Friday, January 31, 2014

My Little Fish

My buddy Tiff was telling me all about how her kiddo Huck is in a swim class--Aqua Babies.  I have always said there are two things I do NOT want my kids to be fearful of: animals and the water.  Side note: I think we've already accomplished no fear of animals: Patrick loves every single animal creature that comes by him!  After we were talking about it, and her telling me how great it is, I decided to see if I could get Patrick swimming too.  After some searching around, and recommendations from friends, we landed ourselves at Little Fishes Swim School.

Last week was our first "swimming" attempt.  I really didn't know what to expect, other than hoping that Patrick's love for bath time was a sign that he'd love the bigger bathtub we were about to toss him into.

I decided to swim with him this first time and have Mike snap some pics.  Again, I didn't know what to expect, just hoping (and praying!) that he's love of the water wasn't solely for his big yellow duck tub.

Luckily, my intuitions were right and he LOVED it!  Okay, he didn't "love" it, I mean, he never cracked his stern, game-face face, but he surely never cried or even frowned, so in mom-terms, that means he loved it.  He even went under water like 10 times!  {proud momma}

We had our second swim school last night and he seemed even more comfortable with the water than he did our first time.  This time, Mike elected to swim with him so I could snap some pics (I brought my big camera with my telescopic lens so I could get some better and closer pics than the iPhone can get).  Patrick did awesome again; he went under water probably twice as much as he did his first time, got to "slide" off of a mat, and practiced kicking while hunting down duckies in the pool.

Hopefully our swim school classes will continue to go well and my little man will love the water more and more each time!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time Lapse.

I blog...a lot.  I just haven't blogged on THIS BLOG in (gasp!) almost 2 years.  Yikes.  Sorry about that.  Life is busyyyyyy.  However, I do keep current my other 2 blogs AND photography website.

However, I thought I'd give this blog another whirl, cause, there's a lot going on and this is a good outlet to share on, right? Right.  I mean, I look at my friend Tiff's blog or my friend's Chelsea's and kinda regret not keeping a better blog going for all that's happened in the past 2 years that I've been MIA with this blog. WAHHHHH!

And I decided to keep this blog name the same, cause, despite all the changes of the past 2 years, we are still living in Scooter's World.

So instead of going back and posting a gigantic huge post about everything that has happened in 2 years, I think I'm going to start fresh from here and go forth with current events and what's happening now.  And just to bring everyone up to speed, I'll provide a few short important cliffsnotes as to significant events that have taken place.  Actually, I'll do a top 10 events of the past 2 years, cause who doesn't like a top 10 list?!

10. I got my masters in education technology in May of 2012, and I have just applied for a doctorate program in educational technology.  Fingers crossed I get accepted!  If I do, I'll start this fall...then it'll be about 2 years and then I'll officially be Dr. Mooney!  CRAZY.

9. I'm still teaching!  Working on year 6--6 years of teaching 7th and 8th graders.  It is crazy and insane and awesome all at the same time.  I love each and every one of my students and will forever refer to them as "my kids."  Been trying to document some of my experiences through Google Glass this year too.  Hoping to get better at that the rest of this semester and next year.

8. My kid has changed my life (more on that with #1!)...and I love to talk to my other mommy or mommy-to-be friends about babies and anything and everything that goes along with that.  I've even created an on-going recommendation doc of all of my favorite baby stuff that I like to share with my buddies.

7. Wayyyy back in 2011 I blogged about this new app I couldn't get enough of: Instagram.  Funny thing how that app has stuck around and brought me waaaaaayyyy closer to some old friends, won me some ah-mazing items (pouches! hohos!), and introduced me to the amazing Applecheeks diapers.  Instagram is one of my favorite things.

6. I have become a huge cloth diaper lover.  I can't believe it I love something that is meant to be peed and pooped on.  Either way, I just love not only how cute cloth dipes are, but also that my little guy's butt is happy and rash-free almost 100% of the time!  Happy momma here.

5. I love taking pictures.  I love it so much that I recently purchased a new toy (a Canon EOS 6D SLR camera) and launched my photography business, Pics & Paws Photography.

4. I won a blog contest for Sopris Learning.  I get to be a paid education blogger now for Sopris--check out my winning blog post here if you're interested.

3. Scooter got a job!  Starting in February, he'll be an official Beggin' partner!  He (as well as us!) are really excited for his new adventure with his favorite treats.

2. Mike and I got married on June 9th, 2012.  It was the most perfect day ever...we couldn't have asked for anything better.

1. On May 2nd, 2013 our lives were forever changed: Patrick Ray Mooney was born, 20 seconds before midnight, and has infinitely increased the awesomeness of our lives.  He's the sweetest and happiest little boy EVER, and Scooter's biggest fan.

Whew.  Okay, there's your 2-year time lapse summary.  Here's hoping to oodles of more blog posts (on this blog!) about all things crazy, chaotic, and amazing that are happening in our lives.
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