Thursday, October 30, 2014

17 weeks.

First off, this week was a doosey to start off with.  If you missed it, go read my post about things not to say to a pregnant lady--probably one of my favorite posts to date.  I then followed up with this pic on IG, cause haters gonna hate, and I'm embracing rockin' the bump, so there, nasty comments and text messagers.

Anyways, so yay!  17 weeks!  A little less than 3 weeks away from the halfway point anatomy scan (ultrasound), which I am excited about.  I can't wait to see this little guy or gal looking a lot bigger and different than the jelly bean they looked like at 7 weeks.  Mike has to work later that day, and I'm hoping and praying that this Ferguson stuff doesn't prohibit him from coming to the scan--I'm scared he's going to be caught up at work and/or have to go in extra early and not be able to come.  Ughhh, if that happens I'll totally reschedule to a time when, amidst the chaos that I have a feeling will ensue with the upcoming Grand Jury decision, that he's able to come.  Positive thoughts on that front are appreciated :)

So it's week 17 and I'm feeling really good!  Although I have felt way more tired this week--not sure if that's pregnancy related or just the fact that I feel like I 'go go go' all day long and by the time I get home and after dinner and chasing Hurricane Patrick around I'm about to collapse.  Let's just say I really really love the weekends :)  I did have kind of a crazy week last week--I had this weird eye issue (that actually had been bothering me for some time) so I went to the eye doc and it turns out my eyes have gotten significantly drier since I had PRK surgery back in February, therefore when I sleep they're not really lubricated, so when I go to open my eyes, they "stick" to my lids and in turn "tear" part of my eyeball.  Um, yes, you just said OUCH...and you are right.  SO DARN PAINFUL.  Anyways, I couldn't take it anymore so I went in and the doc told me this was happening.  She gave me some antibiotic gel to put in my eyes 4x a day, and then I went back at the end of the week and it was all cleared up, thankfully.  Now I have this other gel goop that I put in my eyes before I go to bed every night so they stay lubricated and don't rip--a week in, and so far so good!  No fire-piercing pain in my eyeballs when I open my eyes from sleeping!  Hope it continues to stay that way!

I will note that Strange Donuts opened literally a mile away from school AND on the exact street I take to get to work, so I've gone, um, A LOT.  The guy yesterday even said to me when I walked in, "Oh hey!  You're back again!" which I then justified my visit by saying this was on my way to work, and I have a hungry fetus attached to me who's demanding donuts all day every day.  My friend Lauren kindly told me, when I told her this story, "You don't need to explain yourself.  He understands.  He knows their donuts are amazing."  I instantly felt better about my many-times-a-week trips to Strange.

Overall nothing else really exciting this week, other than I definitely feel this kiddo moving a lot more now (excited for that to keep going!) and my growing belly is definitely a sign that the something that is in there is growing too :)  Until week 18...adios!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mr. Brown Eyes

I was talking to my buddies Tiff and Lauren (via text) today and telling them how obsessed I am with Adobe Lightroom and how I've recently figured out how to make eyes stand out.  I am no editing genius by any means, but I do like editing and touching up the pictures I take with my Canon.

Anyways, so when I got home from work it was gorgeous outside and Patrick had just woken up from his nap...and we didn't have to be at my parents for another hour or so, so I put Patrick in an adorable new overalls + flannel outfit and had Mike scoop him up and meet me outside with my camera.

I just snapped these pics in our backyard, but I am loving the way they turned out!  I fear that these gorgeous fall days are numbered--the leaves have all turned and are unfortunately are falling rapidly from the trees, and it's suppose to start turning even colder in the next week or I wanted to make sure I could capture these moments with my almost one and a half year old (cue mommy tears--that post will be coming sometime next week--how is my baby a year and a half already?!!).

So, here are a few pics (okay, a LOT of pics! :) from our little impromptu photo session this afternoon.  Fall, I love you so.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Lady

Spoiler: this is not a nice post.  I usually try and keep my bloggin' happy and positive and mostly filled with cute stories and pictures of my kiddo and dog.  However, this post will most definitely not be that...and for good reason.  For whatever reason, this week has not started off on a good foot--I feel like I've got a chip on my shoulder.  No need to bore you with those details, but I thought a stop by my beloved Strange Donuts on my way to work this morning would qualm my already angered start to Monday.

Welp, as much as I love donuts, that didn't work...because shortly after consuming a Rainbow Pony done (which was actually a cake donut instead of a glazed = not as good), I got a message on my phone that went something (exactly) like this: 5 months to go?!!  Are you sure???  Not to offend you, but you look massive in your pictures already!  Maybe it's twins or triplets!?!

Cue angry smoke-coming-from-the-nose emoticon right there.  Wow.  Regardless of how I look, this is something you never ever EVER say to a pregnant woman.  EVER.  Of course, you may think this (heck, who doesn't think not nice thoughts about others?!!), but you never verbalize (or in this case, even worse, put it IN TEXT that is easily reaccessible and screenshotable) it to that person.

It is one thing for ME to comment ON MYSELF about how big I am--because, duh, I can take my own judgements, but just cause I verbalize them doesn't mean you can do the same.  And my recent FB post, as seen above, I was merely pointing out that my favorite "Los Pollos Hermanos" shirt (a la Breaking Bad) wasn't going to make it to the halfway preggo mark this go'round.  Needless to say, that text was not the way I wanted to start my Monday/week, so I've taken to my blog to vent some of my frustrations.

I know I've read countless other blog posts about things you don't tell a pregnant lady.  YES to all of them.  And I'm sure this post will be just another one that regurgitates what others have said.  Although, it is different too, because this one is personal; all of these things have happened/been said to me directly--something no pregnant woman ever wants to or should have to hear.  So, here's my list of things you do not say to a pregnant lady.

  1. Starting any statement off with, "No offense" (or, as above, "Not to offend you")--right there you've immediately offended me.  Hint: if you have to preface a statement with the word "offend" in any form, you're going to offend that person.  So saying, "Not to offend you, but you look massive already!" is massively offensive.  I don't care that you prefaced it with that you're not meaning to offend actually just did.  And now I'm self-conscious of how pregnant I look, and I still have a whopping 22+ weeks to go.
  2. Using any term that is synonymous with big or large (hint: massive is one of these).  Go grab a thesaurus, look up big and/or large, and never ever use these words in a sentence to describe how a pregnant woman looks.  Also, avoid comparing said pregnant lady to large animals (i.e. a whale, walrus, hippo, etc...) as well.  Those are ANIMALS, a woman, regardless of how pregnant she may get/appear, should never be compared to one.
  3. Commenting about how far away her due date is.  This is actually something that has happened to me twice in the past week--one time being the lovely message I got above.  The other time was when someone said to me, "Whoaaaa, April is kind of far away and you are already showing a lot."  First off, no kidding.  I know to the day when my due date is and how seemingly far off it is--you don't need to remind a pregnant lady of this {lengthy} time line ever--she already knows.  Keep those observations where they belong: in your head.
  4. Inquiring about what birthing method she is going to use, and then interjecting your {unsolicited} opinion as to why you think yours is better for her.  This seems to be a regular occurrence for me: I'm having a scheduled c-section with #2.  I had a rather rough labor and delivery with Patrick and I'd rather not experience that again--among other reasons, so I'm electing to have a c-section with this kid.  My body, my choice.  I shouldn't have to constantly justify or defend something that I want.  The fact that so many people feel it's their business to "educate" me on VBACs and why I should try one ("better for the baby!" or "speedier recovery for you!") blows my mind.  Whatever birthing method a woman decides to do is her choice and hers alone; if she wants to look into another one, she doesn't need your guidance or push to do that.
  5. Speculating on a pregnancy before it's been made "official."  This is wrong on so many levels: if you have a suspicion that you think a certain woman might be pregnant, that's fine--keep it to yourself.  When she/her partner are ready to announce, they will.  Don't comment on what her tummy may appear to look like.  Some women, myself included, aren't stick-thin when not pregnant--I always have my "mom tummy" tagging along with me in between pregnancies, and I'm sure it looks like the start of a "cute little baby bump!" to some, but really it's just my not flat stomach that I clearly don't give enough attention to because I'm too busy working, working more, chasing after my 18 month old, and just utterly exhausted to even think of hitting a gym.  So yeah, "out" or not, don't ever comment on a woman's seeming "baby bump"...and if she is "out", refer back to #2 above in what not to say about her growing belly.
Whew.  I feel better.  Rant: over.  And I hope whoever is reading this seconds my sentiment in things you should never say to a pregnant lady.  Regardless of what you're really thinking about when you see a very pregnant woman, refrain from the above and instead tell her how beautiful she is, or how glowing she seems to be, or, better yet, if those comments aren't your cup'o'tea, keep your mouth shut, eyes averted from staring, and negative thoughts or questions securely kept where they belong: inside your head.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Party Fun

Ahhhhh, fall.  Oh, how I love you so!  The weather in STL lately has been absolutely gorgeous--75, sunny, and the leaves beautifully changing and falling.  If I could bottle up this weather and unleash it at will, I totally would.  It's been just lovely.

Anyways, this weekend, the weekend before Halloween, we were really excited about: it was my aunt Monica's annual Halloween bash at her house.  To say she goes ALL OUT is an understatement: I think she starts planning and prepping for this party a year out--not kidding.  Anyways, Mike and I realized this was the 6th time we've hit up her party!  Wayyyy back in 2009, not long after we started dating, we hit up her party and I introduced Mike to my crazy family for the first's a little gem from 6 years ago from that shin dig.  Ahh, skinny Alex.

So we were really excited for this year--Patrick was having a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Mooneys, and mom and dad got a date night, Halloween style.

When we went to drop Patrick off, the weather was again just beautiful, so we saddled up Lizzy and Patrick in the wagon and snapped some cute pics of these two cousins...who both apparently got the "game face" memo when the camera was snappin'--not ONE of them ever cracked a smile.  Typical.

After we said goodbye to Patrick, we then headed back to get our costumes on: I was creatively a skeleton, with the cute mama skeleton shirt I found on etsy, and Mike was a Pharaoh.  Kind of went together, right?!!  Any ways, we were off!

The party was a hit.  Monica totally outdid herself AGAIN.  Seriously, each year is better and more elaborately decorated than the last.  And each year has a theme (which usually coincides with whatever costume Monica finds), so this year was Bates Motel.  It was awesome.  She had TVs playing the original Psycho the entire night, more food and drinks to feed an army, and decorations that literally went floor to ceiling.  Now, here's where I screwed up: I have ZERO pictures (other than the two below) from the party.  Yeah, so I'm going on about these decorations, and I have nothing to show for it.  Oops.  My bad.  So not like me!  Anyways, you'll have to take my word for it that the decor was amazing.  You can kind of tell from these pics.

We had a blast--and we stayed out wayyyyy past my bedtime too!  Seriously, I was impressed with myself.  But I did hit a wall about 11:15 and told Mike "we gotta go now or I'm not gonna make it home" so we left.  We had a great time and it was some prime people watching--my aunt has some very animated friends :)  Their costumes alone were worth it to go! 

Today we got to celebrate (a few days early!) with Goose for her 87th birthday!  We had a little party at her nursing home and it was fantastic--a great turn out!  It was so good to see so many people there for Goose and to see Patrick loving to get some Goose time in as well.  

We ended this weekend similarly to how last weekend ended: we took some pics at the Mooneys with the gorgeous fall weather and colors.  Of course, my little model was willing to do anything except stand still and pose for a pic, so these were the best I got.  But aren't the colors and light great?!!  I sure love taking pictures with this camera!

Anyways, have a great week...and I'm sure I'll be blasting your feeds and blog readers later this week with some Halloween fun--Patrick's FIRST time trick-or-treating this year and I know it's going to be amazing!  Better go charge my camera now!  Haha!

I'll leave you with got quite the hits on Scooter's instagram feed...just try not to giggle :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

16 weeks.

16 weeks today!  And, I know I've been saying this for a couple weeks now, but I really think I felt this babe move/kick (like an actual movement/kick, not just the fluttering feeling I think I've been feeling for the past couple weeks)!  It's quite exciting.  It's about a month earlier than when I felt it with Patrick, but they say you feel it way sooner with your next kid, so that's probably why I'm feeling it, I AM HUGE.  Seriously.  Don't I look about 7 months pregnant?!  Haha--don't answer that :) 

So I had my 15 week checkup last week and all is going well!  I'm feeling soooooo much better and seemed to have gotten my appetite back (although, even though I get super duper hungry, I feel like I get full really quickly and have not pigged out nearly as much as I remember doing with Patrick).  This little babe's heartbeat was thumping away nice and strong at 166bpm (I think Patrick's was always in the 140s and 150s, for those wondering) and she said my uterus was now above my belly button (my response was "duhhhh.  Did you see my belly when I walked in?!!").  Nothing else exciting at that appointment, just some boring questions by me and a little "OMGing" discussion with my good doc about the Lotus Birth method and how crazyyyyyyyy that seems to me (I'm very "crunchy" in some regards: breastfeeding, cloth diapering, hopefully baby wearing with #2, but not at all in others (i.e. the Lotus Birth)).  Anyways, that was a fun little discussion.  I did cave and get a flu shot for the first time in forever.  The ONE other time I've ever gotten a flu shot I got horribly horribly sick the next day and vowed never to get one again.  I didn't even get one when I was pregnant with Patrick!  But, alas, the Ebola craze and already having a kid that I know I can't be sick with the flu and care for, set in and I got a shot.  Almost a week later I'm tying this and NOT sick at success.  Guess I'll get another one again.

really. honestly. don't I look about 35 weeks pregnant instead of 15 in this pic?!!  hehehe.

I still, shockingly to me, haven't gained any weight.  I cannot believe this.  Oh, how #2 is so different from #1 already!  I am most definitely not complaining (even though I totally look like I've swallowed a beach ball), but more so just commenting and comparing to #1...and giving me something in writing to compare #3's pregnant (if/when that ever happens!) to.

So that's about all for 16 weeks!  I really feel like it's absolutely flying about 3.5 weeks I have my midpoint ultrasound where we'll get to see how much this kid has grown from the jelly bean looking thing he/she was at 7 weeks to what they look like at almost 20 weeks.  I'll leave you with this final pic I snapped this past face says it all.  No 'teeny tiny' about this bump at all!  Haha!  But I'm loving it, and will continue to love it and be happy about it until this little babe is here in our arms.  Until week 17...adios!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mr. October

This weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS.  Seriously.  After having what seemed like a week straight of nasty, wet, rainy, cold weather, the heavens opened up and gave us a weekend full of sunshine and 70 degrees.  It was lovely.  The trees are starting to turn, the pumpkins are out in full force, and it's just beautiful out--I really hope it lasts!

Anyways, so we had a fun-filled jam-packed weekend: baby shower for a good friend on Saturday, the annual Police Dance on Saturday night, a 31 party on Sunday, and then dinner at the Mooneys on Sunday night.  It was really a great fall weekend--with the highlight being a little man in gray and white stealing the show on Sunday evening.

First off, how gigantically pregnant do I look ALREADY at 15 weeks?!!  I'm sure this will be the tune to every picture I post of myself from here on out--and I can say this, because it's about me...however, I wouldn't advise these types of comments to be laid upon a pregnant lady... :) (hint: read this).

We also took a cute little fall family picture (thank you iPhone camera timer) out back before we headed out to the Police Dance (and Patrick got a sleepover date at Grandma and Gramps' house).

Scooter also posed for an adorable little Halloween pic, promoting Beggin's #Howloween campaign (which they'll donate 1 bag of Beggin' (up to 10k bags!) for each post tagged wtih #Howloween!  How cool is that?!!).  He's such a cooperative little pooch.

On Sunday my sister in law Katie and I hosted a 31 party for our friends.  It was a great time getting to catch up with our buddies and seeing all of the awesome new products 31 has out!  I am totally stocking up for #2's arrival with some new bags for me to use for their plethora of stuff.

Sunday afternoon, as is our usual weekend-ending routine, we headed to the Mooneys for dinner.  We went a smidgen early because it was absolutely gorgeous out and I wanted to snap some fall pics of Patrick in the Mooney's awesome yard.  I put Patrick in a cute little gray and white gingham top with jeans and his Chucks and let him loose running around the yard and playing in the old playhouse.  I know I'm biased, but boyyyyy, this kid just melts my heart.  He is so darn cute!  Here are a couple of my favorites from our little impromptu shoot.

All in all we had a fantastic weekend, really capped off with gorgeous weather.  I really hope this weather lasts for at least a few more weeks--because I've got some photoshoots coming up that I would absolutely LOVE to have this weather (and fall colors!) for!

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