie's newborn pics.  I mean, he did have a point: why pay someone for something I could do?!  Minus the fact that I am c-section recovering, I actually felt pretty good and went ahead and decided to take her pics today--taking advantage of feeling good, Mike being home, AND wanting to take advantage of a Shutterfly coupon and order her birth announcements.

If you remember with Patrick I did monthly growth/stat pics kinda similar to this.  I've decided to do the same with Miss Rosie, and of course I had to do one for her "just born" stats as well.  Every month I'll saddle her up in a white onesie against our couch and take a stats pic (thank you A Beautiful Mess app for the lovely word art!) with her cute monthly stickers I got from this Etsy shop.  So get ready for that excitement every month...I know you're already looking forward to it #yeahright.

Anyways, back to Rosie's newborn pics.  I didn't do a ton of them--just a few of her in her adorable Raspberry Sorbet Applecheeks dipe and the cute little pink headband my sister in law Katie and friend Sarah gave her.  Then, with some promising of getting to play in the basement, we were able to coax Patrick into sitting and smiling? with his sister for a few pics.  

Excessive amount of pics, I know.  I apologize.

Overall, I'm really happy with the way these pics turned out!  Rosie is such a chill little gal (fingers crossed that lasts!) and I love how awake and alert she was for these pics!  Patrick definitely is warming up to his sissy and I'm sure in no time they'll be best buddies--and then enemies 2 seconds later.  I'm ready for that.

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