Friday, January 30, 2015

Hooray! It's Friday!

Okay, I have said this before, but I have a serious love-hate relationship with Mike's schedule, especially when he works evenings (3pm-11pm), like this week.  I love that he's home all day with Patrick, but hate, loathe, detest that I am flyin' solo in the evenings.  Thank the good Lord above this isn't permanent and it rotates every three weeks, but still, I find myself leading off this Friday blog post with this.

So since I'm on that topic, I'll divulge a bit: last night Patrick and I had a rare night at home, by ourselves, with zero plans.  After I picked him up from my mom's, we shared a Red Baron pizza for dinner, Patrick destroyed the basement, I had a Beggin' photoshoot with Scoots that was promptly interrupted by Patrick stealing the props, we watched (kind of) Frozen, Patrick got every toy out in the family room, Patrick chased Scooter, Patrick took a bath then had some milk, we read a story, and Patrick was in his crib by 7:59pm because I was E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D.  Holy moly.  I know he's a toddler and this is what they do, but being 7+ months pregnant and keeping up with him was hard work.  After he went to bed and I cleaned up his tornado, I sat on the couch and thought, "How am I ever going to do this by myself with a newborn and Hurricane Patrick?!"  I felt a wittle bit defeated--especially since I was flying solo and I know I'll be doing that forever to come (cause I'm sure the scheduling fairy won't ever change Mike's shifts) in three week rotations, even after #2 gets here.  Oyyyyy.  However, I made a promise to myself as I was sitting on the couch last night that I would ask for help--especially in those early months when #2 is tiny and demanding--when Mike's working and I'm flying solo...for both the kids' sanity and my own.  So family, if you're reading this, I'm getting my big girl panties on and gonna be asking you for help if I ever feel like I'm struggling managing this by myself.  And kudos to the single mamas (and/or daddies) out there who do the solo stuff 24/7.  You're saints, and have major street cred in my book.

Okay, whew, off of that mini-soliloquy, and YAY!  It's Friday!  And (whoa!) the end of January is tomorrow?!!  Where on earth did this month go?!  (And no snow days either--boo hiss).  Seriously, time is flying by, and we're in the single digit weeks countdown to meeting #2.  Craziness.

Anyways, so I'm totally pumped it's Friday, cause it's been a longggggg week.  Our entire house has been through a nasty stomach bug (and, fingers crossed, hopefully all over it), Mike is back working evenings so we don't see him at night, and I had my first Monday - Friday full week of school/work since early December.  Whoa.  Luckily we have a semi low-key weekend on tap: a 1st birthday party tomorrow and a Super Bowl diaper party on Sunday.  Mike has to work all weekend :( but at least I'll be home in the mornings and afternoons to see him before he departs.

I thought I'd leave off with some of my favorite highlights from this past (exhausting!) week:

Scooter, I know, is vastly overshadowed on here by his little brother.  My apologies.  Some Scooter lovin' for ya, in the form of we have a ton of dachshund toys that all eerily resemble Scoots in some way or the other.

Here's just a picture of Scooter looking dashing, and daydreaming about squirrel and bunny-chasing, I'm sure.

And Scoots is getting majorly excited for his big weekend coming up: the annual Beggin' Pet Parade in Soulard!  We snapped some pics recently to blast out on his social media accounts to get people hyped up for the big parade.

I think Patrick likes my bump.  He's always "high-fiveing" it and wanting to sit on (or near, as I push him away) it.  So darn cute.  I sure hope he shows his little bro or sis the same lovin'!

In the midst of Scooter's Beggin' shoot the other night, Patrick promptly ran up and snatched my props and would not give them back.  Seriously.  He carried them around all night long (teasing the crap out of Scooter) and it was only after he went to bed I was able to put them back in the treat bin.

Patrick got a pretty sweet shiner this week over his right eye.  I have ZERO idea how this happened, neither does Mike.  His reply, when I asked him, "I think he might have fallen???"  So who knows.  Parents of the year again right here.

I know "sassy" is usually a term for girls, but, I beg to differ: this kid of mine has some serious sass.  Evidence below.

I also took a walk down memory lane and went through all of Patrick's 0-6 month baby clothes.  First off, how on earth was he ever that small?!  And secondly, it boggles my mind that we're going to have another tiny human before we know it filling in these same outfits.  Not gonna lie, it made me tear up a wee bit.

And here's an adorably-funny video my mom got at the grocery store the other day of Patrick going to town on some onions.  Wow.  Definitely Mike's kid cause I sure wouldn't do that!  Ha!  But I've watched this video like 25 times and can't stop--it's so darn funny!  The total game-faced look on his face gets me every.single.time.

So yeah, that about wraps up our week over here.  Super duper exciting, huh?!!  I kinda lacked on what to write about, other than I'm flippin' excited that it's Friday, because this week was such a doosey-of-a-long one, riddled with sickness, and Mike was working evenings.  Anyways, here's to a great weekend and hopefully a great week next week, where Mike has THREE weekdays off!  Halle-freaking-lujah.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

30 weeks.

YEE HAW!  Made it to the 30s!  This kid is officially 3/4ths of the way cooked!  I feel like once you hit the 30 week mark your pregnancy flies by {even faster than it was before!}.  So, officially in the downhill stretch.

So this past week was interesting...I got a stomach bug late last week and OMG.  It  I spent the majority of two days in bed, eating nothing (which I KNOW means I'm sick when I don't want donuts or oreos or ice cream!), and chugging a lot of gatorade and water to make sure I stayed hydrated.  Luckily after about 36 hours the bug was gone and I was feeling better.  Thank the good Lord above.  But not a day after I was feeling better Patrick was woken up by Mike (cause he was still snoozing close to 10am!) and Mike discovered he puked in his bed in the middle of the night and it was on everything.  Ewwwww.  He also had seemed to come down with the same tummy bug I had, and was pretty uncharacteristically snuggly and not himself for a day.  Luckily his bug came and went within 24 hours for him.  Then, low and behold, a day or so after Patrick was all better Mike came down with it!  Same exact thing: feeling yucky, stomach issues outta both ends, and no appetite.  But, like the rest of us, Mike's seemed to only last a day or so and we are *hopefully* for now bug free.  Gosh, winter, you can go away and bring the niceness of spring instead.  I only like you for snow days and you've brought zero of those thus far.  Humph.

Anyways, so yeah, that was fun.  Having a stomach bug sucks, but sucks so much more when you have kids AND are pregnant.  Hopefully won't have to deal with that again.

I had my 29 week check-up at the doc earlier this week and all looks good!  Babe is measuring right on at 29 weeks and his/her heartbeat was in the high 160s.  I definitely left my appointment even more convinced that this babe is a girl, just because we're getting late into the game here and bebe is measuring spot on week-wise for size and has a very high heart rate (Patrick always measured way big and late in the game his heart rate was always in the 130s, sometimes 140s).  Anyways, girl is still my guess.

I just love this pic.  Mike snapped it of me and Patrick not knowing it and there's something about it I just really like.  Unintentionally great pic in my book: I like that it's off-center, it's only my tummy, and just shows how happy Patrick is.  I just love it.  Makes me smile!  I hope he keeps that same smile and love for his new sibling in a couple months!

Overall I'm still feeling really good!  I definitely notice some upper back pain when I'm standing/on my feet too long, but that's about ti.  I know by this point last time my lower back was absolutely killing me all the time, sitting or standing, so it's been nice to not have to really {yet???} deal with that.  AND, bonus, my wedding rings still fit!  I know it was week 30 or before that I had to shed them last time and go with my size up band Mike got me...well, my actual bands are going strong this time so I'm curious to see how long I can still fit them on my finger before they need to be retired.  And with that, I think I'm up about 30ish pounds thus far, which is fine by me.  I actually have 40+ pounds to gain IF I'm going to reach the weight I was when I delivered Patrick.  Ha!  I don't think I'll get there even if I tried--chasing Patrick around all the time seems to keep the poundage off this go'round.  Anyways, I'm sure that's one of the reasons I've been feeling so good as well.

So that's about all I've got for week 30.  Until week 31 folks, adios!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


First off, have you seen this video?!  If not, watch it now.  It's a perfect intro into my post.

Ignoring the fact that it's actually a commercial for Similac formula, this video is spot on as to what I feel like parenting is nowadays, especially in the social media heavy world we live in.  Parenting is judgmental, plain and simple.  Everything that parents do--no, choose to do--for their kids gets judged all the time.  From vaccinations vs. anti, to circumcision vs. leaving 'em intact, to breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, to cloth vs. disposables, to babywearing vs. strollers, to co-sleeping vs. crib, to organic food vs. non-organic, it is all judged.  But you know what?!  It doesn't matter.  Neither way is better than the other.  You know why?  Cause you do what's best for your kid and family, and that is the correct way to parent.  As long as your kid is loved, provided for, and well-taken care of, you're doing it right.

I'm so sick of reading in these mom groups I'm in the constant judging and mom-bashing that is going on, mostly over silly, petty things that are clearly a choice that has been made by a mom (parents) in the best interest of her family and kid.  Why can't people just see that and stop feeling the need to preach that their way of parenting is by far the best and only way to do it?!

It's no secret that we love cloth diapers.  Probably excessively and a little obsessively, but whatever.  It's our choice as parents to use cloth, because that's what we think is the best for our little guy and family.  However, I by no means force cloth on others, nor judge them for using disposables.  That is 100% their choice and I respect that, because I know they chose that as the best means for their kid(s) and family.  I will talk to friends about cloth and how much we love it, but I always do so with an open mind, knowing that our way may not be their way, and that is okay.  Because, again, you do what's best for your kid and family.  Period.

Obviously, as any mother (or father) does, I have my opinions on certain parenting things that I think are the best--but they're the best for us, for our situation, and for our family.  But I always regard these as my personal opinion(s) for us, and never as what should be done by all with their families, which, unfortunately, it seems (as shown in the beginning of the above video) so many do.  I love the mom groups I'm in on social media, because they do provide a wealth of knowledge and ideas for all realms of life, parenting, and kids, but when they spin off into a judgmental tangent about what's best and bashing others for not doing something "right", that's where I draw the line.  If someone asks about the process weaning her breastfed baby, she should not be attacked and made to feel bad about it.  Instead, her question should be respected and answered with the responses she's seeking out: how do you wean your breasfed baby.  Plain and simple.  I honestly am afraid to post nearly anything on these groups in fear that my simple question may be hijacked, judged, and someone else's "best" shoved down my throat.  Is that really what parenting is all about?!  Making ourselves seem like we are the best parents ever and everyone else is the worst?!  It needs to stop.

Without going too much further on my soap box, I am going to pose this challenge, just as the video did at the end, put your personal beliefs aside, because all parents are just that: they are parents first.  They are doing what's best for their kid(s) and family.  Instead of attacking, try encouraging.  Preface your "best" parenting advice with the fact that it is your opinion and what worked for your family, but also realize that it may not work for the advice seeker and theirs, and that is okay.  Parents are all on the same playing field with the same goal: raise our kids the best way we see fit so that they can grow and mature from littles to adults.

And to end this post on a lighter note, some of my favorite parenthood memes that all are so.darn.true.  Remember, we're all in this together!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family Appreciation Day

Today may have been Patrick's most favorite day ever: he got to spend oodles of time running around freeeeeeeee and bouncing until his little heart was content in a bouncy house.  My back is screaming at me now for the immense amount of standing we did watching him go crazy, but it was definitely worth it.  I don't know if I've ever seen him so excited.

We spent the evening at Mike's work (police) family appreciation day.  It was a blast.  We were kind of skeptical at first, since they've never had this before and didn't know what the turnout would be or if it'd be 20-month-old kid friendly.  We were very much happily surprised and stayed for over 3 hours.

Before we hit up all of the bouncy houses and such, we did what all good parents do: we filled our kid with food before we let him loose.  Duh.

Luckily our genius idea of dinner before playing didn't backfire on us and it seemed like Patrick readily digested his dinner and didn't have any issues with it, uh, coming back up, during playtime.

Not kidding, for well over an hour Patrick ran back and forth between the bouncy house and the circus/carnival kids play area.  Back.and.forth.back.and.forth.  Mike enjoyed some free beverages and I kept guard of Patrick's shoes and jacket, just like any good mama would do.

Needless to say, we had to yank him out of the bouncy house and force his shoes on his thrashing feet when it was time to go because little diva did not want to leave.  Shocker.

We did stop by the giant slide on the way out and Patrick had ZERO fears racing up to the top of it.

However, someone got a wittle bit of stage fright at the top (don't blame him. that thing was tall!) so Mike raced up to accompany his little boy on the slide down.  Heart melt.

Then, it was time to go--right after we snapped some pics behind the wood cutouts.  We HAD to, right?!

We were a tad worried Patrick would uncharacteristically fall asleep on the way home, but, alas, he did not, and promptly got a bath and crashed soon afterwards in his bed.  Which, side note, thanks to my mama suggesting it, he now gets to read himself (and his immense amount of crib friends) to sleep with the one book we tossed in there--his favorite book, no less.

Here's to a wonderful end to the weekend, oodles of family fun with our police friends and family, and the start to hopefully a great week!  Have a good one buddies!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Patrick's New Room

I alluded to this in an earlier post this week that Patrick got a new bedroom.  Indeed!  He moved to his new big boy Cardinals room last weekend and the transition has gone swimmingly--thank the good Lord above.

Our parents as teachers lady told us at her last visit to move him into his new room ASAP, so he gets settled and comfortable with it and doesn't see the new baby as "stealing" his old room.  Duh.  That was my thought too--we were just waiting on a few pieces of furniture to be finished before we moved him in!

His new room is much smaller than his old one, but that's okay, because he doesn't really have that much "stuff."  All of his toys and things he plays with are either out in the family room or in the basement (for whatever reason when we had toys in his room he'd just bring them out into the family room, so his room got quickly liquidated of toys, which was fine by us!), so his room just houses his bed, diapers, clothes, and a few other essentials that a 20-month-old requires.  Unfortunately this was our guest room, so now (sorry Aunt Mary!) any guests who stay over and want to snooze get to do so on one of our many couches around the house.

When we moved in last November we decided to do the then guest room as Cardinals themed, because it'd make for a perfect baby/kid's room in the future and we wouldn't have to repaint or redo anything (thinkers we are!).  When we decided we'd move Patrick into the Cardinals room and keep the Muppets room for the new baby (because there's a TON of baby stuff in there: glider, rock-and-play, enormous closet for the enormous amount of stuff baby's require, etc...), we didn't have to do anything to the decor except take away the double bed and add his (new to us) crib and changing table/diaper storage.  And yes, originally we were going to do a new room-new big boy bed transition, but, alas, we wised up and realized: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Meaning, Patrick sleeps amazingly in his crib, doesn't climb out, so why move him out of that?!  We were able to borrow a second crib from our friends, so that's where Patrick is currently residing until the status quo changes--so we are officially a 2 crib household now.  BOOM.

So, how about a little virtual tour of Patrick's new room?  Cause I'm sure you hate my ramblings and just want pictures (hey, I do the same thing when I'm reading blogs!).  Ahhhh, okay, here it goes.

door to his room with his cute little shoes all nestled on the back of it, and part of his changing table and Cardinals decor (and calm down peeps, those beer bottles are EMPTY, and a necessary decoration to a Cardinals-themed room if I do say so myself)

custom built changing table by my wonderfully talented (one of them!) brother Charlie.  Houses all of our excessive stash of cloth diapers and supplies nicely too!

decor wall (which I just noticed the clock needs new batteries...)

closet area with his dresser nestled nicely inside of it.  He doesn't have that many hanging clothes, so they fit nicely on the side above his dirty clothes basket.

Fairly empty bookshelf--I need to add some more Cardinals stuff and Cardinals themed pictures to it eventually!  And I love his little Cardinals circle rug, but I'd like to get him a bigger 4x6 area rug (maybe baseball or Cardinals themed?!!) for the middle of his room too.

All of the decals on the wall are from Fathead and make for excellent easy accents throughout his room.  The lamp shade I made with modge podge and Cardinals stuff I printed off line.

How awesome are his custom (fleece! warm!) crib sheets?!  My lovely mother made those just for him.

So that concludes the pictorial tour of Patrick's new Cardinals room.  Small, but cozy and he loves it!  I really love how it turned out too.  I don't for see us making any big changes to it in the coming years--except maybe for a smallish area rug for the middle, a big boy bed WHEN the time deems necessary, and some more Cardinals memorabilia.  Other than that, it's staying as is!  Hope you've enjoyed seeing Patrick's new living quarters!

29 weeks.

First off, let me just scream it from the rooftops of the blog: noooooooooo gestational diabetes for this gal!  WOOT WOOT!!  I left off in my 28 week post that I was doing the 3-hour glucose test the next day and was oh-so-hoping that I'd pass it.  Well, low-and-behold (after waiting all weekend and convincing myself that I was going to fail), my doc's nurse called on Monday and told me all of my levels were completely normal and that I didn't have gestational diabetes, nor did I need any further testing.  YAYYYYY!  I was so excited to hear that.  A big sigh of relief set over me.

So with that good news, week 28 finished up nicely and week 29 has started off well!  I'm still (shockingly, to me!) feeling good and haven't had any real issues that I KNOW I was experiencing at this point with Patrick (ahhhh! chronic lower back pain!)--which makes me think that this kid is sitting higher (girl perhaps?!) and not putting oh-so-much pressure on my poor back.

I do like this handy little comparison pic I whipped up--baby is definitely growing!  And I apparently like to wear the same outfit + hairstyle on the weekends.  But it definitely looks like this kid is sitting up higher to me--so yes, my guess is still a girl.

Unrelated to this pregnancy, but I just wanted to share: my FAVORITE headband place Brady Bands just came out with a donut headband and OMG.  It's my new favorite thing.  You all know my deep affinity for donuts, and now I can show that love off everyday.  I am very excited about this.

So not much else is a'happening going into week 29.  I have another prenatal appointment next week--I go every 2 weeks now!--so hopefully that one will go well.  I am always interested now to see how big my belly is measuring (and if it measures too big if I get any bonus ultrasounds out of it like I did with Patrick!).  It's only been 1 week ahead the past couple visits, but I think it was at week 31 last time that it jumped and was measuring 3-4 weeks we'll see!  Until week 30, adios friends!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taking Stock

Wow.  My last taking stock post was right before Thanksgiving...and I figured today would be a good day to do another one, seeing as these are oodles of fun to type up and reflect on what I'm doing right now.  So hang on tight, here goes another one:

Making: My list of things we still need (okay, not need, but want) for #2.  This consists of recommendations from friends (Baby ShusherMerlin's Magic Sleep Suitnursing coverstroller adapter, etc...) of things that we didn't have for Patrick but would like for #2.

Cooking: NADA!  Thinking about what I may cook for dinner tonight and actually texting Mike (to start our nightly "what do you want for dinner?" battle early) about it.

Drinking: Agua.  Lots and lots of water these days.  This mama is thirstyyyyyyy lately.

Reading: Orange is the New Black -- so I've already binge watched the first two seasons on Netflix, but I'm going back and reading the book and, despite already seeing the show, am very much enjoying it.

Wanting: The new Apple Watch.  I so badly want this.  My rumor mill has it pinned in coming out in March--perfect timing for a pre-#2 gift to myself, right?!

Looking: At my buddy Lauren's recent blog post and laughing hysterically.  Mom fails are so darn funny to me.  Laughing with you buddy.

Playing: My favorite "movie tunes" playlist--a compilation of my favorite theme songs from various movies.  It is awesome and never gets old (and makes me want to go watch all of these movies STAT).

Wishing: It were Friday so I could sleep in tomorrow.  I mean, I don't really "sleep in", but it'd be nice to be woken up by "maaaaa! up peassss!" instead of my stupid alarm clock.

Enjoying: This pregnancy.  Really, I truly am, and very thankful for the almost 29 weeks I've been preggo with #2.  I'm trying to savor every little thing--good or bad--because, who knows, it could be my last (I hope not, but you never know!).

Loving: The fact that I passed my 3-hour glucose test on Friday, and don't have to cut out my beloved donuts and ice cream.  I cannot tell you how much I love this and how happy this makes me.

Pondering: Dinner tonight.  What are we gonna have?  Chances are Mike will have to work late so it may have to be something on the fly.  Hmmmm.  Trying to decide what sounds good...which is so hard these days.  I'm the pickiest eater EVER.

Considering: Taking #2's own newborn pics.  I'd prefer to hire someone so I could actually be in them, but the more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards actually doing them on my own and staying out of them (or training Mike to take a few with me in them).  Hmmmm.  Would save some money to do them myself...

Watching: My Google+ feed for any new posts about cool tech tools for the classroom that I can pass on to my fellow teachers and staff members.  Hint: this is where I find most of my tech tools--I steal them from what others have posted!  Hehehehe

Needing: 3 things (as I just told my mama on the phone...but Mike says we don't "need" these but more so I "want" them.  Whatevs.  I think we need them!): a new couch for our family room, a minivan, and a new tv for our basement.  We also need to sell our house in the city first before we get any of I guess that's really 4 things I'm needing!

Wearing: OMG.  The best headband EVER!  My new donuts headband from Brady Bands.  LOVE IT.


Noticing: How my panel in my pants does NOT want to stay up anymore with my gigantic growing belly, and literally falls down whenever I stand up and walk.  May be time to retire my beloved half-paneled khaki maternity pants for my full-panel ones.  Boo hoo.

 Pretty darn good!  Seriously, not much to complain about and guzzling my water helps with this crazy coming-and-going third trimester nausea that has seemed to creep up on me the past week or so.

Admiring: The pictures on my desk of when my little man was little, and how he definitely isn't anymore but instead a full-blown toddler with quite a personality!  I love seeing the little guy he's growing in to!

Sorting: My schedule/planner (it's on paper!  Shocker!!) for the next week or so seeing what I have planned to teach, tech trainings I have to offer, and meetings I have to attend.  I'm kinda busy it seems!

Buying: Patrick new shoes--these bad boys--since big foot has outgrown his old ones.  Dude is in a size 7 now.  Wowza.

Getting: Really excited about #2's arrival (10.5 weeks to go!) and finding out if it's a boy or girl.  I cannot wait to have a newborn again (I don't think I was this excited when I was preggo with Patrick) and seeing Patrick as a big brother.  I really am so excited I cannot wait.

Bookmarking: Photo shoot ideas on Pinterest for my upcoming shoots I've got: engagement, newborn in the hospital, 1 year old--so many exciting ones!  Hoping the weather stays nice too so we can do some of these outside!

Disliking: The fact that I can't spend every single minute of every single day with my little guy.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and what I do, but I also love being a mom and watching my little man grow up.  Sure makes the time I get to spend with him so much sweeter.

Feeling: #2 wigglin' and a'movin' all over my belly.  Definitely my favorite part about being pregnant.

Snacking: Jelly Belly tropical mix jelly beans (the only thing I had in my backpack since I'm still hungry after lunch).  They'll do.  Wish I had a donut though.

Coveting: The next 10.5 weeks where Patrick is our only child and giving him all of our love and attention...because soon afterwards he's going to have to get real good at sharing with his sibling!

Wishing: That this unseasonably warm January weather would hang around for a bit.  Sunny and almost 50?!!  I'll take it!  I swear it makes my mood better!  (Although I do love snow days.  I'd gladly take a snow day thrown in the mix every now and then!)

Helping: Via text a friend with some cloth options for when her babe arrives later this year.  Not pushing cloth (I do love it though!!), but providing her with lots of details and the ins and outs if she so chooses to go that route).

Hearing: The gentle hummmm of my computer and the punch of the keys as I type this.  My movie tunes playlist is over and I haven't started any new music...but I will now that I'm in tune to not having anything playing!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A January Sunday

STL was in for a real treat this weekend: some unseasonably warm very spring-like weather!  While yesterday we spent all day inside, thanks to Patrick getting a new big boy Cardinals room (which, by the way, he LOVES, and slept amazing for both nighttime and nap in his new crib and room! woo hoo!)...

my little bro Charlie custom built this changing table/diaper storage for us! I LOVE IT!

We spent today (well, until nap time) outside playing!  It was so nice--about 50 degrees and sunny--that it screamed for us to go outside.  Originally we were going to spend this morning cleaning the house, but instead we decided to tag-team the house (thank you Mike!) last night at 9pm after Patrick went to bed so we could enjoy family and outside time today--best decision ever.

Anyways, so we decided to take a walk down the path to the "park" (aka local elementary school with a playground a few blocks away), and I of course brought my big camera to snap some pics--who knows when it'll be nice out again!

I'm so glad I brought my camera--and Patrick happened to be wearing an adorable outfit (and his Marty McFly vest, as my mom calls it :) WITH his sunglasses that he kept on 90% of the time (this still shocks me).

like father like son.

one of my favorite shots from today.

haha! Scooter's like "nope nope nope. not gonna happen."

I just love how these pics turned out--and I love how Patrick loves (and demands!) to walk Scooter.  They truly are best friends.  Hope you enjoyed these pics from this beautiful (and rare!) gorgeous STL Sunday in January!
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